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November 1st, 2010

Yesterday, while jogging through wine-yards under the most gentle October sun you can imagine, I figured that there are other modes of creative survival possible , just in case folks would stop supporting my perfumery venture, or I would get bored doing scented objects.

I jogged and figured that I would probable start developing my scanning pleasure and work my way through there. I love to scan flowers, and one of these days , I thought, I want to further develop this. Maybe my thinking about scanners was initiated by my meeting the scent eating monster on Friday afternoon. The scent eating monster is this strange creature that you encounter when mixing. It eats things you put into a mixture. Without leaving traces of it. When composing you encounter it quite frequently. … my encounter with it lead to disappearance of sandalwood. I worked on an optimized linden blossom, or better: I thought I could bring in a twist by adding a bit of a salicylate (think powder). And then the scent eating monster came by. Bottom line: No salicylates in this one.  If you are interested in the linden blossom experiments that Mandy Aftel and I share: Here is the link (again) to Nathan Branch’s blog. I will see that I find some time this week to write and share again where I am there…

Anyhow: I will continue where I stopped the other day, making more soaps. And thinking on this year’s advent calendar and working on 2011’s launches. Right now, when  finished with this short post, I will order some fragrant materials that I need for the scents coming in autumn 2011. And while wrapping soaps, I will figure out what to do in this year’s advent calendar, starting December 1.

And with this I leave you for today, enjoy today’s picture, scanned yesterday.

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5 Responses to “scanning”

  1. Persolaise says:

    I think I must have a lot of monsters in my collection of oils and chemicals…

    You have to stop mentioning Christmas all the time. It’s freaking me out :-O

    Do you feel like tempting us with the name of one interesting material you ordered for one of your 2011 launches?

  2. Andy says:

    Good afternoon, Persolaise
    today I got a holiday catalog in the mail. 🙂

    And we went for a lot of expensive material… in total I requested a quote for about 4 kg ambroxan and some 3 pound irone alpha. These are wonder molecules that fight every scent eater monster! ha!

  3. hotlanta linda says:

    Nice flower-power!! Well, since Halloween just passed by, we will dedicate “The Monster Mash“from Bobby `Boris` Picket to your scent-eaters, who may be offspring of the Man from Mars in Blondie`s “Rapture“!! :-0 And you, BORED w/ fragrance creation?????? PERISH THE THOUGHT – you are too heart/soul/good at the craft!! 🙂 Nature note – our dear chimney swifts are now in Peru until Easter Week, 2011, and they are MISSED! If you have any regular feathered friends in your garden photos, I`d love to see them!!

  4. jen says:

    Hi Andy. pretty in pink! Those gerberas are pretty but so hard to use in a vase since the stems seem to go gooey so quickly. I know people put those metal wires in them but it’s just not the same. Your scanned photos are so pretty, you really should think of making a cocktail style book that combines those photos with your perfumery. it would be a very enjoyable and beautiful book. Have a great day!

  5. Andy says:

    Good morning, Jen
    Indeed, quite pink! Actually, I needed exactly this color. I gave the gerbera as gift together with a vase that I bought in the design museum in London. On the packaging was a picture of the vase with the gerbera. I think it is a perfect match!

    Good morning, Hotlanta Linda
    The monsters are gone and so are the birds. Time to get ready for winter, I guess
    have a great day!

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