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Today at Andy’s: a draw linked to facebook and restricted to the US

May 15th, 2013

Today, we got a DRAW, but it is restricted to winners with an US delivery address, and to perfume loving fans with a facebook account. Sorry about that. Let’s consider it a test…

And I have a very special, limited OFFER for my perfume loving friends with an US shipment address:

FREE Tuberose soap with any full bottle order: Order any full bottle of any scent from my line in my online shop and get a free “perfume in a soap: majestic Tuberose”, shipped to you at no extra cost, no questions asked. The offer is limited to the first 20 full bottle orders on my online shop. Once, this offer expires, I will announce it here on my blog and on my facebook site. The perfume in a soap comes as  a 100 gram bar, is hand made and wrapped by me in Switzerland. It is not available anywhere else and is an experience of its own, with a tuberose perfume (featuring natural rose and jasmine) created by me, in a total concentration of 3%; it is a luxurious experience.

The draw is straightforward:
– SHARE the post that you will find on my facebook site where I present the special soap offer (LIKE does not count).

– Make sure that you have an US delivery address in case you win, as I will only ship to a winner with an US shipment address.

– Et voilà: you are in and have a chance to win a full bottle of  my AIR DU DESERT MAROCAIN, boxed and ready to ship to you. I will pick one winner in the next couple of days from all the SHARES.

Fine print and conditions:

There is no need to buy anything to participate in the draw. Winners will be selected on a pure random basis and we will contact the winner by email or by sending a facebook message, and announce that we picked a winner publicly, without providing any information about the winner. The draw is open to anybody with a shipment address in the US. Winners will be selected from all facebook users who shared the post independent of their friend status.

Thank you for sharing! 



Lonestar Memories draw while we are waiting

March 1st, 2013

NOONTIDE petal, my new bright airy floral,  is around the block, and the first samples will ship in about 2 weeks, but we are still waiting for the last papers from printer.

Thus, while we are waiting for NOONTIDE petals: here’s a little DRAW for a fragrance that is quite different: LONESTAR MEMORIES.  “The scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire.” Today’s picture shows you such a lonesome rider.  I mixed another batch of Lonestar Memories the other day and I am always in birchtar and leather heaven when doing so, and in adventure mode, ready to jump into the wild! It is quite a complex fragrance with a lot of different lines that interact. Besides the mentioned, rough beauty, there is a soft side to it. And there is even a flowery side to it. I guess even cowboys picks flowers from time to time.

Thus, a draw!

The draw is for a full bottle of Lonestar Memories, and it is open for participants with shipping addresses in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and USA. Sorry folks: I cannot ship full bottles to other countries these days. To enter the draw: Just leave a comment (with a valid email address) and  say hello or share whatever you wish.

If you are on facebook: Make sure to check my facebook post on the draw, like it and double your chances to win!

I will pick one winner from the combined comments here on the blog and the likes on facebook (using random.org). The draw is open for a few days. I will announce the winner here when I close the draw.

And here is the fine print. The prize goes to a winner with shipment address in CH, F, D, A or US. I will use your email to contact you if you win. I will not share with nor forward your private information to any third party except for the purpose of shipping your prize. Nor will I store or use any private information of participants beyond the purpose of this draw. For details on our privacy policy: Please see the impressum information following this link.

MARCH 8 2013: This draw is closed. The happy winner is Holly from New Jersey. Congratulations! and thank you to all who participated.


A draw for Lys du Désert

November 7th, 2012

(November 12 2012: This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and congratulations to the winner. The winner is contacted by email today).

As promised to you yesterday: Here’s the draw for a full flacon, originally packed, unsprayed, shipped from Zurich to one happy winner. If you are not the lucky winner: No worries! Luckyscent will officially launch their decennials mid next week and by then you can get samples and more from their site.

I  will pick a winner by random.org on November 11. The draw is open for everyone, but we cannot ship to Italy, I am very sorry. Please see all conditions of the draw at the bottom of this draw. How to participate: very straightforward! Just leave valid email address allowing me to contact you if you won.

And leave a COMMENT: We are celebrating 10 years Luckyscent.com. Maybe you wish to share how you feel about 10 years Luckyscent? Or you just say hello.

Now, before collecting your comments and hiding again in the factory, maybe one word about the collaboration, or better: the commission for this scent.

ON LYS DU DÉSERT. It has become a ritual besides getting to Joshua Tree National Park also to have pancakes with the two Luckyscent guys, Franco and Adam. When I described to Franco epically my hiking and camping and enjoying the desert, the idea came up to create a Joshua Tree inspired fragrance. A fragrance for their decennial. From my side, it was always like creating a gift for them. I never thought about it as commission job. Another reason why this is: We had pancake and dreamed of a scent that is inspired by these trips of mine and that fits the decennial, and then I went to Zurich and started playing and creating and after a while, the next year, I was done.

I had the freedom to compose what I felt right. The choice to pick the starting material that I found fit my ideas. No worries about price of the end result, nor the color, nor the concentration, nor the form of the scent. No pressure from my side nor from theirs. Just a gift, actually. I think that’s important.

Thus, it wasn’t really what you call a commission. Let’s call it a pancakission. Thank you for participating in this draw and your comments! I will read them all but will not comment.

Today’s picture is my shadow in Joshua Tree, 2012.

Some draw details (the fineprint): The draw is open for every one. We will inform the winner by email. Please make sure to leave a valid email in the comments section. By leaving your email in the comments section of this post you agree that we may use your email to contact you. If the winner does not respond we will pick another winner after 14 days. I will not use, forward to third parties nor communicate the email address  and other private data except for the purpose to contact the winner. You will not be entered into any newsletter or other database here on tauerperfumes.com nor on any third party’s. We will ship the prize from Zurich with Swiss Priority Mail. We are not responsible for lost shipments, import duties and taxes. We will not ship to Italy for customs reasons.

(November 12 2012: This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and congratulations to the winner. The winner is contacted by email today).





I am in the book. And a draw

October 31st, 2012

(The draw is closed: Thank you to all of you who participated)!
Many, many years ago, when I was young(er), with little money but a dream to discover the world, I was exploring India.  I still have the same dream to explore the world today, not tremendously more money, but a few more years on my back. Thus, today, I am travelling with suitcases. Back then, we actually travelled to India twice, 23 years ago, with a big back pack, a thin purse, and an Indrail pass that allowed us to take every train in the subcontinent and so we did. We travelled north and west and east and south. We have seen a lot and experienced even more. It was a time when there was no internet on the go, when you had to queue for a telefone, and when India was just about to get ready to make a jump, a big jump forward.

And we had a book (no tripadvisor.com, booking.com or alike): The Lonely Planet guide to India. Feel free to call it the bible. Everything was in there, with hints and no-go’s and does and don’ts.

Towards the end of the first journey, we decided to settle for a few days on the coast of Goa and so we did. Arriving in a town, without a name in my memory, there was a former military guy who ran a hotel. We knew him before getting there, and all about the simple hotel and how nice it was said to be: Thanks to the bible. Getting out of our means of transport to Goa, we got catapulted into a sea of people offering everything from food to rikscha transport to whatever. There he stood. He was tall and like the statue of liberty he raised the India travel bible into the sun. “I am in the book”, he said, and we knew where we would enjoy the Indian ocean for the next few days. That was 23 years ago. I wonder whether he still stands there.

These days, I am in the book.

The book is: LE SNOB. PERFUME. By Dariush Alavi, published in 2012 by Hardie Grant Books. Available right now on Amazon in the UK, a German translation on the German Amazon site, and soon in the US. (ISBN 978-174270468-5).

I am in the book, got a page where I speak a few “words from the wise” (flattering, I know….), and got two reviews for scents originating from my perfumery kitchen. Thus, I won’t discuss the many perfume reviews that you find in the book. They are nice, concise and a perfect starting point to explore the wonders of perfumes these days. In a time where we are offered many, many scents on a daily basis, this book indeed opens the door by offering a selection of fragrances that are worth looking into. Of course, not everything is in there. But it for sure is a great starting point, and the selection is a good read for the connaisseur of fragrances, too. The book fits into your jacket pocket (almost), comes in a cool color, with a neat ribbon, a nice print quality and LOVELY illustrations, mostly of flacons, by Tonwen Jones. I particularly love these flacon illustrations.

I ordered the book (it is quite affordable) and got an extra copy, and wanted to make this draw with my extra copy. But Dariush had a better idea. He, the author of this lovely guide, will actually personally sign an English copy for the winner of this draw. This is quite special and my heartfelt thanks to Dariush Alavi for this.  Thus, the winner gets a signed copy. The book will ship from the UK and I wish you all good luck.

What do you have to do: Leave a comment here on this blog and tell me what is, in your humble opinion, the nicest, coolest, most memorable or just most adorable perfume flacon. (my flacons excluded)

If you do not have a particular flacon you like: Just say hello.

I will pick a happy winner by using random.org. , by November 4, and inform you , the winner of the prize, by email. Thus, make sure that your email is correct. A privacy statement to end this post: I will not collect, use, nor forward your data. You will not be entered in any newsletter or alike. I will only use your email to contact you if you won. By submitting your comment, you allow me using your email for this and only for this purpose.

Good luck and happy reading.

(5. November 2012: The draw is closed. The happy winner will be contacted by email by me. Thank you to all of you who participated).


Draw reminder and last chance

October 27th, 2012

This is the last and ultimate reminder that the draw is still open. Click here, enjoy the perfume spots, leave your comments (following the instructions, thanks!) and make sure to catch your chance to win one out of three perfumes, full bottle, from my entire range! Hurry up. The draw is about to end soon, October 29.

Thank you for participating!

I am back from Nice, where I saw this lovely decorated window of a sweets shop: Picture to the left. Sweets, and candied fruits à gogo. Hmmmmm! It made me think of Loretta. She would for sure be happy in there. …Although I visited the LUXEPACK in Monaco, I wasn’t really looking for the super luxurious packaging solution, but more for simplifications, for alternatives, and I was visiting to get in touch with exisiting suppliers. I feel this becomes very important, the longer the more, to have a network of partners and friends to collaborate with. At least for me. So I was there, and enjoyed Nice in the sun, and nice in pouring rain (think: POURING!) and I enjoyed Luxepack. Although: Two days at the fair, with rough travels in between due to the train strike, are sort of demanding. I need to tell you more about it. But first:
You need to participate in the draw! And I have to unpack the suitcase and get a vague overview over the post and bills that dropped in the last few days!
It is nice to be back and I wish you all a lovely weekend. Enjoy!




back from LA

October 23rd, 2012

I guess I have used today’s blog title a couple of times the last few years. I am back from LA, since yesterday morning. Yeah. It sure was a great week, and I come back fully (re) energized and a hundred ideas that I collected while hiking up and down the hills in Joshua Tree National Park, or while just being there. From time to time it is important to be, and not do.

So I was in a to be mode for a while, and thought about a lot of things that happened to me the last few months in one way or another. Although I run this company, the scent selling enterprise Tauer Perfumes -and yeah: It is still pretty much a one man show!-  I consider myself sometimes and the longer the more a guy who creates than a guy who sells. I guess leaving from time to time for a few days allows me to keep this delicate balance: The constant dance on the needle’s tip, trying to get a living out of what I do by offering my creations in an industry that runs havoc, and creating whatever comes through my mind.

So I am back in Zurich, missing the bright light of southern California, and getting back to normal: Filling bottles (Vetiver dance today), shipping orders, and getting ready for the next adventure. As this dance on the needle’s tip makes me think not only about new forms, inspirations and shapes and colors of scents, but also about how to offer my bottled creations optimally, we will do some more packaging loops. It is like an artist who lives by selling his illustrations: At some point it makes a difference in which gallery and how you present your paintings  Thus, after a few days with a lot of time to get inspired in the dry crisp and bright desert air of Joshua Tree, after meeting friends and perfume lovers at Luckyscent’s scentbar, and coming up with ideas for the next year and Tableau de Parfums with Brian Pera in Los Angeles, I will hop into another airplane tomorrow, and head for Luxepack in Monaco. THE packaging fair for luxury items such as perfumes.

So I had a few days to come up with new fragrant ideas and I am looking forward to sharing these with you. And I had a wonderful scent gathering at the Scentbar, where I presented LORETTA  ,the latest offering of Tableau de Parfums (by the way: A great new location! You can do a virtual tour here. Check it out!), and LYS DU DÉSERT, my contribution to Luckyscent’s 10 year anniversary. I am looking forward to talking about this scent that I created specifically for Luckyscent, that is exclusively available there, and that was a secret project for more than a year now.

FINALLY, I can talk about it. Uff!

I guess I will do so in the coming day(s) and will do a draw for it. So stay tuned. And in case you have not participated yet: Do not miss your chance (three winners will be picked!) to win a full bottle of my range and to watch Brian Pera’s perfume spot on my blog: Click here to get to the post.

But first things first: Packing perfumes and a suitcase for Monaco. Let’s go!


Pera’s universe

September 2nd, 2011

“But not in Pera’s universe”… Elena from PerfumeShrine posted a review, an introduction to Miriam and I invite you, my readers, to visit her blog and leave a comment (anything goes, just a hello). The reasons:

First , her review puts the fragrance into context.

Second, because she runs a draw and you might want to take your chance to win samples and be the first to smell Miriam. Thus, please follow this link to her post.

On another happy note: I visited the hairdresser today, getting all nice and shiny for Florence, and Pitti Fragranze. The result is as always….stunning. I look different, and smell like a gigantic peach thing. Not bad, though. On my way back, I thought in a couple of perfume reviews where the reviewers were comparing fragrances to the scents of shampoo and usually negative.  I am not sure. I feel there are a lot of wonderful shampoo scents out there. So I walked back and realized that making the fragrance for a shampoo might actually be a much bigger challenge than a perfume that you spray on skin.

The shampoo scent needs to be cheap, I mean: real cheap. And it needs to smell nice. I mean really nice. If I had to do a shampoo scent, I would have a hard time. I am glad I do not have to do it. I create my scents always without budget tag in my head. The sky is the limit, almost.

I wish you a lovely weekend. And I thank you all for following me and Brian on our journey through fragrant land and moving pictures.


soaps to win in a woman’s picture draw

July 19th, 2011

If you have not done so, now is the time to catch the chance to win a Tauer scented soap:  “LIKE” woman’s picture on facebook. Brian Pera hosts a give away with 30 scented soaps that I have sent him, called “MANDARINES AMBRÉE”, made for the occasion. You cannot get them anywhere. The only thing you have to do to enter the draw: Like Woman’s picture on facebook. Here is the link http://www.facebook.com/womanspicture .

Brian Pera announced this draw on Evelyn Avenue, under “latest”, by the way, and always worth checking. There, you find more on Tableau de Parfums, Woman’s picture and what it is that Brian and me have cooking together these days. I got the last packaging zero series part on which I need to give the ok before it goes into production: The envelop for the 7 ml purse spray. This is the last piece and it is simple, like an envelope, to keep costs down, but protective, and will be in line with the sample envelop, and distinguish itself from the packed 50 ml flacon. And now I have to wait until all labels and envelops and boxes come in. As soon as they do I will publish pictures, as I cannot wait to share.

Initially, I wanted to pack the purse spray in a box, too. But I figured, that the purse spray does not need an expensive, vintage inspired box, like we get it done for the 50 ml flacon: With linen texture, printed card board inlays and all that. I rather try to offer it for a cent or two less.

Yesterday, on the way to the movies, my book keeper and me discussed on the stock we have these days and the expenses that we face the next weeks. For this year, my investments are sort of over. My stock grew heavily and the new brand Tableau de Parfums is all paid for from my savings. Building this brand is expensive, but important: Tableau de Parfums is different to Tauer Perfumes, in its aesthetics, in its fragrant language, in its source of inspiration. I cannot wait to share the first perfume, Miriam, early October in Los Angeles, at Luckyscent, who supported it all.


and the winners are

July 13th, 2011

This is the day after the blog birthday and the lucky winners of a fragrance of their choice form my range are:

elizabeth, J Champion, Asali, Alexandra, Tara, Borko Boris

The random number was, by the way, 933.

The happy winners will get an e-mail from me and the others get a thank you for participating. Actually, this time the chances were very good. Statistically it was about 4% . That’s not too bad a chance to win.

Wishing you all a lovely day.


6 years perfumery blogging anniversary draw

July 12th, 2011

THIS draw is closed.

See the post of July 13 for the winners. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated!

today is the Tauer Perfumes perfumery blogging 6th anniversary. Time to celebrate with a little draw. I give away 6 fragrances.  Here is what you need to do in order to take your chance in my 100% (promised!) random draw, using random.org:

-> Pick any 3 digit number that you like and write this number in your comment. (If you write the right at the beginning you help me to find it easier )

-> make sure you leave a valid e-mail when commenting (not inside the comment)

That’s it!

And if you wish, you can tell the world why you picked your particular 3 digit number.

I will pick the winner: I will ask for a 3 digit random number on random.org and the 6 happy comments whose numbers get closest  will win. For multiple winners with the same number: I pick one of them (again, randomly)

The fragrant prize is a full bottle from my range of fragrances, and it is your choice which one, including the PENTACHORDS White, Auburn, or Verdant.

The draw is open for AT LEAST 24 hours  and when closed, it will say here. THIS DRAW IS CLOSED.

For our privacy policy: See details here. In brief: I will not use your address for anything else than contacting you if you won, and I will not forward it to nobody, nor sell it).