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fragrant kingdoms and what perfumery is all about

February 25th, 2011

In St. Petersburg, during the gala diner, I held a speech. The only recommendation given to me was “make it beautiful”. Thus, I was free to speak for 10 min about my passion and what I feel when it comes to creating perfumes. In the following, you find my English text of this evening. I like it very much. You find in it my perspective of perfumery, and I will use a few elements for a little card that I wish to create in the next weeks. I feel, I can hold this speech to you now….Thus, there we go….


Ladies and Gentlemen
It is with great pleasure that I am here with you and it is with greatest honor that I speak to you.
Today, at the occasion of this wonderful banquet, in a lovely environment, with delicious food, exciting drinks, and in beautiful company, I wish to seduce you.
I would like to take to by the hand and together, we will make a journey to fragrant land. It is the kingdom where perfumes are born.
But I must warn you: It is a dangerous journey. Once we are on our way to this faraway place, you may not want to come back, because it is warm and cozy, and here it is cold!
This fragrant land is -of course!- an imaginary kingdom. And you can only get there in your fantasy.
In these kingdoms where perfumes are born everything is possible. In these kingdoms, where perfumes are born, we draw pictures with scents.
Every perfumer, every nose works like this. We paint pictures with scents. We create melodies with fragrant notes, we compose music with these melodies.
Now, close your eyes and dream a dream of Morocco. Imagine you are in your hotel, in your elegant suite, after a long hot day in the Saharan desert. You are lying on your bed, the door to the terrasse is wide open.
The warm evening wind blows and flows into the spacey suite where you are on the bed. It carries the air from the desert, the bright memories of a long dry day in the sun, it brings with it the spices from the oriental bazaar, it carries the scent of the jasmine bush that is flowering in the garden below. It is sweet from the perfume of the warm cookies out of the oven in the bakery around the corner.
It is a dry fragrance that fills the room and that makes you dream a dream in a dream.
This Moroccan dream you will find in my fragrance L’air du desert marocain.
Maybe this is the biggest fascination of creating art and perfumes: All of us, we are all free to dream and create.
We can imagine a cowboy, after a long ride on his horse, in the sunset, under a clear sky, smoking his cigarette. We can dream a green garden full of roses without thorns.
We can imagine a fluffy oriental carpet, flying over old Persan cities, leaving a trail of rose petals like a gleaming comet.
Being a perfumer, I have the privilege to create these fragrant images. Being an artist, working independently in freedom, I can compose what I want to create.
Let me quote here the words of Cyrano de Bergerac, who was a poet, philosopher, inventor and simply a free man:
“Dream, laugh, go lightly, solitary, free,
With eyes that look straight forward – fearless voice!
To cock your beaver just the way you choose, – “
I do not have to compromise. I choose the colors and the shapes. I draw the light and the shadow.
Of course, this is not easy. It may take for years to finish a perfume. Sometimes, I may never arrive at the point where I am satisfied. It is a long, adventurous, and maybe strenuous journey for perfumers in the kingdom of fragrances.
But when we reach our goal and look at what we have created, then we are truly happy. Once the fragrant picture is finished, I pour the liquid image into a flacon. And the flacon will be like a frame that highlights the fragrant picture.
After a long journey, in the end, this fragrant portrait develops in front of your nose.
These fragrant images are full of emotions. A flacon with perfume is magic in a bottle. And yet, each perfume is not finished. It is you who continues to draw the picture in your fantasy.
Perfumes are made for people. Skin is the canvas for perfumes. It is the warm skin that presents perfumes to the real world.
The skin and the perfume unify and the beauty of the fragrant picture transforms the wearer of the perfume. The perfume and the human being become one.
Perfumes evoke emotion, they make you smile and this renders the fragrant pictures alive.

I  thank you!

(Andy Tauer’s speech held in St. Petersburg, February 18 2011)

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28 Responses to “fragrant kingdoms and what perfumery is all about”

  1. Tama says:

    Lovely!! Your perfumes, almost more than any other perfumer’s, take me places, and put images in my mind when I wear them. Your scents have always been so evocative, which is one reason I love them so much.

  2. Persolaise says:

    That’s a great speech, Andy, thanks for sharing it with us. I think the other wonderful thing about perfume is that it takes us to places that may not even exist in the real world: completely imaginary landscapes.

  3. jen says:

    Andy, that was beautiful! And that red rose is a perfect accompaniment to such a heart felt speech. Which of yur perfumes did the Russians most like?

  4. Olfactoria says:

    Wonderful speech! I always think of your perfumes as storytellers, I sit – wrist to nose – and watch in amazement what develops before my very nose, never knowing where the journey is taking me. It is so nice to hear that is just how you imagine them to be.
    Like Jen asked about the Russians, do you notice differences in preference in different parts of the world? What do the Americans like, what is the preferred scent in France for example?

  5. Vladimir says:

    Dear Andy, the fine speech, very interesting thoughts – thanks that have divided it with us.

  6. Stephan says:

    How wonderfully you put your thoughts into words. Today, before I read this, your Lonestar Memories took my hand in the morning and walked off with me through your kingdom of fragrance. For the whole day in the real world, it takes just a sniff or two every now and then to return me into that wonderful place. Thank you for not letting go my hand all day long, keeping me wrapped in your cozyness.

  7. Andy says:

    Indeed, Jen and Olfactoria
    thank you for your question: There are differences, large differences, but it is hard for me to distinguish between culture, online versus shop, and other effects. I see that Vetiver dance is not selling in the US, basically not. But in Russia and Italy it sells nicely.
    I feel my Russian friends loved the Carillon a lot and the I. Rose, and the Vetiver.
    But a fragrance that is appreciated everywhere is the air du désert. I have not encountered a region yet, where it is not liked a lot.

  8. Andy says:

    Thank you, Stephan for your lovely words, and thank you, Vladimir: I learned in the mean time how complex the Russian language is and how difficult to translate. The more I appreciate your comments!

  9. mandy aftel says:

    dear dear andy
    you speak so beautifully of our experience in creating a perfume and the experience of the person who wears our perfume, as two sides of the same coin.

  10. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful speech. Russian is so beautiful. I studied it for 2 years, but still can’t make a sentence in it. It’s a very intricate language, and structurally very different from Germanic or Romance languages.
    But I am digressing.
    I got another sample set from you in the post today. I put some Orange Star on my arm, it is lovely. But the one that stole my heart is Carillon pour un Ange; it is so beautiful. Will it be available again?

  11. Andy says:

    Oh, thank you, Mandy
    So nice to see you here. Today is an utterly busy day but I hope I can write you a bit more in detail over the weekend.
    I wish you already now a fragrant weekend

  12. Andy says:

    Good evening, Barbara
    No worries about the Carillon. I run out of 15 ml flacons with Carillon, but Luckyscent still has. And I have lots and lots of the Carillon in the cellar. It will soon (1-2 months) be available again in the new format.
    thank you for your compliments!

  13. Lori says:

    You made it beautiful, Andy!

  14. Vladimir says:

    Andy’s thanks, – the main thing that we despite of everything, nevertheless understand each other 🙂

  15. angie Cox says:

    A lovely speech that brought a tear to my eye , maybe because I should love to create what you do. That said you make something exquisite that we can all share . A work of art that is affordable and I am sure we all appreciate your dreams and try to dream with you.

  16. Marianne says:

    “the perfume and the human being become one”… ohh this is so true and so good!!

  17. hotlanta linda says:

    ANDY!! Please summon your caligraphy skills, buy a fine, blank scroll, and transfer this wonderful wit onto paper and then shadowbox it, OK?? This is too N-I-C-E not to preserve forever!! 🙂 This is a “Love Letter Straight From Your Heart“- the song is a well-covered classic!

  18. Marianne says:

    Andy your lovely speech makes me longing to smell many more perfumes..

  19. Michele M says:

    What a wonderful speech, Andy. The way you described my beloved L’Air du Desert Marocain was fantastic!!
    “Skin is the canvas for perfumes” I LOVE that line and I hope you don’t mind but I am totally stealing it 🙂 Of course, I will give you the credit for it!

  20. Roberto says:

    ciao Andy,
    really nice speech, lovely and capturing for the audience…
    will you be by yourself at Exsence in Milan?

  21. Mary says:

    it is a really beautiful speech!!Last week Dany Diop from Amsterdam sended me samples of rose chypree, orange star and l’air du desert. To me they all have a “Tauer”signature I cannot discribe. Makes me very curious about your other fragrances.

  22. Jaki says:

    It is because of this passion and artistry that you create the scents I want to wear. Bravo .

  23. Andy says:

    Good morning , Jaki!
    Merci beaucoup. It is perfume lovers like you and your many passionate friends because I want to create perfumes. The passion of perfume lovers is a wonderful energy sourc!

  24. Andy says:

    Greetings, Mary,
    It is always fascinating again to read about my signature 🙂 You know: every time I start a new creation, I basically start from scratch. I wonder where the signature comes from…. Maybe I have a second person in me that I do not fully understand 🙂

  25. Andy says:

    Greetings, Roberto!
    I will only visit Exsense this year, unfortunately.
    But, promised: I plan to visit Piti in Florence this year.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  26. Devon H says:

    What lovely, heartfelt words Andy! Your passion for perfume shines brilliantly through. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Russia. And I think we need to do something about raising awareness of Vetiver Dance in the States – I have a sample and love it, and I think it will be one of my next purchases! 🙂

  27. Andy says:

    Thank you, Devon H!
    I like the idea of my Vetiver finding a bit more interest among perfume lovers. Here’s a cheers to you 😉

  28. Undina says:

    Andy, thank you for sharing your dreams – both in a form of words and your creations. Yesterday I wore Une Rose Vermeille as a farewell to Winter and it was magical.

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