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labor day

May 1st, 2012

Tomorrow, I will fly to Rome, to launch Miriam and Tableau de Parfum. This will be fun, but today is labor day and I got up before six to celebrate this day with work. This was an hour and a few mails ago and in a few moments I will leave for the factory, to finish with the Incense extreme where I stopped yesterday. I filled my 200+ bottles and now I will polish them, put the stickers on, the lot information on the bottom and the should sticker, and the beech wood top and then they go into a box and wait patiently until they go into boxes. This should not keep me busy for too long.

I will then make some samples and get home again, to continue here.

So tomorrow:  A cheap flight from Basel, a booking.com special offer for a hotel, a few hours for myself in the evening and then on Thursday, starting at 5pm, there is a get together at via Vittoria, in CampoMarzio’s Essential Gallery. I will present the fragrance, and more important -because in the end everybody can and should make her and his own ideas about the scent- the collaboration with Memphis based movie maker Brian Pera who initiated this whole project and builds a multiverse bringing art of all sorts together. More on this, the latest film projects, fragrance projects and more on evelynavenue.com .

One nice aspect about Rome is: It is about the 20th or so times that I go there. When I was in my twenties, I was going there at least once a year. Back then by train, over night. Thus, I know my way a little bit, where to go for a jog, and my Italian has improved to a level that allows me to order a beer. Well, I guess I could do better there. But then: I prefer to jog in the woods instead of learning Italian grammar.

Happy labor day to you’all!




a simple word on marketing

June 21st, 2011

Today’s picture shows you the male branch of the di Liello family, the gentlemen behind Campo Marzio, who make it all possible.: From left to right this is Fabricio, me, Valentino and Gianni.

They are the owner of Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria and the inventor of the store concept which is actually less or not only a store than more a gallery, a show case of selective, artisanal perfumery. You see: I do not need the n-word….

This show case is very dear to me. It tells the world in the middle of THE shopping district of Rome that even today artisanal and selective perfumes can be found. Yesterday, Persolaise referred a side aspect: That I bring up a some interesting points about how a perfume is marketed. Actually, this is half the truth. About a lot of things happening in the back I do not talk. This topic is huge, big, and quite delicate territory. I learned that  some perfume lovers are 100% not interested in learning how the industry functions. Sometimes, me and some perfume making colleagues refer to this fact as the “dream factor”. The dreamers wish to be undisturbed.

Let’s disturb nevertheless. Marketing perfume is like being at war. A war on the attention of the consumer. A still large part of this attention you get by the press. Beauty press and style magazines and alike. To get into this press you usually need to pay. Getting into the press without paying: You must be truly interesting. The other day I was invited to join a round table, on selective perfumery, to get together with the press (think the top 10 magazines). Of course, all perfumers were supposed to pay big money for their participation on the round table.

I do not pay and cannot afford to send $ to get into the press.When you open the next beauty magazine and you see a bit of text and a few pictures of perfume flacons: Always remember: A lot of $ for every line. Except the object of discussion is truly interesting.

This is why I am so grateful for every journalist talking to me, for every interviewer like Simone from Extrait.it  discussing with me and for every blog exploring my creations.


Pentachords launch and video

June 20th, 2011

first things first: It was a great Pentachords launch event and party in Rome last Friday. My thanks go to Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria for their support and for their organization.

I enjoyed it so much so to get together with perfume lovers and see their reactions, smelling the pentachords line. As the fragrances are quite a different take on perfumery -compared to the rest of my line- this was thrilling. And I feel: The pentachords are loved. Especially White. I think this is going to be a lot of perfume lovers favorite. We will see.

Right in time with the launch, Extrait.it published the long and great video on the pentachords, where I explain in some details what the pentachords are all about and why I care for them.

On a side note:  The other day I realized on Basenotes.net that indeed I will have brought two entire new lines inside the brand with 4 fragrances this year. And in some comments they wondered why these launches. Sometimes I wonder, too. But then, I feel that my perfumes are very unique and interesting. Let me be modest: At least I launch fragrances that are interesting. And I have them in my mind and in my excel. Why not launch them? I rebuilt my entire brand to be a bit more presentable and even more important, I rebuilt my brand’s packaging to be more effective allowing me to produce more without going big in numbers of people working for me.

Thus, if I can launch them: Why not do it?

Here’s the link to the video  on the extrait website. The video is in English, the text is in Italian.

And now, back in Zurich, we are back to normal. Which means: Pack and box and pour…happy and all by ourselves (W.-factor and me).


new perspectives

June 10th, 2011

Yesterday’s interview session with Extrait.it was great. The video will show on the Extrait platform on June 17th, after my official launch of the pentachords in Campo Marzio.

But right now, I look forward to moving. This is the moving weekend for my warehouse. This morning, I have the last workman do some fixes on the keys and then we can start.  Today we get some details ready and tomorrow we actually move boxes and flacons and labels and tops and more labels and more boxes from here to there.

I am looking forward to this new perspective!

Today’s picture: Redwood, all moving up, seen South of Monterey. Enjoy your Friday!


Levkojen and PENTACHORDS presentation in June.

April 22nd, 2011

Today’s picture shows you a quick photo that I took yesterday before giving the bunch of Levkojen aka Matthiola away. I bought them at a flower shop nearby where I stop on a regular basis. The woman owning the shop buys a lot of flowers that are fragrant and she cares for special flowers you cannot get at your local supermarket. Like the Matthiolas.

Their fragrance is breathtaking: Think clove, lots of clove, with something that reminds in tuberose, basically it smelled like clove loaded with salicylates. Salicylates are powdery and give any perfume a more expensive touch, make it bigger in a sense. And tuberose is heavy loaded with them.

I passed by the flower shop on my way back by bike from town where I bought the train ticket for Rome. Yes! On Monday, I will close this blog for a week and spend 5 days with friends in Rome. Friends that I know since I am 16 and we spent a few happy days in Rome 20 years ago. Hence, time spend some time there again. And, to be frank, I am tired and I need a rest and air to think about the upcoming months.

So I passed by the flower shop, got the Matthiolas and went home, where I turned on the computer to book my flights. Yes! Rome again. But this time for entirely professional reasons. I will travel to Rome on June 17, to officially show the first time on planet earth the PENTACHORDS. I will do so at Campo Marzio’s flagship store in via Vitoria. Afterwards, Campo Marzio will have the pentachords exclusively until September.  I decided to do so because usually in the past, my Italian friends always got the new things as the last which is odd as I ship more perfumes to Italy than to any other place. Thus, I figured: Time to show the pentachords there first.

I will be back soon again with my last post before traveling to Rome and a little draw. Thus, stay tuned.


Back from Rome

March 14th, 2011

I am back from Rome and – as you might  imagine – have a plate on the table that is pretty full. About as full as our home here in Zurich: We got the 5000 inlays delivered and the green flacons for the COLLECTIBLES and the flacons for the PENTACHORDS. And now we are full. This afternoon, I can go and fetch all paper labels for the COLLECTIBLES and PENTACHORDS from the printer. And then we are over full.

Thus, you will read from me soon more on design and colors. And I look forward to sharing some impressions from Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria in Rome and the event that we had there. Think: The biggest reunion of artisanal noses that I have ever attended.  But first, I share a few pictures of Rome, a city that I love so much. The picture to the left shows you Hadrian’s column early in the morning.


Column and shadow early in the morning

Early in the morning…a city full of antiques

Beauty everywhere

A room with a view…..

An Italian car….Spring in Rome. Finally!


signs of spring

March 7th, 2011

Today I show a little daisy picture that I took a minute ago. It is a sign of spring coming. Another sign: We watch our garden with sorrowful eyes. Thus, this morning early at 8,  we went to BAUHAUS to get a Bauhaus rental car and buy some wood  and concrete and other stuff for a little garden project (sort of a fence thing). Sounds bigger a project than it actually is: We just build a little fence to the neighbors.  Thus, I am bit behind schedule and make this post short. Basically, I want to say that Bauhaus is cool; a bit on the butch side, with lots of big machines and stuff that makes boys dream and men get sweaty hands.

You can buy everything there; everything for your house, your boat, your car, your garden and I am sure, one day in the near future, they will offer a rocket upgrade and cleaning kit.

Back home, I am sitting there, with sweaty hands, making samples: The hands are sweaty because I wear plastic gloves for this. I am sort of pretty busy because I will leave town on Thursday, for a weekend trip to Rome, where I will proudly assist in opening a new perfumery gallery. Campo Marzio, probably THE selective perfumery in Rome, opens up their newest perfumery that is actually going to be like an art gallery, featuring perfume art. I was cordially invited to meet the press there, have an apero and a dinner afterwards.

I figured that such an invitation is 1. a must and 2. the perfect excuse for a weekend trip to Rome. Thus, cheers to you!