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delays as usual and a little sample draw

March 8th, 2011


EDITED:  March 09 17.30 Swiss time. THE DRAW IS CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated.

The winners, picked with random.org truly in a random way, are:

Olivia A.



Congratuluations again


Believe it or not: We started working on the design and packaging for the Collectibles in  autumn. Some stuff we ordered in November. Now it is soon spring and as always: Everything gets in with delays. Accidents here, technical troubles there: I am getting used to it. In theory, I should be able to pour and label and box the flacons now, or no: Last week.

It will – in reality – be in about 2 weeks. For you this means that you have to wait a bit longer for the Linden blossom theme. But wait, here’s a treat:

I got the manual stamping things that I will use to stamp information onto the sample papers. Today’s picture shows you my first trials using them; as you may easily see: I need some practice there. The same stamps I will use to bring information onto the packaging. Kind of cool, as it allows me to easily change information from batch to batch (you remember: Collectibles are subject to change from time to time).

In order to celebrate my first happy stamping of the sample flyers, I will make a little draw: Be the very first to smell the COLLECTIBLE fragrance: ZETA-a linden blossom theme!

I will pick 3 happy winners using random.org in a  day or two. Just leave a comment below and you enter the draw and your chances are good to win a 1.5 ml sample in a spray atomizer. Once I picked the winners and close the draw, I will announce it here. The draw is international, independent of where you live. And, just in case you do not know what to write in your comment, here’s a question for you: “what means linden blossom to you”?

Your privacy is important to me: You have my word that I will not make any use of your private data except for contacting you after this draw, nor forward them or sell them to any third party.

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84 Responses to “delays as usual and a little sample draw”

  1. angie Cox says:

    Linden blossom reminds me of sitting in the garden of my best friend .The tea her Polish mother made as we studied together.

  2. Naheed says:

    Hello Andy,

    Sniffing Linden blossom means to me a lot and I’m just yearning to take a whiff of it as it’s just last year I came to know about it. People seem to adore its aroma but I wonder if it’s really grown in my region, just clueless.

    Oh, I really wish I may be chosen in the draw and it would be my first experience to smell a fragrance from the house of Tauer.

  3. Tama says:

    Linden smells like the outdoors on a hot day, with lots of dry grass and wild flowers. I always picture grass seeds whirling around, and insects. Oh I can’t wait to smell your linden, Andy!!!

  4. AromaX says:

    Hmmm, A Linden Blossom from Andy… Sure am in. And what does it mean to me? Well, I have some linden trees growing near my house and that means when it blossoms I step earlier from the tram on my way home and walk to enjoy their scent 😉

  5. Stephen Hough says:

    Linden Blossom … I think of Schubert’s Lindenbaum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1S3v6M_4ts&feature=related

  6. kannalz says:

    Linden blossom I love you:
    dry green-herbaceous with bee-wax-honey touches.

    Spring is coming and not only bees will benefit blossoming: we can use in wonderful infusions when nervous or stressed.

  7. Esther says:

    I love linden – and my parents’ house is called Linden Lawn Fruit and Dairy Farm. I can’t wait to smell it.

  8. Zee Boudreaux says:

    I love the idea of a linden blossom perfume this smell was everywhere in the springtime when I lived in Berlin it was a new smell for me and I wasn’t really sure where it was coming from and when I found out I couldn’t find the name of this lovely tree for some time. I look forward to trying both your and Mandy’s interpretations of linden

  9. Olfactoria says:

    “Am Brunnen vor dem Tore, da steht ein Lindenbaum…” that is what linden blossom reminds me of. I am sure you know that song.

  10. Stephan says:

    In my memory linden blossom exists only in its dried form as a herbal tea that clears your voice.

  11. Antonio says:

    Hi Andy, please enter me in the draw! I adore linden blossom’s scent. The very first and deep impression I had about it was in Montreux during the Jazz Festival. It was July, we were waiting for Miles Davis and the lakeside promenade was a huge and overwhelming linden blossom symphony for eyes and nose. I’ll never forget.

  12. Paul Laurentiu says:

    Am I the only one from here who does not know how linden blossom smells ? Lol. It’s outrageous haha
    That’s why I wish to enter in the draw in order to see what linden blossom is all about.
    Thank you Andy

  13. LInden blossom, lime blossom, tilleul… I so adore this scent. It is so fresh and summery, smelling like clean sheets and fresh linen clothes! Summer time, summer rain. I am dying to try it!!

  14. Jaki says:

    I also do not know how Linden Blossom smells, I have probably smelt it but been unaware that was the source.
    I have been reccomended Linden Blossom by an aromatherapist to help with migraines but never got round to getting some.

  15. Nancy C. says:

    I don’t know how linden blossom smells but I’ve been following your letters to Mandy on Nathan Branch’s website and it sounds so fantastic.

  16. Matt says:

    I would love to get to smell this first! Truth be told, I am not familiar with the smell of linden blossom–though I hope to be soon!

  17. Dariia says:

    to me linden blossom is chilhood, clear air and skiped class. it’s very interesting, what does linden blossom mean to you, Andy! anticipating to smell it!

  18. *jen says:

    I’m with Paul. 🙂 Mostly I want to experience the linden scent after reading your letters to Mandy.

  19. waftbyCarol says:

    linden blossom is so refreshing and happy . I would love to smell your new creation . Please include me in the draw , and thank you so much !

  20. karin says:

    Hi Andy – would love to try this. Thanks for the draw! As to linden blossom – it means nothing to me cause I have not idea what it is or what it smells like. Guess I should investigate. 🙂

  21. Olivia A says:

    To me, linden blossom means summer.

    The stamp looks really nice; for some reason I really enjoy the look of stamped things.

    Thank you for sharing with us!! 🙂

  22. rosyi says:

    to me linden blossom means nothing, because i don’t know what tree is it (i’m bad at english), sorry. but i would like you to include me in the draw.
    good luck with your pactices.

  23. Tara says:

    I really don’t know what Lindon BLossom means to me. I would love to try it. Thanks for the draw..

  24. Persolaise says:

    I can’t resist an opportunity to try a brand new Tauer. Please enter me in the draw.

    And as for linden blossom, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t have any strong meaning for me… which may be a consequence of growing up in the Middle East.

    Having said that, in one sense, it does spell ‘trouble’ to me, because the absolute is such a pain to work with.

  25. Aster says:

    Hello Andy, I would love to sample this so soon. As for linden blossom, it sounds like promise, summer, hope.

  26. Charlotte says:

    Linden blossom – fresh and green and perfect for spring and summer! Thanks for the draw 🙂

  27. Neris says:

    Linden Blossom, reminds me of the little white flowers in the spring somewhere in the fields of 1940s suburban Germany. Still full of love, hope for the future in the young at heart. Old gramophone, pages from a family album and the pictures of my elegantly dressed great grandmother.
    Just there…

  28. AlexP says:

    Childhood=linden blossom. During my childhood we were living in a courtyard surrendered by linden trees….memories of my grandma picking the flowers than puting them up on sheets of white paper on the top of the big cupboard near my bedroom to dry them for tea.
    Each year from mid May to mid June the linden blossom smell is everywhere . I’m living in a city with lots of those trees:)

  29. Isa says:

    Lindenblossom brings me happy memories from my childhood because my father called it “paniseco” and sometimes we ate the flowers 🙂
    It’s not a common tree in the East of Spain, but when I was in Prague I saw lots of Lindentrees… The smell is gorgeous.
    And last summer I saw many in Béziers too.

    I would love to try your new fragrance. Thanks for the draw!

  30. Stju says:

    It is so pity but I don’t know too how smells linden blossom. So I would be happy to try it.

  31. Alica says:

    Hi Andy, we have a huge branched linden tree in front of the house and that smell coming in approx. May when it blossoms in full is wonderful, unmistakable and indicating the ongoing summer. I love these moments! Not saying about linden tea in winter with its naturally sweet aroma and amber color. Hugs and greetings from Sissach!

  32. Eszter says:

    Well i guess it will sound quite weird but linden blossoms remind me of potatoes 🙂
    When the blossoms fall from the tree small berry like pods start to grow. They rather look like a large coriander seed and they are edible after peeling the hard outer shell off. And they taste like potatoes mixed with linden blossoms.

  33. kjanicki says:

    For such a brief time, the linden trees out back flower in the spring. Blink and I almost miss it. But when the weather is right, I like to sit out under the flickering leaves, in spots of sunshine, and smell the light, honey sweet smell of the blossoms.

  34. audrey says:

    Hi Andy, I have been enjoying your blog and some of your wonderful smelling scents. Looking forward to smelling the linden blossom scent as well!!

  35. Eric says:

    A scent I miss, as no Lindens grow where I live now, even though the main street of my little town is called “Linden” it is lined in palm trees!

  36. Fernando says:

    Zeta! As a number theorist, I heartily approve! I’m going to have to like this one, I guess. Are its zeros on the line Re(z)=1/2?

  37. rosiegreen62 says:

    Linden blossom reminds me of spring, we had two big
    trees in the front yard of my childhood home. I always waited impatiently till they bloomed. Its one of my favorite scent memories.

  38. roberto says:

    linden blossom: the scent of the rising sun…
    by Roberto

  39. Amy K says:

    I’ve never smelled linden in person, but I usually love linden notes in perfume. It’s clean and cheerful, which is exactly what I like during the warmer months.

  40. Lindaloo says:

    I am another of those who does not know how linden blossom smells — but I’d love to!
    I’m thinking that with all that pouring, labeling, packing and especially all that manual stamping you will be writing again of a very sore shoulder or wrist or some such. I certainly hope not.

  41. Camilla says:

    Linden blossom to me means:
    Sweet, long, lazy afternoons…
    The promise of honey in the smell of the flowers…
    Hot, hot, hot temperatures…
    Looking for shade…

    I long to test a perfume highlighting such an intense and distinctive fragrant flower!

  42. fleur de lys says:

    linden, such al lovely smell, looking forward to your version of it in a perfume, Andy, must be wonderful!

  43. Viveka says:

    Lovely, linden blossom is spring for me, wonderful and soft – it is such a beautiful scent at dusk, when the temperature gets a bit chilly.

  44. Tyler says:

    I love the stamps. It goes very much with the ‘collectable’ theme…. as stamps have a handmade craftiness about them. But will this make people think this handmade approach is just for zeta/collectables? When your entire line is handmade. Have a great day Andy.

  45. Natalia says:

    Linden Blossom=the most powerful late spring-summer scent. For me it means walking on the street and knowing that the tree IS there long before you actually see it:) the smell is most gourgeous in evenings, whan the air starts cooling down….or in the morning, when the air is not hot yet and crispy with spring coolness. when the sun starts rising.

  46. Magnus says:

    Warm summer evenings with the smell of linden all around. And of course, a sample of your perfume. Soon, I hope.

  47. Anna in Edinburgh says:

    Another person here who associates linden blossom with linden blossom tea, which I drank way back in my youth.

    Also we used to call the tree a Lime Tree, even though it has nothing to do with citrus lime. (The vagaries of British English!)

    cheerio from Anna in Edinburgh

  48. Cristina says:

    I got very excited when I read on your blog you are doing linden blossom. I am a big flowery scents fan and although I’d say I am a beginner, I don’t think I’ve smelled anything that comes close to linden.
    The reason linden scent is special to me is – linden is a very popular tree back home but I don’t live home any more and I only know of one linden tree in London. I used to pass by it on my way back from work in the evenings and it was like visiting home for a brief moment. The other reason is that one neighbour planted a linden tree next to our building the year I was born so my mother always jokes that we grew up together. Thank you for your creations 🙂

  49. hotlanta linda says:

    Guns and Roses song “(A Little) Patience“today – as in hang in there and don`t waste good energy on frustration! 🙂 My only faint knowledge of linden`s scent is when it was part of a bathsalts mixed fragrance, so a sample would be a true introduction!!

  50. Julie ellen says:

    Hello Andy — Linden trees make me think of apples….after a day of play with my neighbors, we would eat apples in the shade near the linden trees. So for me the crisp, honey smell includes apple!! Hope I get to sample yours soon.

  51. Justin says:

    Thank you for the drawing and all the hard work going into getting these Collectibles going. I don’t know a lot about the smell of linden blossom beyond what I’ve read from you, but I would still love to sample your new creation.

  52. zeram1 says:

    I unfortunately have never had the opportunity to smell Linden blossom, but if it means anything, I would have to say perhaps the beauty of a sunny Spring day.

  53. Kelly says:

    Hello again, Andy. I would love to try Zeta. You know I always love your work!

  54. Kat says:

    Hello Andy,

    My only experience with linden blossom is with tea, I would dearly love to try Zeta because I’m certain that it will be another fabulous creation by you. Cheers!

  55. Monica says:

    OF COURSE I would LOVE to try this scent!!! I’m a big Tauer FAN XOXO Monica

  56. jirish says:

    Linden makes me think of home. We are lucky enough to have one in our front yard. I’m really looking forward to trying this scent, and I love the whole idea of the collectibles.

  57. jen says:

    Hi Andy, Linden blossom reminds me of the Baltics and the tea from the trees there in a friend’s garden. I really hope random.org picks me on this one! 🙂

  58. Natalie says:

    The scent of lInden blossom is warm, honeyed, sweetness, and my father’s favorite tea. As for the blossoms themselves, I have a landscaping business and a customer on “Linden Street,” and boy oh boy is it a pain to clean them up!

  59. Courtney says:

    I just bought my first Discovery Set after months of reading about all these wonderful handmade creations. I’m on pins and needles for the box to arrive! I really do love the idea of a person putting as much time and love into creating his art like you do, Andy. Cheers.

  60. Alice C says:

    I’d love to try all of your creations! Thanks for the draw giving someone (pick me!!!) the chance to try this one!

    Linden blossoms mean almost nothing to me…but it looks delicate and pretty to me.

  61. Gisela says:

    Linden blossom means summer and childhood for me, and sitting in Giardino di Boboli in Florence.

  62. Agnes says:

    To me, linden is elixir from heaven! J’ adore!

  63. Undina says:

    Linden blossom is probably my most favorite nature scent. For a long time I searched for a perfect linden blossom fragrance. I found one that I like but my search is going on and I would love to try your new creation. Well, “would” is probably a wrong choice of words – I will try it when it’s available but I wouldn’t mind winning it sonner.

  64. corey says:

    Hi Andy,
    I’ve been reading the development of this linden scent through Nathan Branch’s website, and I’d love to be in the drawing for a sample. Thanks!
    PS: loving your current bottle packaging. I myself am a packaging designer 🙂

  65. Irina says:

    Linden blossom is a dear memory for me
    a scent connected with the begining of summer, with being a happy child
    all is long gone now, but the memories come back and make me smile every time ( rare…) I get the chance of smelling it
    Thanks, Andy

  66. rosarita says:

    I don’t have a linden blossom memory as I confess, I’m not sure how linden trees look or smell. I’ve enjoyed your blog musings in the subject, though. And thanks for the opportunity to try a sample!

  67. Angi says:

    I’ve never smelled linden blossom, so I’m just expecting that to me it will mean another amazing Tauer perfume. 🙂

  68. Zazie says:

    I’ve always been looking for a linden blossom fragrance.
    The honey-green smell of the trees in summer is beautiful and hypnotizing.
    I am so very curious to smell your rendition!

  69. pievauja says:

    Oh, linden blossom are not usual smell in perfume, but in reality is very.. very pleasant. When sniff it, you can feel honey dripping in your nose and whole power of the summer, the summer humming.
    I would really love to try your perfume!

  70. Ines says:

    Oh, linden blossom is the smell of my childhood and the first consciously acquired smell – there was a linden tree in the courtyard outside my building so my whole childhood was spent playing underneath it. wow, I actually have linden perfumed childhood memories. 😀

  71. Jimmy says:

    Never befor smelled Lindenblossom, It sounds exciting!

  72. Cymbaline says:

    I too am looking for a linden fragrance and am so excited to try your beautiful perfume! We have many linden trees here in Seattle and I love to go for walks under the trees when the smell is strongest.

  73. Elisa says:

    Linden blossom is a total unknown to me, but I can’t think of a better way to experience it first than through one of your fragrances!

  74. tricia says:

    Once again Andy a beautiful idea coming to the world through your “scence”


  75. Monica says:

    Man.. I so wish I was the right Monica =P

  76. cacaoman says:

    Linden means summer…

  77. Musette says:

    I love linden blossom. I smelled it first in some Dr Haushka bath oil – and was hooked!!! Even though I am late to the draw I just wanted to say how delighted I am that you are utilising that flower in a fragrance!


  78. Mauro says:

    I have a linden in my garden near bed room window…. it’s fantastic.
    I love its smell when is full pf flowers; I feel scent of chestnut honey, jasmin, a little bit of cumin; so sweet and fresh,…. love it!!!!!

  79. deb says:

    magic in a bottle!

  80. Claudia Kroyer says:

    Linden Blossom…how wonderful can those be….sound like sunshine in a bottle …i am intrigued.

  81. Claude says:

    Linden Blossom to me reminds me of some very beautiful art songs by Roger Quilter written in the 1920s and 1930s; soft elegaic peices of music that feel nostalgic for the passing era. Linden blossom crops up in them as a signifier of ephemerality, the fragility of life and the preciousness of beauty. I would love to smell what you do with it, Andy,

  82. Tamara*J says:

    Linden blossoms to me just simply means that spring is on it’s way and that everything starts over, thankfully…
    I am a HUGE fan of Une Rose Chypree Andy and I would love to smell this new creation, thank you!

  83. Mihaela says:

    I’m very familiar with the smell of linden blossoms as it’s a smell you’re surrounded by when taking walks in the park of the town I grew up in, in my home country that I left a while ago. It’s my dream and my mother’s dream to find a perfume that encapsulates the smell of summer evenings back home. Looks like it’s about to come true. Thanks Andy.

  84. gaby says:

    Hi there again,

    oh I can t wait for that one! I live Tileul en Co. so will eagerly try YOUR version of linden blossom, Andy!
    Thanks for counting me in

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