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play time and procrastinations

June 29th, 2016

Uiuiui… that was a busy time lately. So I have sent a newsletter out, featuring rose delight body oil and yes: we are shipping them like crazy which is super nice.

And as always: When I am very busy and have to get up early to get the shipments out or to get the larger orders out or just do what I need to… I tend to procrastinate. Which again is super ok. It took me a while (being protestant, or rather being conditioned protestant) to learn that it is totally ok to watch dog videos, to doodle or google funny things “Liz Taylor loves dogs ” (she obviously did, and so do I that’s why from time to time dogs make an appearance on tauerville, where I just used a dog picture for the claim “trust your nose(tm)”. )Us protestants are sort of always busy doing things because time is short and we were sent for a purpose.

Anyhow. I thank all of you who ordered the rose delight body oil and who commented, especially on Facebook, where I got a couple of really enthusiastic comments. This really, really is highly appreciated.

So I am procrastinating and today’s picture is actually perfect and almost not put together except for the fact that I moved the picture a bit to the left.

It is a photo from one of my desks, where the is a computer and a balance and lots of other stuff. Layers of things. The rose dried up. I used it to make the rose delight promotion picture. The picture on the top is a quick aquarelle that I did for the rose delight body oil promotion on Facebook. The Iris butter Bio (organic) came in a couple of days ago after I got a sample and was blown away. Price: think 20000$ per kilo. This is the gold of perfumery. Or diamond. But it is wonderful and when done with this post and when done with setting order status to complete, I will play with it. Not mixing, yet, just pairing it.

Pairing means: Putting it onto a paper strip and see how it performs and behaves with other materials; like -does it shine through? -is it suffocated? -what aspects are enhanced?



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more thoughts about rose delight body oil

June 21st, 2016

So… the rose delight body oil is out there and in a couple of days I want to do a newsletter. I will do so when I have a day or two with some “free time”: when sending a newsletter out my email inbox gets big and fat and I need to some “free” time to deal with the usual avalanche that I am getting. Unfortunately, most of the mails are mails explaining why I do not ship to xyz…I often think: If folks would write to their customs administrators instead to me: Things would change.

On the bright side: The rose delight got a couple of compliments already. Nice!

And also nice: I shipped and shipped the last few days, using my new Swiss post deal and this feels great and seems to work.

So far, I have talked about it here and on Facebook. Facebook is interesting. I have a personal page there and a tauer perfumes company page. There, on the company page, in order to get exposure, you need to pay $$$ to really get a post out to people who liked your page. Facebook talks about “organic” reach (that’s the number of people who see a post just like that, without you doing anything) and then there ‘s the “paid” reach. That’s the number of people you reach because you paid for it. So the name of the game these days is: Pay or perish.

Initially, I did not like the idea of paying and creating this kind of sponsored content. But I learned that there’s no way around.

Thus, I am publishing tauer perfumes posts on facebook for the rose delight body oil. And, again something somewhat new for me: I am using visuals. “Strong” visuals of human beings. Why? Because it works. Again: I had my doubts initially but the more I am doing it, the more I like it and it helps to communicate that what I am doing is to be taken seriously. Like: Tom Ford can do it, and so can I. Although… I try to work with visuals that do not involve too much skin.

But that’s another story.

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rose delight body oil

June 14th, 2016

So I made it. And this is for those who read my blog posts: It comes with an introductory price. Later, when I find time, I will announce it here and there and in my newsletter and everything. Thus, you know it first. The Rose delight body oil is up on the shop under extras and I made a special introduction price of 20 Francs, 20.7 $US, 19 Euro, with flat shipping rate for 1, 2, 3 pieces of 5 Francs. I hope that this will work. I recommend ordering one as you never know…. and if you have any idea what this product should cost in the end: Let me know. Thank you!

The product rose delight, body oil, 50 ml, is available here.

I am not that good in the shop’s administrator tools when it comes to shipping rates and shipping groups.

In case you missed it: The rose delight body oil is based on pure cold pressed jojoba oil, totally free of added other oils, free of added phthalates, antioxidants, parabens and stabilizers. The scent is rose petals on a gourmand base. A rose veil for a grey or sunny day.


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bestseller set

June 10th, 2016

So I made the bestseller discovery set, featuring
Air du désert marocain, Lonesome Rider, PHI-une rose de Kandahar, Une rose chyprée and Incense rose and made a special price of 25 Francs, and am having fun using my new Swiss Post deal, allowing me to ship things a bit cheaper.

The bestseller set is available exclusively on my site here.

And yes, we got some orders. Nice!

And what’s next? A thought, first.

There was a time when I was working as product manager, for an instrument that did a couple of things, for a company producing a couple of things in Switzerland. The upper management of this company came up with the (stretch) goal that at least 50% of total turnover and profit must come from products that were launched in the last two (or three?)  years.

The reasoning: A constant thrive for innovation, the need to be better and to improve, year by year.

I was thinking about this management goal the other day and figured: Hey, it is time implement this -sort of- for the world of Mr. T.

And then I figured that actually, here at tauer I must also always try to be better, and improve, year by year, and try new things….

Anyhow: Today is a mixed day with lots of different tasks. For the time being, I am in the office because, I expect a delivery of labels.

For the Rose delight perfumed body oil. Hossa!

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the first one

June 7th, 2016

Here’s a little “making of” before I am heading for the factory where more bottles are waiting for me to fill them, label them or pack them.

Usually, I do a bit of everything as I am easily bored and cannot just do one thing all day.

So the making of: Today’s picture shows you the first bottle of the body oil, called “rose delight”, that I filled yesterday. The scent was pretty intense while doing so. The reason: I got the body oil mixed for me following my recipe by my provider of essential oils and other fragrant goodies. They fill the mixed oil into dispensers, 5 kg each. And this dispenser is tricky to empty into the glass bottle with dispensing pump.

So… yes, Mr. Tauer spilled some of it (on paper that I laid out) and there it sits and smells.

Yesterday, on the balcony, I told the helpful partner: “you know: If this product takes off (you never, never ever know), then I have somebody else filling the bottles. I do not like this oily stuff to fill.”

Ethanol has its disadvantages, but so does oil. It won’t evaporate when spilling stuff.

Besides that: I am totally happy, having filled 200 and doing some more today. The labels will reach me towards early next week and then we will see. The body oil, 50 ml, will ship without box, to save some $. If I feel like I need a dedicated box, I can always get one but this adds to the product price.

OK: Off to the factory, filling rose delight into bottles.

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This is beta

June 3rd, 2016

Yes…. there we go. The last couple of days were busy and the next couple of days will be equally busy.

Busy because I got large orders that need to be packed and get ready. Today’s picture shows you a box, with 2x 24 pcs as I pack them for air transport. The fragrances are in a 24 pcs box. Surrounded hermetically by packing paper,in a special sturdy cardboard box, and (you don’t see that) sealed by a special tape and then sealed further and labelled and stored in another room for pick-up later.

There, in the other room on the third floor, I still have empty space and right now a pile of 14 of these boxes waits for pick-up, to fly to Saudi Arabia in the end. But wait: Things are more complicated. First, the goods will be collected, go to Germany, then to Dubai, then to Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the goods go into a database for cosmetic goods and need to be “released for import”, so to say. Lucky me: I do not have to do that but my partner, www.lodore.com, does so.

Every time I got a pile like that finished and have it up there in the third floor I go like “uff!” and move on.

Right now, I am moving on with my body oil story. I got my post special price for NON dangerous goods and on that side: I am ready! I got the first body oil mixed and ready. Got a simple spray bottle, 50 ml, and wait for labels coming from the printing company. Then I will be ready. This is beta.

I showed the first body oil to a friend and she went like ” oh my… this is … amazing!”. The scent does not last very long, and this is by intention. But when applying the body oil, you get this amazing naturally rendered rose on a gourmand base, or I get it, and I am loving it. And the oil? Well, it is pure jojoba oil and absorbs perfectly and is actually the best you can get for your skin.

The body oil is 100% free of added preservatives, stabilizers, parabens, phthalates etc. Just the best jojoba oil there is, cold pressed, and fragrance (10%).

I will be able to ship this to most places (except places like Italy, where there is a customs issue and where I have an exclusivity contract). This will be a tauer exclusive. And a couple of business friends told me not to do it. I don’t listen. You have to do what you have to do. But to be on the safe side: This is BETA. Which is super exciting.

And with this, I am heading for the factory again: There are other shipments that need my attention.

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just a few drops

June 1st, 2016

Today, here in Zurich, we are still in some sort of a hold position with a couple of depression systems that do not seem to move much. The JET stream is still not there where I wish it to be. It feels a bit like in a rain forest, but without the temperatures really.

So, we will see whether today’s (afternoon) drawing class will take place outside or not.

Last week, we were outside and did trees. Uiuiui… difficult! The trick is to draw the details without getting lost in details. And the trick is to capture the “gestalt” of the tree. Yesterday, meeting a friend for some sniffings and chattings, we were also talking about “gestalt” in perfumes.

We were smelling a couple of scents, and some perfumes that you can buy on the market. “It misses the Gestalt”, I said about a fragrance. “It is just a mix of things” my friend said. So, yes, we were a bit disappointed. But then: Perfumes are so subjective and maybe I am wrong asking for “gestalt” in perfumes. Before heading for this meeting I was working on another perfume formula, in my squeezed in lab space, doing it the usual way: I wrote the formula into Excel, starting with another formula that is nice, vintage like. In the excel I write my formulas in units of 1000. Like 10 units of this and 200 (overdosed!) units of that and 0.5 units of this. These virtual units are then calculated by excel to “real” milligrams. The final amount of a trial is 12500 milligrams. Hence, one unit is 12.5 milligram.

This helps to understand a formula.

The particular formula that I was mixing is like an homage to a general vintage fragrance. Citrus chord, rose, ylang, an iris note on a complex base of woody balsamic notes. Why? Because I like it. Hard to describe: Do not worry about it.

While mixing it all out I took a 15 seconds video of me adding 250 mgr. Bulgarian rose absolute (20 units , thus 2% of the total mix) into the trial vial. I just posted it on instagram, twitter and facebook. And yes, although it is just 2%: It makes a big difference.

Since then … well: I guess perfume lovers just love roses!

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Roses et al

May 30th, 2016

Welcome back to a new week with (hopefully) exciting days. I had a pretty busy weekend and am looking forward to a week that will have it all: From packing perfumes, riding the car to pick up packaging goods and combining this ride with a visit at “Bauhaus” (love it!), to meeting perfumer friends and creating perfumes (and painting, of course).

The other day I realized that many of my latest creations did not feature dominant citrus notes. And I figured: Ah… we are in a citrus void. You know: When creating perfumes, I feel I have my favorite notes and themes that last for a while and then change to another theme, to other preferred notes or combinations.

But, realizing that there haven’t been much citrus notes recently, it already happened and I feel I am in for change again.

So, … some of the musings over the last few weeks went more into citrus and vintage territory. Citrus: That’s one of the many characteristics of -let’s say- fragrances that are more than 60 years old. How rich in citrus notes they are! Unfortunately, these days we live in a world where citrus brings flashbacks of  “WC Ente”, (toilette duck, for pictures, click here)….

So, you might say: No worries, dear Andy, your sparkling citrus wonders are so different. Sure they are, but rest assured: All of us can’t go back to a world where we were not flooded by “artifical” lemon et al. We simply can’t. Our brain is branded with fake citrus.

The same is true for vanilla, but more on the taste side.

So, maybe some citrus, but here’s the thing: I am also in a rose phase. There’s hope.

Today’s picture: An ad picture for facebook and my tauerville site there.

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working on a couple of new products and welcoming goodies back in stock

May 26th, 2016

I have just sent out the latest Tauer Perfumes newsletter, as always with sweaty hands, worrying that I made this one big mistake and that I sent off a newsletter that goes totally wrong. Well, it can happen, and just the other day I got a newsletter from a company with a big, inconvenient mistake in there. So far, mine seems to be ok.

The news in the newsletter: Rose chypree, rose vermeille and Carillon pour un ange are back in stock. Hurray!

And also in the newsletter: For a limited time I offer them with free shipment (USA, CH, DE, FR, Austria… what’s the short code for Austria?).

And I offer a complimentary discovery set with purchase. And those clients who forget to order a discovery set: I send one following my guess what might fit.

So, I am sort of having a hurray! moment.

And: I just signed a contract with the Swiss Post, closing the “deal” with them, getting better shipment rates, allowing me to ship products that I could not so far, like soaps or other fragrant goodies, simply because of the shipment costs. (I am not talking about full bottles of alcohol based fragrances, though. There I am working on an alternative solution, again with the post, but this needs more thinking).

Anyhow: If I am not wrong and got it right and all…. I shall be able to ship things like perfume in a soap, or super fragrant body oils which is super exciting for a couple of reasons.

I find body oils totally exciting as contrary to water, a smooth , right oil base can be the perfect carrier for fragrances, in a peculiar way holding the perfume back and at the same time releasing it slowly, smoothly, over hours.

For me, the focus is on the perfume side, and I would never (I think) do a pseudo cosmetic oil that pretends to make miracles happen. I have been working on the idea for quite a while and came up with the decision that the core of any perfume in oil must be:
Free of parabens, free of antioxidants, free of phtalates, free of any other stabilizers, no cheap oils that you usually find in body oils, such as sunflower, or refined coconut oil.  What remains: There is actually not much choice but using jojoba oil which actually is not an oil, but rather a wax. It comes naturally with vitamins, such as vitamin E, it does not get rancid, is stable for years (hence no antioxidants needed) and it is a perfect moisturizer.

It’s handicap: it is not the cheapest of oils, especially if you insist on cold pressed high end quality.

Anyhow, I like the idea of being able to ship small bottles of this and little boxes of that, where I can bring in my competence, which is creating fragrances, and at the same time go in a slightly different direction, serving my fragrance loving friends and customers better and directly.

Right now, I have signed the contract with the post. I wait for simple 50 ml size bottles to bottle a first batch, maybe I will do some more bottle experiments, testing the market, started thinking about a label, and about a price that I should ask for a perfumed body oil that runs in my fragrance excel as “rose delight”.

Pricing is always so difficult.

And I need kind of a branded approach to it, ah well… we will see.

Next step: Shampoo. Ha! Just kidding. Although… I have never come across a really good rose shampoo.

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always trying to be better

May 19th, 2016

Today’s little picture shows you a shipment that is on its way today and an idea of how to better pack a full bottle order.

First, there is a discovery set in there that I ship complimentary with a full bottle order. The discovery set can be added by shoppers to the shopping cart and the shop gives a discount for the discovery set’s price.

Then, and that is new, I printed out one of my aquarelle pictures (I just picked one to test and see) and used this A4 sheet of paper to pack a full bottle packed in the tauer tin box. At the bottom, there is a “thanks” label. The A4 sheet of paper works perfectly and I think the packed perfume looks nice. It’s a special touch. Just from an esthetic point of view it looks nice.

Next: I want to come up with an A4 picture, maybe a collage of pictures painted by Andy, flacon pictures, logo, a core statement etc, to give a little overview in picture form what tauer is all about. I feel that this is important these days of too much of too similar.

Also next: I will have a meeting soon, with a representative of the Swiss post, trying to find a solution for my shipping problem into the EU, not Italy, but Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries and maybe a few countries in the eastern part. We will see…at least we try.

It feels  a bit like Avis here ” we try harder” :-).




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