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March 8th, 2012

there we go…I successfully completed the PCI Data Security Standard Compliance Assessment Task.  And I am compliant. Uff.

Basically this means that my online shop is safe and that I do not store any credit card data. Well, I cannot store them, to be precise, as all credit cards data on my online shop are not handled through me but through a super safe postfinance interface.  Be it: Tauer GmbH (that’s my official company) is compliant.

You see: An exciting morning so far. Next: Getting ready for the factory and boxing some perfumes among other things.

And when I am done with that, back to the computer, getting shipment papers ready and maybe hopefully squeeze in a moment with my ipad painting and with some raw materials, playing. I would love to continue playing with tuberose et al. Every morning when I wash my hands with the tuberose fragrant soap called Loretta that I made to support the kickstarter campaign for Only Child, every morning I think: Today I need to continue there. The soap fragrance feels to me like a building block for a nice scent, like Mandarines ambrée, the soap, was for Orange Star. We will see. I do not want to tease you too much.

Anyhow: I must admit… these days I am a bit tuberose lover. And every day I learn that there are many, many tuberose lovers out there. Are you?

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26 Responses to “compliant”

  1. I absolutely am! Tuberose is my favourite note so I definitely share your enthusiasm.

    The Company I work for recently finished becoming PCI compliant too and it was quite an arduous process that took much longer than we first thought. It’s worth it the end though…

  2. Giovanni says:

    I’m a tuberose addicted.I can’t wait for Loretta 😀

  3. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings Mr Candy…
    I guess I had the fast road to compliance 🙂

    And I am glad we share the tuberose passion. Although I must admit: My passions change on a more or less yearly basis 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Hi Giovanni
    Cool. I hope you can still wait for a couple more weeks ! 😉

  5. Tricia says:

    I’m another tuberose lover. Actually, I haven’t met too many flowers I don’t like. I guess I’m like you though because I go through periods of being totally into a particular scent and then I move on to something else. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe after a bit my nose gets numb to something and I need to change gears and step away from it for a while. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.

  6. Stephan says:

    Andy, you may have successfully completed your compliance task, but on my screen the layout of your blog and website is distorted, but still readable after scrolling down. Anyhow, I just would like to assure you that I am one of those who will be waiting patiently for that intriguing story of tubéreuse that you might one day be telling our noses.

  7. Lorenzo says:

    Oh yessss I am!!!
    From the animalic to the green, from the tropical paradise to the intoxicating camphor, long live Tuberose!
    Have a nice day, Andy.

  8. Andy says:

    oh thank you for letting me know, Stephan. … it was a copy paste issue…should be fine again.:-)

  9. Andy says:

    yes Lorenzo: long live tuberose!

  10. Persolaise says:

    Poison. Fracas. Carnal Flower.


    The answer to your question is yes 😉

  11. Yep, another tuberose lover here in all its forms!

  12. hotlanta linda says:

    You say TUBEROSE??? I am THERE!! 🙂 Remember original Chloe?? There are 3 dozen plus items of this – bottles, jars, and peach satin items made for the line – displayed in my room in a bookcase shelf!! A large and a small peach satin bunny included! 🙂 (HI! to Tut bunny!!) Also – 250 ml Fracas edt splash from the 80`s w/ a dram perfume from the 70`s….I could never open the stoppered perfumes in Fracas – I followed advice ,and still busted 3!!! individual, clear glass flaconed, 1/4 oz perfumes! This was a 70`s bummer! 🙂 Not sure if yt can get around the ugly drama here about my ordering fragrance, BUT IF I CAN – how do I buy a Loretta soap and a Dark Passage purser BOTH @ Brian`s site??? Oh, man! this topic just put the Rolling Stones` “Send Me Dead Flowers“ into my head – need to counter that w/ some positive notes – “Drive“ from Incubus! 🙂

  13. AromaX says:

    So, it sounds safe to have a virtual relation with Tauer Perfume. Financially at least 😉 You know, I guess it might feel as a relief that you don’t have to store all the sensitive information and “outsource” that part.

    BTW I keep coming back to the kickstarter to see the number growing every day. Already 40%. 🙂

  14. Parfumista says:

    I’m definitely a tuberoselover (waiting for your interpretation of it) AND Compliance Officer as profession 🙂

  15. Andy says:

    Oh Parfumista, that sounds like the perfect combo for today’s post 🙂

  16. Andy says:

    Hi Hotlanda LInda
    you can not buy it, actually you pledge on the Kickstarter page. you can pledge for all sorts of combinations.
    it is quite easy, you will see. … http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onlychild/only-child-featuring-grace-zabriskie-and-amy-laver?ref=live

  17. EileenS says:

    Tuberose is great stuff — on other people. On my skin, it takes over until I am a giant walking flower. For a retiring wallflower like me, it just doesn’t work. But I enjoy spraying a handkerchief and having it around to smell.

    Thanks for telling us about the nitty-gritty side of the perfume business. Many of us say “Oh, wouldn’t it be grand to be a perfumer!” without thinking about the mundane bits that go into any business.

  18. jen says:

    Hi Andy, count me in the camp of people who are fans of tuberose. Nothing better than the real thing to scent a room though!

  19. Olfacta says:

    Although our climate is too cold in the winter for tuberose bulbs to survive, two of mine did last year. Each produced one stalk with multiple flowers — the most amazing fragrance ever. I cut one of them and it scented a bedroom for days. The experience made me a tuberose lover.

  20. Sugandaraja says:

    I am tuberose obsessed. I love it natural ( like in Carnal Flower ), I like it complicated ( like in Tubereuse by Caron ), I like it sinister ( like in Tubereuse Criminelle ), I like it soft ( like in Beyond Love ), I like it old fashioned ( like in Fracas ), I like it modernized ( like in Tubereuse Couture ). While most notes I like some versions of, there isn’t a place one can take tuberose that I don’t like it, unless it’s done really poorly ( *cough* La Nuit de Tubereuse ). And of course, the flowers are stunning even without all these tributes.

    Perhaps my favorite tuberose memory is being in an awful, run-down bus when I first came to Cairo ( and really, I wasn’t used to the visual, auditory, and olfactory cacophony of that city ) and this great big waft of tuberose coming from garlands strung up around the rear-view mirror, their smell piercing the smog, cigarette smoke and food smells around me. It was like a little spot of heaven in hell.

  21. Andy says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sugandaraja. Lovely!

  22. TimeaZsofia says:

    First I thought I hate tuberose, when I smelled only Do Son (otherwise I love a lot of fragrance of Diptyque because of their naturalism), but when I first smell Fracas, my opinion has changed and the more I tested it the more I loved it. Now I really love a lot of tuberose scent (almost agree with Sugandaraja).
    Waiting for your fragrance! 🙂

  23. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, TimeaZsofia
    So basicallly everybody can become a tuberose lover it seems 🙂 this is wonderful!

  24. Chris says:

    Yes yes yes! I am periodically enticed by the smell of tuberose. Lately I have had a craving and ordered a decant of Tubereuse Criminelle. I look forward to smelling Loretta for her tuberose note….I know you can get me to pull the trigger on this because you even got me to buy Une Rose Vermeille…well, you and CandyPerfumeBoy’s review of it. Greetings and cheers. 🙂

  25. Andy says:

    Oh, Thank you, Chris.And yes, definitely, CandyPerfumeBoy can indeed be seducing 🙂
    Fragrant greetings from Zurich

  26. Franco says:

    As an Annick freak, Goutal guru, etc, you are blessed w/ a boltte of Passion that was definitely produced BEFORE the IFRA stepped in! ( this is from the fact that box and boltte have the namesake Annick Goutal in SCRIPT, vs newer packages it is done in fancy BLOCK typeset) Only 2 thoughts 1 – maybe it was exposed to sun,cold, or heat 2 – Maybe you need the EDParfum?? Don`t give up – the scent is divine!! 🙂

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