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bear’s garlic

April 15th, 2012

On Friday, I diluted the next batch of the fragrance ZETA – a linden blossom theme-, and put a few drops onto my skin, after pouring the 20 liters into 2 aluminum cans. Just to test the scent and because I have not worn ZETA for a quite a while, almost forgot about  it. I told this the journalist the other day, too. Once a scent is finished and bottled and on the shelves it becomes a thing of the past and I kind of forget about it.

Thus, last Friday, I sort of discovered the linden blossom theme a little bit again. OK: I am totally biased, but I loved it. And I sort of figured out that the linden blossom extract that I use in the ZETA fragrance might be a good starting point for a room spray. Or a splash. Ha! Another idea.

But not a candle. Although I smell Tilleuls au vent by L’artisan parfumeur right now. I bought the little 35 gr version of this linden blossom scented candle because I liked its scent a lot, and have it sit on my office table. But I did not light it so far. I just enjoy smelling it the way it is, unburnt. Actually, after yesterday’s sudden, unexpected, frantic cleaning attack it is one of the very few things that sit on my office desk. I removed of most trials and papers and books and have room for new things again. At some point, while planing my departure tomorrow, I realized that I do not want to come back in a week from now to this desk. Thus, I am proud owner of an empty desk for a few days.

This is probably the last post for a while, as I leave Zurich tomorrow and as I am rather busy until then. One of the activities: Collecting Bear’s Garlic in the woods.

The result of this activity you see here: Bear’s Garlic pesto for ten spaghetti dinners. Hmmmm. A lovely Sunday to you all. (and the picture to the left shows you the bear’s garlic as it grows in the woods these days)



delays as usual and a little sample draw

March 8th, 2011


EDITED:  March 09 17.30 Swiss time. THE DRAW IS CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated.

The winners, picked with random.org truly in a random way, are:

Olivia A.



Congratuluations again


Believe it or not: We started working on the design and packaging for the Collectibles in  autumn. Some stuff we ordered in November. Now it is soon spring and as always: Everything gets in with delays. Accidents here, technical troubles there: I am getting used to it. In theory, I should be able to pour and label and box the flacons now, or no: Last week.

It will – in reality – be in about 2 weeks. For you this means that you have to wait a bit longer for the Linden blossom theme. But wait, here’s a treat:

I got the manual stamping things that I will use to stamp information onto the sample papers. Today’s picture shows you my first trials using them; as you may easily see: I need some practice there. The same stamps I will use to bring information onto the packaging. Kind of cool, as it allows me to easily change information from batch to batch (you remember: Collectibles are subject to change from time to time).

In order to celebrate my first happy stamping of the sample flyers, I will make a little draw: Be the very first to smell the COLLECTIBLE fragrance: ZETA-a linden blossom theme!

I will pick 3 happy winners using random.org in a  day or two. Just leave a comment below and you enter the draw and your chances are good to win a 1.5 ml sample in a spray atomizer. Once I picked the winners and close the draw, I will announce it here. The draw is international, independent of where you live. And, just in case you do not know what to write in your comment, here’s a question for you: “what means linden blossom to you”?

Your privacy is important to me: You have my word that I will not make any use of your private data except for contacting you after this draw, nor forward them or sell them to any third party.


in a waiting position

March 2nd, 2011

I am waiting these days.

For the sun: It is almost all day long grey and I have not seen the sun for a while.

For spring: I am tired of temperatures around zero Celsius and long for the warmth of the sun and the damp fragrance of earth and the silver light on wet leaves sprinkled with water pearls and the narcotic fragrant hyacinth poison.

For the green flacons: I want to fill the Linden blossom theme into these flacons, label them with my collectibles stickers and ship them.

For Rome: I want to go there, to be with friends and perfumers,  toasting and greeting the press at the occasion of a new super shiny shop opening close to the Piazza di Spagna.

For me, becoming more patient: I need to get used to waiting.

Today’s picture: A black and white snowdrop. I look at it as a beginning.


there are no answers, only choices

February 28th, 2011

The quote “there are no answers, only choices” is from Stanislav Lem’s novel Solaris. Removed from its context of exploring intelligent life beyond earth, it is a quote that I find fitting with and for a lot of aspects of life; and it fits with questions we ask, looking into the sky, in search for answers. Unfortunately there are none.

But there are choices everywhere. Nature works like that, in an endless series of error prone reproduction and selection. And as humans, we work like that, too. We have choices and by choosing we move forward.

This week, my choices are somewhat relevant. I will have to decide on how to inform my retailing friends and partners on the Linden blossom fragrance. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will get most of the labels from the printing company. The green flacons should be delivered within the next two weeks. Thus, slowly but surely we should be a bit more specific. How and when I do so will influence for what price, by when and how the Linden blossom fragrance will hit the shelves. So far, I mentioned this upcoming fragrance only on the side, like here on my blog, without any pricing and design details. Thus, I need to choose the dates and price level now. And trust me: This is not easy.

You see… no answers, only choices.

Today’s picture shows you a cut through red cabbage, scanned. It could go for an alien brain.


black and white

February 7th, 2011

Today, I share another picture of last week’s tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing color lets us focus on them differently.

If I look at the picture, I feel that the missing color adds depth to it, and adds questions.

In a sense, this is the effect I aim at with the collectibles. We will not describe the fragrance with notes or ingredients (other than the EU law allergens). I discussed this long time with my designers from the Designer Club. The fragrances in the COLLECTIBLES line (the first launch is the Linden blossom theme in April/May 2011) are limited and subject to change over years of production. The are “out of the lab”, consequent, without compromises, expensive, modest, and will not use any pictures or body parts to advertise.

Thus, we discussed for a while how to give a hint nevertheless, a few words that code it if you so want. After a while I decided that I will make a HAIKU for this fragrance, as good as I can.  As I will make a manual stamper, in order to stamp the labels on the packaging and the samples information, this initial haiku might easily be changed to another one.

For instance a haiku that I select from a competition, once the fragrance is out and folks can sniff it. This is important, as a haiku needs the moment of experience.

But for the launch we will use the haiku that I sent to the designer yesterday:

Linden shade in June-
sweet rose petals and the light
of Syracusa.


Linden blossom fragrance matures

January 31st, 2011

We got the tickets for Milano, heading there for a day towards the end of this week, in order to discuss a few 2011 things with my Italian business partner who takes so much good care on my brand in Italy. I will discuss the plans for the coming months and the scents of spring. And the LINDEN BLOSSOM scent. I hope that I have all ready by April to ship the bottled fragrance that is playing with the Linden blossom note, and that I built around a natural Linden blossom Carbon Dioxide extract from Bulgaria. If interested: you can find out more on the development of this fragrance on the open letters series on Nathan Branch’s blog, clicking here.

I calculated the price of all the raw materials going in there. … oups. When I create a fragrance I do not think too much about its price. Actually, I do not think at all about its production costs.  Thus, I realized (again), how complex and rich this fragrance is. It is a very flowery composition, with lots and lots of roses, a neroli – citrus chord, an added orange blossom absolute line, ylang, tons of sandalwood essential oil, vanilla carbon dioxide and an overdosed linden blossom essential oil addition.

I will present the fragrance as part of a separate line within the brand, called Collectibles, in green 50ml pentagonal flacons and a different labeling concept that should underline the artistic, limited and exclusive aspect of the fragrance. The first batch of 1000 flacons are ordered and I should get them in March.

The scent is mixed and sits in the cellar, maturing as reddish-orange juice, about the same color like the middle point of the pear in the picture to the left. I bought it on Saturday because it looked so yummie and because the color fits neatly with the color of the fragrance concentrate that needs to mature for another 3-4 weeks.

I will dilute it when I am back from my trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And yes, the pear has not survived the weekend.


Inspiration lingers everywhere and a pre-spring cleaning of a clustered desk

January 17th, 2011

So it felt like early spring yesterday. The sun got through the early morning fog and it got warm and it truly felt like spring for a moment. Actually, I only wanted to get rid of a few pieces of paper on my desk, but what started innocently as a little engagement turned into a battle and lead to an empty desk. Cleaned of everything that is not needed anymore. It is free from any past activities. Most of them were 30 ml glass vials with perfume trials. I had a lot, really a lot of them.

While getting rid and reorganizing all the remnants of past searches, of despair  and painful trials I grouped all perfume experiment vials:

The Linden blossom related: All gone to heaven, except for the final version.

The fire tree essential oil related searches, discussed on the open letters with Mandy Aftel in Nathan Branch’s blog: I keep all them, but put them aside as I have a version that needs to mature and that I consider sort of finished.

A secret perfume development: Same situation … I consider it sort of finished.

A secret perfume development : 90% finished and put aside for fine tuning in the coming weeks.

All rose soap trials neatly put together and stored away.

Another secret perfume development, on which I worked for 2 years: finished, and all experimental in between versions gone to heaven except for the final perfume.

My desk is empty. I have enough fragrances to launch for two years. And with the empty desk I feel like starting new compositions. Inspiration lingers everywhere, for instance in the kitchen (see picture of today…)

I wonder where this will end.

green glass

shades of green

January 12th, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I got the long awaited parcel from France, from the factory where people produce my flacon, semiautomatically, in an  artisanal way, the way flacons are produced since 100 years. The difference: The glass that is colored (imbued with color) and not painted on the outside and hence shows a different shine and brilliance, and extremely fine reliefs and structures.  And another difference: I know it is made by people. The parcel contains a few examples of green, because we could not decide what green we should get for the COLLECTIBLES line.

The scents in this sub line within the Tauer family of fragrances will come in 50 ml green pentagonal flacons that should go into production in the next weeks. I want labels that are easy to produce, partly by myself, and that are in line with the collectibles core idea of being somewhat “out of the lab”, rare and limited (in the sense of editions, seasonal offerings, vintage like limited volumes available per season). All labels will will be printed on silver paper. And part of the information that is subject to change, such as the  EU allergen declaration, or particular notes such as the year of production, will be stamped, using a hand operated stamp, into dedicated fields. The collectibles are really all about being hand made, artisanal and rare. And as I learned that color glass looks different in reality compared to catalogs, I asked for samples.

Next week, first thing on Monday, will the decision take place with the designers. Bottom line of this post: Green is not green.

Today’s picture shows you a selection of the shades of green that I can choose from. Wishing you a green day!

tree2 Kopie

Day 17 of the advent calendar

December 17th, 2010

this is day 17 of the advent calendar, hosted by myself again, after a guest hosting over there at PerfumePosse yesterday. I love their blog!

And, again, you can win your cologne du Maghreb, sent to you by myself, provided I picked you with random.org from the comments below. You can find out more on the prize and the conditions here by visiting the advent calendar starting page. One word on the random factor at random.org: These numbers sometimes seem to be sooooo odd and not random that they have to be….

Anyhow: Just leave a little comment, please. If you feel like it: How about your plans for Friday night? -y Friday night sees me getting together with a dear friend and engage in red wine and long talks in loud bars.  I look so much forward to it.

I will not write a lot more, as my arm falls off these days. But one word on a topic that came to my mind this morning. I always write my blog posts the very morning of the day they go live. Thus, I was lying in bed and wondered whether the snow chaos that the TV weather fairy warned us from has fallen over Zurich. We are talking about 5-20 cm. Chaos? Well.

“I wonder what they will call 50 cm snow”, I mentioned yesterday to the W.-factor  who usually agrees there with me. “It will be the end of the world as we know it”

Somehow our media and society has lost proportions for what is a chaos and disaster and what is not. This is what I told Courtney on Wednesday during our interview on the phone on the regulations in the fragrance industry.

I feel I live in a society that have turned sort of wimpy. Sorry to be so blunt. And there is an over excitation on everything, everywhere. And perfumes are no exception.

Thus, I say it all quietly and ask for your zero excitations levels: Yesterday, my designer guru and me finished the design concept for the collectibles line that will come later in spring 2011. The first perfume in this line will be the linden blossom perfume that I developed during the open letter series with Mandy Aftel. “Collectibles” means low volume perfumery, limited in the sense that I will use difficult to source raw materials that may change from year to year.

The collectibles line allows me to create and present perfumes that I otherwise could not, simply because I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to make them. Thus, a separate line, collectibles, with a green flacon (50ml, pentagonally shaped) with a slightly different labeling concept, using silver labels, and some information stamped by hand.



linden blossom next open letter series

November 15th, 2010

Nathan just published the next round of our open letter discussion, as a continuation of a serious of exchanges: Mandy Aftel and myself, getting closer to building a linden blossom fragrance. This time, I feel it becomes obvious how we,  in all differences, come to similar conclusions. It is a tricky essential oil, this Linden blossom CO2 extract, but I feel it is very rewarding working with it, and I am utterly curious to learn more.

Here is the link to Nathan Branch’s blog who is kind enough to publish our letters. A big merci to Nathan and Mandy for making this possible!


(today’s picture shows a tree, seen Saturday, while hiking in the hills around Moutier)