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a cliché post

June 23rd, 2014

Today’s picture: A quick selfie, from yesterday, taken during my Sunday hike, somewhere in the middle of the ascension (total 1000 meters up and down again), sort of agitated, or better: second excited state (for details about what an excited state in physics actually means: click here for an informative wiki article), not knowing yet that there was sort of a challenge ahead (vertigo).

Once almost up, I saw these: Majestic!


Swiss cows

Swiss cows

It is rare these days to see cows with horns. It makes such a big difference, and with horns these peaceful animals demand more respect, really.

So there we go:  A cliché post from Switzerland. But no worries: I will not go into banalities, such as ” Tuberose is worth its weight in gold. ” /a cliché perfumery statement that is not true, really. At least me, I get perfect quality of tuberose absolute for less than 40 K$. But maybe I have better suppliers. For more details: See here, and there. I mention these posts, as I drooled reading one and then the other. No mischievousness, though.  It was a perfect reminder for me that me too needs to be on the watchout for cliché traps.

It just happens. When it comes to perfumes: Cliché are around the corner. And flowers;  a discussion that I have on a weekly basis with my design guru: flowers. Everywhere. Except in the flacon, unfortunately, mostly.

I took the hike, that turned out to be more demanding than expected, because it was perfect weather for a hike, I was home alone in Zurich, I didn’t go for a hike for a while and because I figured that I need to sort out a couple of things, perfumery things. Hiking is best to figure out things. You start happily with a big cheers! on your face, and then it goes up and up and up and you are sweating like a horse, and the mind gets all aerated and clear.  At least in my case it works like that. And, after a while, as you get a bit tired and exhausted, the perfumery things become less important and other “things”, too and voilà: The perspective gets right again.

I wanted to thing a few X-mas things through.

I guess I am really blessed: 2 hours by public transport and you are in alpine solitude (I actually came across almost nobody up there). And I guess, I am blessed because I have not really much to complain these days. Except, maybe, that I have a touch too much work. But this will change again.

Right now: Printing 1000 lot number labels for Gardenia. These need to go onto the flacons.



Wood and Jeans

August 18th, 2011

I will soon hit the road for Austria; culture on the horizon! And tomorrow, I take a day off, switching the Saturday with the Friday, for a hike. While doing so, and sweating under a late summer sun, I will continue thinking perfume. Hiking is always very inspiring. I can play with notes and amounts in my head,  build new lines and come up with entire fragrant empire without having to face these with reality by actually mixing.

There is nothing more thrilling that drawing scented castles in the air.

While searching for a nice picture going with today’s post, I came across the one you see to the left. I cropped the central part, wood and jeans. Actually, that picture is quite nice, with the blue and the beige tones, and “Wood and Jeans” or “in the wood with jeans” would be a nice perfume name. Kind of a male fragrance that complements the “Fruitchoulis” from last week.

So you see: It is an endless journey this perfumery journey.

Enjoy your day!


fragrant droplets in a bottle in a box

August 2nd, 2011

This is sort of an off-tauer post, on walking up and down and arriving. The picture shows you a peak of unknown name, next to Safierberg, where we passed from one valley to the other last week (passing over Safierberg at 2500 meters above sea level). The walk up there was nice, but of course a bit strenuous. The walk down was also nice, but equally tough on knees et al. In the middle of the walk was the saddle at 2500 meters with a great view.

While hiking up you feel like it is never going to end. And when you are up there, you look forward to the beer/apple juice in the village down there. And you spend only about one minute up there, because it is windy and chilly.

That is pretty much what life is like. Often. Walking up there. And then, up there, looking forward to the next step. We do the same with Tableau de Parfums right now: Brian published the first pictures of the flacon and the packaging, on facebook and on the Evelyn Avenue blog. It was quite a strenuous way up there. Brian and me worked hard on trying to find the form that speaks about memories and that is more than merely a packaging. We want to make a  statement and to give a meaning to fragrant droplets in a bottle in a box.

But now I sit there on the top, a warehouse filled all the way up with boxes and labels and silver chords and I look forward to coming up with all of it in Los Angeles, October  7 and 6.



March 23rd, 2011

Believe it or not: I am taking one day off tomorrow. It is just too nice, with the sun shining bright and from a cloudless sky, and temperatures during the day getting really lovely.

And as I am sort of tired of answering mails and want to think a few bottle questions through, I figure that a day in bright sunlight might help.

We will compensate by working over the weekend.

Today’ s picture: A not so secret love of mine, blooming these days in the garden. Hyacinth. Every year, I rediscover its scent. It is just wonderful. Yesterday, in the late afternoon sun, there was something reminding me of tuberose in it. An almost brown depth next to the silvery sharpness. Simply an amazing fragrance. One day, one day, I need to go back to hyacinth.


white wonderful wintertime

January 3rd, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday, we worked like horses; the horses that used to carry the beer wagons. We did so because it was all grey and ugly. But today we took a day off to compensate and headed for WWW like white wonderful wintertime, up there in the mountains.

It is always amazing again: Two hours in the train and we find ourselves in a different world. A silent world with almost zero people as soon as you leave the tracks of ski lifts bringing folks up. In a sense, the same is true for everyday life. A nice fragrance put on together with a smile and we find ourselves in a different world.

I used the time up there to get rid of a few calories and plan the next weeks in my head.

View from Heinzenberg

View while hiking

And just to enjoy the sun. It was almost a bit too much for my eyes: I am not used to it anymore after days and days in the house and in a city under fog.

Me trying to look into the sun

Me trying to look into the sun

Indeed, we had sun, and enjoyed every bit of it until it hid behind the mountains.

sun going down over Glaspass

sun going down over Glaspass

And tomorrow, we shall enjoy filling many flacons with fragrant liquids…


scent lego

November 6th, 2010

Back from a great hiking trip with the lungs filled with fresh air, and the brain with ideas and visions: A lovely weekend to you!

While hiking for a few hours under an amazing sky and in temperatures that are far too high for November, I was thinking and imagining and playing with roses. When packing soaps (Thursday), I was analyzing a Carbon dioxide extract I have from Bulgaria, Rosa damascena, a select grade CO2 extract that is quite amazing. Actually, I was looking at it on a paper strip,  together with other paper strips with other “rose” chemicals, citronellol, phenylethanol, geraniol and other terpene alcohols. It is always amazing again what happens if you put naturals into a synthetic context. How an otherwise pleasing but dead scent on a paper strip gets full bodied and enriched by a neighboring  paper strip with naturals. Putting these scent strips together under the nose is like building a perfume on paper strips.

Even without any specific plans: This is fun. It is like playing with LEGO. Scent Lego.

Enjoy the colors of the season and the scents of the end of the year. A happy weekend to you all.
Picture: The mountains seen from “Hochalp, Säntis area”.

a new friend …

and the last flowers of the season.


serious hiking ahead

August 27th, 2010

Hurray! We shipped what we needed to ship this week and the last boxes are out of the house and out of the way. It felt like a maze the last few days, boxes piled up everywhere and flacons and paper and…cozy factor=zero.

I will do some clean up, minimal though, because we (W.-factor and me) continue next week there where I stop today. after the clean up,  I will do some hopping in the woods to deserve my restaurant diner with lots of fries and then…

…then it’s the weekend!

And this weekend is a hiking weekend, with friends, like every year, arranged since eternities, we will stay in the Bernina Hospiz (no 5 stars hotels anymore since I live from perfumery…) and we will do some serious hiking! And enjoy the last summer flowers up there.

I wish you a lovely weekend and look forward to continue discussing EAU D’ÉPICES next week.

Today’s picture: Malva sylvestris seen last weekend around the corner of our house.


We have 10 winners

July 14th, 2010

I just returned from a fabulous hike up there in the mountains, where it is cooler than the 35 or so we had down here in Zurich.

And first thing back home: I picked the happy winners of the draw from the 5 year perfumery blogging anniversary.
Here they are:
Winners of a perfume, full bottle, of their choice are
Violette 37
Lucy as in indieperfumes…
mjr as in mitali….
sergey as in moonfish….
And the winners of the consolation prize, the discovery set, 5 scents in 1.5 ml spray vials at their choice:
Matt M as in matts mitch
k-scott as kin kscott21…
Eric as in datura….
and Amy K as in beadsdumo….

Congratulations to you and a big thank you to random.org (who again as always came up with strange numbers, but that’s the nature of random it seems. …)
I will send you all an e-mail in the coming hours as soon as I have taken care of this red nose and leg 😉

Picture: A little blue lake seen above Realp on 2000 meters above sea level.