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June 23rd, 2011

yesterday, we got another larger delivery. Pentagonal tin boxes. A huge pile in boxes of 24 each on 7 palettes. Today’s picture shows you these. It was yesterday that I was even more happy about the new warehouse than before.  Finally room for the 5000 boxes. And almost no carrying around: Just put the stuff onto the little chariot, and move it from here (ramp) to there (storage room). So you see: We are in true happy territory these days. And yes: The 5000 boxes should help us getting through X-mas.

When moving into the warehouse we did our semi-annual stock counting and I know now what perfumes I have to mix. And before that I have to go ahead and figure out what raw materials I need and need to buy some essential oils. This is, says my bookkeeper, always a very dangerous time… Andy goes essential oil shopping and he hardly ever sticks to the list of things he needs.

In this corner of the world, the economy is buzzing and as everybody is fully booked out, buying things often translates into waiting for quotes first and then waiting for goods. Thus, in a sense, I am happy I got everything together for Tableau de Parfums, except the packaging and the labels. There, I am waiting and waiting and waiting for a quote. And you know how good I am at this…. The labels will go into production in the next two weeks and the packaging should go into production any time. Actually, I am getting ready for the first fragrance in the Tableau de Parfums series, called Miriam. The second one, anticipated launch date March 2012 will see my attention later in summer. But I got already the most expensive raw material that goes into it: Tuberose absolute. We spent a fortune for it at Biolandes.com

Tomorrow (or over the weekend), I want to share with you a draft of how some things look there, at Tableau de Parfums. But first things first: Book October 7, 8, 9 in your agenda. At least if you happen to be in the LA area.

I am coming to town to show you Miriam. Brian Pera comes, too. Showing you THE movie.

I got my plane ticket. Please join in.

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9 Responses to “palettes”

  1. AromaX says:

    Good morning Andy! Nice to read that you enjoy your new space.
    Shopping for oils and stick yourself to the list? Nonsense! The creativity, inspiration and curiosity always need to have something to anticipate and get new ideas for further developments 🙂 Greetings to the bookkeeper 😉
    Waiting… Oh, I think everyone should deserve the heaven just for being patient, no matter what other sins he or she will commit 😉
    And tuberose… ah, so deceiving. You expect the luscious creamy scent of the flower, but get the poisonous greenness of stalks and leaves to deal with 🙂
    Have a nice day. Andy!

  2. Persolaise says:

    For some reason, I like the idea of you pulling the little chariot around.

    And tell your bookkeeper that shopping is much more fun when you deviate from the list… 😉

  3. Marianne says:

    Sounds like you are living and creating full speed!

    Such positive news, I enjoy it.

    Tuberose is such a powerflower..
    I had a three day allergic reaction after smelling Carnal Flower by FM and since then I avoid perfumes with tuberose.. Myabe your creation for Miriam will make me smile again :-).

    Big hugs,

    Marianne xoxo

  4. Andy says:

    Good evening, AromaX
    Tuberose develops the longer the more into an obsession of mine. It is such a treat to work with… These spices. This sweet powder. Ah…..!

  5. Andy says:

    Good evening, Persolaise
    the “problem” with bookkeeping: Fun is not accountable 🙂

  6. Andy says:

    Oh, Marianne.
    I personally love, love , love Carnal Flower from the Editions Fréderick Malle. It is such a treat. Actually , this reminds me to finally buy my own flacon.

    I hope that my fragrances will never give you allergies. But there is no guarantee… unfortunately.
    Have a lovely evening !

  7. Magnus says:

    Hi Andy. The problems with stocks and warehousing. Dull, dull, dull. But very very efficient. Use the shopping list. Be prepared to deviate with a certain % over your initial plan, double this % and avoid bookkeeper for 3 months. That about covers it.

  8. hotlanta linda says:

    Magnus & Persolaise – AMEN!!! 🙂 The best part of shopping is the unexpected sigh of delight when something unexpectedly wonderful appears!! Tuberose is a lifelong must-have-it-ALWAYS love!!! (There are 2 bookcase shelves of original Chloe items in my room, and do I wish for it to return!) PLEASE – Would all of you be willing to tell me what your favourite current tuberose scents are, so I can order samples?? Andy, you KNOW we all have added Tauer Tuberose Extreme to our wish lists!! 🙂 Music from 10,000 Maniacs “These Are Days“, and Van Morrison “These Are the Days“, to go with how everything is bubbling right along for you!! 🙂

  9. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, Hotlanta LInda
    I like Tuberose extrême 🙂
    My favorite tuberose… probably carnal flower….It is lovely.

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