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back and shifted

October 15th, 2011

I got back from LA yesterday, early in the morning, shifted in time and space and was sort of lost yesterday. It took a while and a good night’s sleep until  fully realized where I am. Intercontinental travel is not that easy.

Now, I am back, but not fully back to normal. I am still in 100% excited state due to the fragrance Miriam and the short movie Rose and the reactions we got to it, launching Miriam and screening Rose. Miriam is the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series that I present and I had no idea how and whether it will find interest, likes, and appreciation. It did. I am very happy. And I have to make more of it, thus I put more of the 16 pages novelettes together yesterday and will pack more next week.

Screening of ROSE, the short movie, based on a script and directed by Memphis movie maker Brian Pera, with Ann Magnuson playing Miriam, the daughter of Rose, was also a first in LA. We screened it at Steven Allen Theater in Los Angeles and I saw a few of the 60+ guests wipe their eyes dry. When I saw this Rose short, in a previous version, for the first time, I was also taken by a lot of emotions, I wept a bit while watching Rose. It brought back memories to me that I cannot always handle in dry mode.

For a limited time: You can watch the rose short movie, too. Here on vimeo. Enjoy!

And while you do this, I prepare some Miriam for shipment later next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Picture of today: Novelette, with silver ribbon, ready for packaging with 50 ml flacon of Miriam.

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14 Responses to “back and shifted”

  1. Mary says:

    Hello Andy, I’m glad you are back safe and sound. I saw the short version of Rose and was also moved. Very good acting. Still very curious about the fragrance.
    No travels for you in the near future?? You must have thousands of air miles, haha
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, Mary
    Thank you for your comment on the movie Rose. Yes, sad, touching, and a wonderful acting. And -I think- a lovely perfumery counter….
    My travels in the near future: Oh, do not mention it… I am so trying to come up with a travel agenda that makes sense….

  3. Kirsten says:

    Hi, Andy!
    I got a sample of Miriam from Luckyscent and WOW. Didn’t have enough room in twitter to give a full review. But it’s a masterpiece. You made a perfume that smells like what a beautiful, unknown old perfume would smell like. Soft, lingering, powdery but vivid, abstract floral, like memories of hugs from your mother when you were a child. Perfectly matched to the movie. It beats No. 5 edp at its own game.

    Don’t know how I’m going to afford a bottle of it, but I’ll find a way. Didn’t think I’d fall in love with a scent like this, but here I am. It’ll be joining Dzing! as one of my personal favorites. Thank you so much! It’s a revelation.

  4. Andy says:

    Oh wow, Kirsten
    I thank you! that’s quite…well: That’s quite a compliment. I am flushing from left to right. Merci!

  5. Eva S says:

    I watched the short movie on NST this week, it was truly moving! I’m hoping to get lucky in the draw on NST, but if I’m not, what’s the best way to order a sample/travel spray of Miriam if you live in Europe(Sweden)?

  6. hotlanta linda says:

    Tom Petty`s “Running Down a Dream“ for you today! 🙂 Glad you are safe and sound!! The movie needs a box of kleenex as one`s date for the evening :-0 – which is a good sign 🙂

  7. Andy says:

    Thank you for watching the Rose short movie and for commenting here,Eva.
    Indeed, right now we do not offer any options really except for Luckyscent. I think they ship to Sweden, don’t they?
    Good luck with the draw!

  8. Andy says:

    I so agree, Hotlanta Linda
    This movie is so touching. It sure needs a lot of Kleenex, but it is worth it!
    Fragrant greetings to you and a sunny weekend

  9. Persolaise says:

    Welcome back to blogland, Andy. I’m glad the trip was a success and that people appreciated the vintage delights of Miriam.

  10. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, Persolaise
    It feels good to look back to the last week and now look forward to upcoming thrills….
    This was just the beginning!

  11. Vladimir says:

    Dear Andy, short movie – it is excellent!

  12. Andy says:

    Oh, thank you, Vladimir.
    I am so happy you like it. Merci!

  13. Grace Zabriskie says:

    How do I order more of the wonderful “Mandarines Ambrees” soap that I received from you and Brian Pera
    while you were here in L.A.? I am so happy with it, but can’t find how to order on the internet. Please direct me.

    Grace Zabriskie

  14. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings, Grace
    And thank you for your lovely compliment. Unfortunately, this is one of the fragrant things I make that are not for sales nowhere. You can only get these soaps as gift from somebody nice like Brian.
    But here`s the good news: Christmas is approaching and with it comes the soap. Santa Claus will bring one to LA for sure.
    I wish you a lovely day

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