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balancing act

August 13th, 2010

This is a serious post. Maybe a difficult post to digest for a few out there. OK. Let’s start. The picture is from Avignon. A great piece of art. Love it.

I am trying to create perfumes beyond the ordinary. Yet, they need to be packed and shipped using the ordinary way: Postal services. We decided definitely for a folded paper inlay, yesterday, in our meeting with the design guru. This guy spent days on coming up with a paper cut that can be folded in a way that fulfills all criteria: Easy to fold. Holding the flacon inside the metal box, being aesthetically pleasing.  AND being light. Actually, we need it it as light as possible. Here in Switzerland, we have the 500 grams kill-off barrier set by the Swiss Post. Everything heavier than 500 grams costs a fortune to ship. And they weigh everything.  Ending with one or two gram too much on the balance from time to time,  we needed to do something there.

Thus, once we got through the rest of the boxes of series 1 (with simple black paper, crumpled, inside), we will do the folded thing in series 2 of the boxes that is already ordered and will get here end November 2010.

Keeping stocks is one of the biggest issues these days and also a cost factor. And getting the natural to work with is getting more and more difficult. Hey: Who out there is using real Sandalwood? We are a bunch of a few passionistas left. Sad, but this is how it is.

I am trying to create perfumes, using about 50% naturals in my formula (weight/weight, and number of ingredients/number of ingredients). This per se is not a guarantee for a good perfume, but it is a statement on a style. I usually do not talk about others, thus: I was so happy to read Nathan’s blog entry. Finally, someone points to the facts: Zero naturals out there. All gone. An art form dying. A thing of the past but nobody realizes and all talk as if they lived in a different world.

I am trying to come up with new perfumes from time to time.  Yet, I haven’t visited a perfumery since months. I stopped reading blog stories on new kids on the block, too. My interest for new stuff is running dry. I have read March’s post over there on PerfumePosse and said to myself: You are so right, lady. I wish all were so honest. Yes, it feels like a lot are all running dry in the perfume department. Guess why this is.

Thus, I am trying to create perfumes from time to time, not dealing with the rules of a market (that is going nuts these days, spinning faster and faster), and at the same day I am packing perfumes that will sell.

It is a balancing act, I guess.  But March’s post still bothers me. Glad it does.

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16 Responses to “balancing act”

  1. Konstantin says:

    Hey Andy, I so understand you when it becomes less and less about the creative process and more and more about these management things – and I think that this is the natural development – companies that all started like you did, grew big and big and then they started creating divisions with different people handling different parts of the business – you know this of course but I am sure the “knowing” of it doesn’t make it any easier. You are balancing it pretty well! Don’t despair. Konstanitn

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Konstantin
    I am in no despair on self, but I am sort of in despair of the “market” . And on how obsolete most of the stuff is out there…

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Andy, hopefully these things go in cycles. But frankly I get the feeling that it’s really going to be independent perfumers like yourself who will inspire us with new perfumes. Clearly the celebrity frags and even the likes of Guerlain aren’t cutting it in that dept. these days. But on a lighter note, I love that photo and I am excited to hear more about the perfume inspiration from your hike. Have a great day.

  4. Andy says:

    Good morning/evening to you, Jen
    Interesting: I never thought about it… could it be cycles? I sort of tend to think Westernly in arrows, with things moving forward, upwards, (not to the better I am afraid), but maybe it is circles here. And then, we might see things turning at some point.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Andy ,
    Keep doing things the way you love! There are many who realize quality and will always support your art (I for one). I look forward to seeing your business continue to flourish and I can’t wait to try your new compositions.


  6. ANDY says:

    Thank you Jimmy, for your support. I highly appreciate your lines and your motivation. have a great day!

  7. hotlanta linda says:

    I echo everyone else!! Pull up Cyndi Lauper`s “True Colors“ and remember the lyric! You are not like South Beach, Fla where all is pretense, you fight to muffle the falseness/cheapness w/ youe good heart and imagination, thank goodness! And at the rate you`ve been creating new scents, your imagination just wants Vacation w/ the Go-Go`s!! 🙂

  8. ANDY says:

    Dear Hotlanta Linda
    I thank you !
    I feel like making a draw 😉

  9. Devon Hernandez says:

    Oh Andy, you need a big hug!! I feel your despair with the market and the materials available – as a relatively newer-ish perfumista-in-training, who hasn’t been wowed by a lot of the new stuff out there, you are one of the Golden Few. As long as you keep putting stuff out that’s true to your ideals and your passion for scent, I’ll buy anything with your name on it, and I’m sure many of us feel the same way.

    I’ve been buying a lot of vintage and discontinued scents lately. A lot of damage has been done to the perfume market in the last 15-20 years, be it trends, IFRA regulations, limited resources of quality *real* materials, or (in my opinion) all of the above. I completely agree with you that it is a dying artform.

    I’m still waiting for an IFRA revolution to start. It’s one thing to have limited resources, and another entirely to restrict or ban things for ridiculous reasons. This severely limits perfume art and creativity. There’s less around to inspire one’s imagination.

    ***Linda, how about some Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire here???***

    I know you mention not visiting any perfumeries and not reading any blogs about newbie creators…but I hope you realize that we don’t love you just for the newest bright and shiny – we love what YOU do. Don’t fall into the trap that so many other houses do; that they feel they constantly have to out-do and create and flood the market. You’re right, it’s a constant balancing act. I think karma rewards those who are true to themselves though and do what lights the fire within. You’re a special person and a special perfumer, Andy! I’m sending you lots of good vibes and energy to brighten your creative thought processes.

    By the way, I am loving your Carillon – you are SO right, it’s a wallop of dazzling golden green! And so lovely. I love the hit of hyacinth mixed in. The jus almost has a “wet” quality to it, like a damp spring garden. Magnifique!

    Have a blessed weekend, take it easy, and positive thoughts! We love ya! 🙂

  10. Vladimir says:

    Dear Andy, very conformable, interesting and close for me post – “Hey: Who out there is using real Sandalwood? We are a bunch of a few passionistas left. ” … And it is fine for all of us!
    Nathan? s post excellent and perfectly structured – you remember?:-) What was I the first who has understood it and have written about Tauerlinade?:-)

  11. Andy says:

    Dear Vladimir
    I feel like I know you now for years and you have seen all the ups and downs of my brand and others in the field. I am glad that it is fine for all of you!
    with fragrant greetings for your weekend.

  12. Andy says:

    Thank you, Devon. Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me.
    And I am glad that my vision for the Carillon pour un ange fits with yours. I personally love this fragrance much too much (the W.-factor is getting used on me always wearing it for the night)

  13. Diane R says:

    Andy, I never wore perfume until two years ago. I’ve just now become interested and, like everything else, I started doing research to find what I like. Well, what I read lead me….a housewife in a small town in Washington State…to a little niche perfumer from Geneva. I like quality. I like creativity. I like the personal touch. And after I sampled some of your perfumes, and read your blog…..I liked you.

    For my recent birthday I got a long-awaited bottle of your Reverie au Jardin. I love it because it was made by human hands. I love it because it comes from the other side of the world, and no one can buy it from J.C. Penney’s. I love it because it’s unique and high quality. And …. it just smells wonderful.

    I do think there is a market for quality products with the human touch. But, I imagine it’s hard work and at times discouraging. I also know it take a lot of investment of resources and frightening leaps of faith.

    Please don’t be discouraged. Knowledgeable people can tell the difference between ordinary and artistry. You are creating art, and I can’t wait until I can afford my next Andy Tauer blue bottle.


  14. ANDY says:

    Dear Diane
    I thank you so much for your lovely lines and hope that I will not disappoint you with my new perfumes…
    And I promise: I will never end up in JC Penney’s! 😉

  15. Dionne says:

    Reading Diane R.’s post made me smile in recognition, since I am also a housewife in a small town in the province of Alberta who discovered perfume about six months ago, started researching and very quickly (thank goodness!) stumbled upon your work.

    It took very little time for me to figure out that mass-market fragrances held little appeal for me. Your line represents all the things I respect: integrity, incredible skill and passion, and the personal touch. Even getting sampler packs is exciting – it’s not often I get mail from Switzerland! There’s something very meaningful when a fragrance appeals not only to the senses, but the intellect and emotions as well, since you so generously let us all catch a glimpse of your life and your inspiration. I’m looking forward to getting my first blue bottle. 🙂

  16. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings to you, Dionne
    and thank you! It seems to me that you did a real fast shortcut when you engaged into the world of perfumes. 😉

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