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November 26th, 2015

I wish all my Thanksgiving celebrating friends happy holidays. Enjoy!

And let’s say thank you for this year’s treasures.

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November 23rd, 2015

I do not know about you, but for me the upcoming holidays are about handicrafting; they always were. As kids we used to make our gifts to parents and uncles and grandmas ourselves. I am not sure whether the little things that I made were always entirely presentable as gifts, but then: Hey! They were made by a kid’s hand and therefore: Special.

These days, when looking for gifts, especially for adults, I have one parameter that is sort of key: They must disappear after a while. Because most adults who I know have everything already and cannot use much more that sits on a shelf for years. In that sense, the perfect gift must disappear with time.

Like perfume. Perfume is a perfect gift as you are giving something that is made to vanish into a big smelly cloud and then nothingness. Soaps are perfect, too. Everybody needs soaps and they will be gone quickly; again -if perfumed- leaving a nice scented trail.

This year, I want to try making “bath foam bombs”, these round or heart or rose shaped things that you put into the batch and they make foam, ideally lots of fine foam, perfumed, with a rose scents. In a couple of days, I shall get everything that is needed for that venture. I worked on the scent over the weekend. Just a rose, with some vanilla, that should bloom in a Swiss mountain like monstrous foam hill when the bomb is put into the bath tub. That’s the plan at least.

It was super nice to work on a scent that does not need to go into a bottle one fine day.

Maybe the best part: I will have to test run it.


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less than 5 weeks

November 22nd, 2015

It is less than five weeks until many of us will sit under a Christmas tree and enjoy the holidays. I realized it yesterday, when talking to my sister in law and suddenly the holidays were there and with this the question who is going to be when with whom where. The holidays can be a family logistics issue. I guess we will make it more or less like every year.

So I realized: Oups, I need to make soaps for friends and family. And I have to start working on the advent calendar, that is intended to be different than the last few years. And I realized that I do not really have time for that next week. Thus, I got up early and tried to sneak in some holiday preparations before my Sunday jogging torture/exercise. And yes: Now I am sort of in pre-holiday happy mood. Exciting and fun days ahead. I just love this season.

And you know what? We got a tiny little bit of snow overnight. Perfect!

Today’s picture: A flamingo, acrylic, spatula technique, lifting off somewhere in Africa.

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forth and back twice

November 19th, 2015

uiuiui… it has been a while since I’ve been posting here. Amazing how time goes by. What so far did not go by: Our autumn here. It was frighteningly warm and dry. Bone dry. And way too warm and yes: I enjoyed it every day when biking to the factory; the factory where there are (still) piles of boxes waiting to be picked up. It’s like Sisyphos; as soon as I rolled an order out the next comes in. Which is fantastic,but came with the consequence that I did not find time to write here.

So… that ‘s been the sunny side of last week. The weather is going to change over the weekend and we are in for snow on Monday and temperatures below zero. Time to bring in my lemon tree that is full of lemons,- yes! imagine! lemons from Zurich- and the jasmine bush and a few other plants. Once it is inside, it will start blooming, well…. I guess within a month or two. I can’t wait for it’s indolic explosion.

So…the last few days I was basically running around from here to there, and back, with my fast shoes on, so to say (that’s the “why” behind today’s picture). But today I decided to take it easy. Like “what the heck”. You know: That’s one of the reasons why I survived the last few years so far without much damage; I have a built in “ah, what the heck” security valve for when the pressure get’s too high. Thus, some will need to wait until tomorrow until they get their answer about why we do not ship here or there.

Having said that: Here’s why we do not ship Explorer Sets to Australia anymore and will never do again, except super fast continental shift makes Australia move close enough to Europe for truck transport of our goods there. In the last month we have shipped one explorer set order there, twice: Completely correctly labelled, exempt limited quantity of dangerous goods. No chance. One shipment was stuck in Singapore, and although we sent all Material Safety Data Sheets there, through Fedex, a pile of 1 cm paper, it came back. And because it came back it with the paper on top of it it was heavier and we had to pay extra for back shipment, and our Fedex discount does not apply for back shipments. Yes. And in Switzerland, customs did not realize that it is just a back shipment hence we paid import tax and the Fedex handling fees. Total damage: 150 $, minimally. The second shipment came back because Australia’s authorities did not allow the import, as it is dangerous goods. Whatever. What the heck. I reimbursed the client who was patiently waiting for weeks. I wait for the second FedEx return shipment invoice and say to myself “what the heck”.

Nobody is to blame here, really. It is just that we are living in a crazy world. But, although we shipped with pleasure to Australia, I have more pleasurable ways of throwing my money out of the window, and decided to ship only samples there. Not more.

It is just a few weeks before the holidays and I can feel how many start getting a bit crazy.  Thus, it is important to remain ZEN.

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Back from NY

November 10th, 2015

I am back from NY, Brooklyn that is, and am still totally amazed. Together with Twisted Lily in Brooklyn I did an event that was totally, well…. amazing. So many perfume lovers showed up and I could feel the warmth and enthusiasm and was totally flattered. This was real life, not online chatter, and there is nothing like it. Real life. Hugging, talking, connecting, learning and feeling at ease. Twisted Lily did a great job and had my collection there, the Tauer Perfumes line and the Tauerville line (where I launched the newest addition to the flash line, Amber flash). And of course, there were many other scents in the shelves. And you know what: I love their selection. Really nice, and carefully selected and picked with a good hand. So I loved it and coming back I told myself: That was money well spent.

Back in Zurich, we are back to normal, trying to keep up with everything. And with a couple of ideas that I will follow up in the coming weeks and months. The reason for that: I just can’t stop. That’s one thing. The other thing: I had meetings in Southern California, where we discussed everything tauer for 2016. And you know what: I just love the way the Americans are. I guess I am getting there, too: There is an optimism and drive, a thrive to move on, go further, that is just infectious. So… I will keep you updated there. 2016 is going to be fun, and a bit different than what you have seen so far. So please stay tuned.

Of course, being an outsider, a visitor, I have seen a couple of things in the US; the US is changing, it always changes, but it does so faster for a couple of years, in my opinion. So you see more homeless than you used to -let’s say 7 years ago. The gap got bigger. Housing is an issue in the cities (NY is SOOOOO expensive these days). The economy is a big topic, and the financial crisis may be over, jobs may be created, but they are different jobs than before, lower paid and although the economy is growing, you could feel that we all are not out of crisis mode, yet. Or better said: We are all hoping for a BIG recovery one fine day. I am talking in general terms here. In German, we have a saying “der Wurm ist drin” which might translate into “there’s something fishy”.

Not that I worry.

Besides the event: I was downtown, visited ENFLEURAGE, a super cool little store, with some fantastic naturals. I got myself a sample of an oudh from Laos. Just wow! You know: We all have to keep the economy growing. And no: No oudh from Andy.

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off direction west

November 2nd, 2015

Good morning!

Uff, the last few days were like super, super busy. But now I am ready and will hop into the plane soon and will fall asleep, for sure, until I haved crossed half of the Atlantic sea. Planes do that for me: they work like a beta blocker. I fly west, a bit further than is necessary for my event at Twisted Lily in Brooklyn next Saturday. I am meeting business partners further east and will add a day there.

Contrary to trips before: This one is different. It is pretty packed, which is ok: My factory will miss me the next few days.

I wish you a lovely week, and am looking forward to sharing a couple of stories when back next week.

(today’s picture: A quick aquarelle of the Brooklyn bridge).

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bad nose days

October 29th, 2015

Good morning from Zurich, we I have an excellent nose day. This means: The nose is clear and what I smell is lovely or at least interesting. Yesterday was an office day and as always when I sit in front of the computer: I put some trials on paper strips and smell them while I go through excel files or work on other digital stuff. You know, these days, computer work can fill an entire day when running a business: and the trend shows that everything goes more online and more online means more computer. No problem with that.

But, like one of the google guys said in an interview the other day in one of the Swiss newspapers: Companies have to become (Information Technology) tech companies. Me, too. Whatever that means.

Today, again, is sort of an office morning. The paper strips from yesterday are still here, sitting next to me; and that’s why the nose day is a good nose day. A whiff of Ambroxan and Cashmeran makes me happy. It does not need a lot. Especially Ambroxan. A wonder molecule. Amber gris, salt, metallic vibrant woods, floral tonalities. Just amazing stuff. And not cheap but not tremendously expensive. It has this magical power to be present, without being loud or suffocating. Even if you use a lot, it is never really loud, in that sense it feels like a Swiss molecule.

A bad nose day, happens, too. Like when being brave and spritzing a trial early in the morning and realising that on skin the scent is totally different and that it is made to last, like nuclear fallout sitting there all day long. It happens, is not tragic, but still: Totally annoying. That’s – by the way- why I absolutely hate it if strangers spray something near me or worse: on me, when I enter a mall or alike. Usually, it is crap, with a half life of plutonium, and if sprayed onto the jacket, a companion for weeks.

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in the mood

October 26th, 2015

I love statistics and like most human beings I am always looking for patterns here and there. So, the other day, I was looking when I create most of my perfumes that end up later as products somewhere on a shelf. Or better said: When I started working on them. I realized: It is October. The statistical basis is limited, of course, but still: There is a pattern there.

And like most human beings, once you find a pattern, you start wondering why there is a pattern. One of the blessings and one of the human tragedies: We need to explain our world.

Thus, today’s picture, me in the mood to mix, but missing an explanation really. Usually, October is the busiest month for me. Maybe it is like a balance: Mixing scents and coming up with new ideas while trying to churn out all the parcels.

Anyhow, I was -like in previous years- in the mood recently and worked on a couple of ideas; failing mostly but as always: the journey starts with the first step. Let’s see where we are heading there. What I am pretty sure about, however, is: November will bring me to New York. Nov. 7 I shall visit Twisted Lily there, in Brooklyn, and present my line, and I will hand out samples of Dark Mysterious Woods (running title), a scent that is done and finished but I have not decided what to do with it. Maybe I’ll learn it there, in NY.

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bestsellers et al

October 22nd, 2015

Good morning! Ui…. It’s been awhile since I’ve been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, in my warehouse/factory place, where there is no IT infrastructure except for my phone and my ipad, and where I pack perfume and come up with ideas.

Like “I need to join Instagram”. What I did. Instagram is different. And in a very comfortable way it is a politics free zone which is nice, too. Just nice pictures and some nice videos. Of course, of course… I know: The media is the message and “we are amusing ourselves to death” (for further details see here, on Wikipedia). These days, we might also say: We are sharing ourselves to death. And in brackets “while worlds go under”.

This is food for thought.

I will wait for another truck this morning. And pack another order. Ah, and yes: Air du désert marocain is one of the best sellers, actually in the top eight list, of Luckyscent, together with Rose and Vanilla flash from tauerville. And that, that’s totally cool.

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office day(s)

October 15th, 2015

Yesterday was an office day. I tried to deal with orders, mails and did a tauerville.com update, refreshing this site a bit, with less sterile pictures on the front page. Today, I am still in office mode and was trying to get an animated gif running, using photoshop. My first gif:




Yesterday, I was scribbling while waiting behind the computer screen (see today’s picture) and I ended up using this “in love with perfume” picture on the tauerville site. If there was space, I could use it for tauer perfumes, too. Because: That’s the core message really: in love with perfume.

Otherwise was my office day totally boring, but sort of productive.



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