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3 weeks until Pitti Fragranze

August 17th, 2011

In three weeks I will get ready for Pitti Fragranze in Florence. With this in mind, I visited my bike mechanic guy to announce my bike for repairs. I used it on a daily basis and hence figured that these 5 days where I am at Pitti might be ideal to get my bike’s age related its and bits fixed. The mechanic’s workshop looks and smells like you would expect it. A lot of metal parts, grease on fabric, and their typical smell. Actually, a bike mechanic workshop smells better than a car workshop. It might be a difference in grease, the missing gasoline aspect, who knows?

He, the mechanic was very happy. Finally a client who announces his broken bike early enough. And I am happily looking forward to riding a shiny all functional bike again. And the workshop brought back memories of my Hyacinth and a mechanic experimental scent. (Reviews of this experiment see this search on : Google.com ) This together with my fiddling lately for a fragrance for Ingrid, the third woman portrait on Woman’s picture.

I am sort of very unhappy there and I realized today, while dreaming in sample making stasis, that I need to rethink my previous work. I always felt that what I had worked on was not right, but could not pinpoint it. I tried to build a fragrance for this third woman picture around hyacinth. But I come to the conclusion that this starting point is wrong. Thus, I feel I will go to field zero there.  The moment I realized this (sniffing the latest versions on my wrist) I was relieved.  By knowing what not to do, I know what to do next.

To be frank with you, my dear reader, I remain somewhat obscure here, worrying that I start confusing you. We have not even launched the first fragrance from Tableau de Parfums, and yet I am talking about the third one. But this I can tell you: Ingrid is a very sensual woman. There is something very deep and a sad note in her face. She for sure can wear a rich, oriental, musky, dark fragrance.  Thus, I am working on Ingrid’s fragrance, but do not like to talk too much about it, as it still far away.

On the other hand, this is reality. Perfumes do not fall from heaven. When I started discussing the whole Tableau de Parfums project idea, I always underlined that creating perfumes is not easy and sometimes takes a lot of time. The W.-factor always says (he got it from somewhere) “it is 95 % transpiration and 5% inspiration.  Right now I am sweating. But the 5% told me today “Myrrh”. And Sandalwood. And the rest we will see.

Today’s picture: Another rose scan. I am a big rose lover!


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13 Responses to “3 weeks until Pitti Fragranze”

  1. Queen Cupcake says:

    Andy, good luck with this project; myrrh and sandalwood sound like a wonderful place to begin. The American inventor Thomas A. Edison was quoted as saying: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Enjoy that bicycle!

  2. jirish says:

    Call me perverse, but I actually love to hear about when creators end up in blind alleys and are forced to begin again. It’s a reminder that creative work is just that, hard work, and that one must be daring, bold, and in a way, ruthless, in order to really get anywhere worthwhile. You certainly can’t give up easily and you must put in the daily effort. Anyways, Ingrid sounds like my kind of lady, quite the inspiration. And myrrh and sandalwood are terrific.

  3. Sugandaraja says:

    I wish I’d been one of the ones to sniff H & The Mechanic. I’m quite sure it would be interesting. I love the green florals in Carillon and the top notes of Orris always smell of gasoline to me, something I’ve only smelled in that and Knize Ten. I like hard, metallic smells if there’s some contrast ( like in CdG’s bizarre plastic and rotten flowers Guerilla 1, but not in their tire-factory Tar and Garage scents! )

    That being said, myrrh is a great note. Hard, angular, rubbery, medicinal, rather forbidding and mysterious. It’s an oriental note out of an Otto Dix painting. I love it when that side is played up ( L’Eau Trois – dried and herbal; SL La Myrrhe – aldehydic ), but it can be a disaster if over-sweetened ( I find Baume Au Doge to be like this: someone’s poisoned my dessert and didn’t try to hide it ). I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with it, even if it’s a year and a bit away!

  4. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, Queen Cupcake
    (what a lovely avatar name, but i guess you get that often 🙂
    I enjoy that bike every day, especially in the morning when it is all going downwards towards the river. later in the day things look different 🙂
    (I cannot change into many gears right now as many gears are broken 🙂
    Anyhow: Thus , it is only 1% inspiration ? too bad. Pity me 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings Jirish
    call me perverse, but I love the idea of turning back because I am in a blind alley 🙂
    It is this zickzack, the forth and back , the blind alleys, the swamps, nowhere lands, it is there where things get interesting. Love it, knowing that it is a matter of time and patience!

  6. Andy says:

    Greetings, Sugandaraja
    Myrrh is indeed very, very fascinating as a note and ingredient. I play with it rarely, I have to admit. But I guess, it is about time that i have a closer look (again).
    By the way: I LOVE knize ten.

  7. hotlanta linda says:

    We dedicate Fleetwood Mac`s “Don`t Stop“to you today, because no matter what happens, whether it`s w/ creating scents, bookeeping & paying those taxes, hike/bike intown or out in Nature, you simply keep GOING no matter what, and we love perseverence like THAT!! 🙂

  8. Stephan says:

    That your memories of the mechanic with his hyacinths should come back to haunt you at the bike repairs shop, might hopefully prove to be an good omen for me and all those who would like to get to know and smell him. Maybe after Ingrid.

    Maybe the the W.-factor’s ratio for perfume creation needs to be more detailed to include perspiration, as has been mentioned, and aspiration to follow the path to beauty till the end.

  9. Andy says:

    Thank you Hotlanta Linda, I guess, yes, I am a persevere person. I keep going , and going, and going like a Duracell rabbit. 🙂
    (do not know whether you have the same kind of ad for the Duracell batteries) In case not: Here is a youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGR0BriodkM brings back memories 🙂

  10. Andy says:

    Good morning to you, Stephan
    I thank you for your note and will tell the W.-factor. Actually, these days, I realize quite often that I think “post Ingrid” 🙂
    Let us hope for best..

  11. hotlanta linda says:

    Here it is the EverReady Energizer bunny – in PINK! I even have a light grey fleece sweatshirt w/ the Pink One on the front – I spent 10 years retailing in a watch/clock store, and changed ALOT of batteries!! So the shirt was FREE 🙂

  12. quimerula says:

    You can never go wrong with myrrh and sandalwood.
    They are so full of nuances and make such a great pairing: you can take the rubbery note from the myrrh and the soft, almost milky, side of the sandalwood; and on the other hand you can take the sweet aspect of the resin and the dry, kind of pencil shavings, side of the sandalwood.
    Endless combinations.

  13. Andy says:

    Greetings, Quimerula
    and there is also something quite powdery about myrrh that complements the creamy sandalwood. Actually, I always love to work with sandalwood.
    One of the most rewarding oils.

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