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out of town

September 8th, 2014

today, hurray! finally and uff! and all: I will fly to London, for tomorrow’s launch event at Les Senteurs in the heart of London, surrounded by the best what selective perfumery has to offer. The launch date is going to see a full moon – and a super full moon-  and it is about as perfect as it can get for Gardenia sotto la luna. I am really looking forward to this.

It feels great to finally show this fragrance and to present it to perfume lovers and learn what they come up with and have to say. Perfume is very subjective. Totally subjective, really. I mean: I have no clue what you are smelling and the other way round. Of course, we can meet on ground that is safe and sound when discussing and experiencing perfume. For instance like: is it original, or is it like this or that? So I am looking forward to this event in London. Back in Zurich, I basically just sleep for a night, repack my bag, and move on, towards Florence.

A couple of busy days ahead and I am not sure how often I will talk to you, here on the blog. Sorry. But while I am away: there’s some reading for you.

Here’s the link to Persolaise’s review of the Gardenia sotto la luna. Enjoy!


classification of flowers and woods

September 4th, 2014

This morning, pretty early, outside dark as we are moving into autumn, inside bright thanks to electricity, I was thinking about the blog post of today. Referring to yesterday’s interview part II on the Persolaise blog, and a quick illustration that I did while trying to come up with an answer to a particular question; “If flowers could be placed on some sort of spectrum according to their smell (you decide how this spectrum should be defined: maybe lily of the valley at one end and tuberose at the other) where would you place gardenia and why?”

It is an interesting question, that I tried to answer doing this sketch that you find on the Persolaise site.

So I was drinking my first morning coffee, reading the news that are not very new these days, people against people, and I was thinking that I might talk about human nature and how we love and need to classify things, and people. I am no exception there. I like to think in simple terms. It helps. Sometimes.

Early in the morning, the mind wanders more readily, and hence I started thinking about how one could try to put all sorts of perfumery raw material into some sort of wheels, classifying them. Like woods or woody notes. I made a little ink sketch of how one could look at woods then. Oudhy does not exist as term, but I think you know what I mean. And now I wonder whether I missed a couple of categories to classify. Ambery could be added as parameter. Earthy might be another one. But then: In order to make sure that classifications help explaining the complex world with simple terms, the number of terms must be limited. You can’t really make a category for everything that is out there.

It is a mind game. Patchouli, for instance, is somewhere in the middle between powdery, incense and oudh. Sandalwood is all the way up there, floral. Cedarwood (Texan) is close to the middle, with a bit towards the incense side. Cypriol is close to oudh with a mark saying “leathery, earthy, cistus is somewhere in the middle , too: Oudh, incense, dry wood.

As I said: This is not reality, it is a mind game, that might help to understand the world. When writing these very lines, I was thinking, that actually, a nice woody oudh base should not touch the powdery side of woods, and if then only to add a little twist, but the main notes should come from the right side of today’s illustration. So you see: Simplification helps. It ‘s like “good wood, bad wood “. And no: I have no plans to make an oudh.

The illustration of today, by the way, was done with ink, Indian ink, and a nice ink brush that I got the other day. Drawing sketches with ink is inspiring. Reducing complexity, there we go…




On roses, samples and draws

March 15th, 2013

Fragrant greetings on this Friday that brought snow to Zurich again. We hope for next week and spring’s return. I will have to hit the factory later today, to pick some stuff up, but most of the time, I will work on my computer(s) today, as it is creative Friday here, with some mixing and weighing adventures in between, in my creative-chaotic  scent hotspot in the room next door. This week was very intense and I did not find enough time to seriously post on my blog. I was busy making samples, boxing scents, deciding in meetings, and trying to figure out a couple of hard to figure out things. But still, as so often, looking back to this week, it does not feel like I would have accomplished a lot. I guess that’s the way it is: All the little things count, and they don’t.

But yesterday, finally, I got sort of a feeling of finishing, and getting ready to start the next venture. We are still waiting for the printed cards that go into the sample discovery set for Noontide petals. As soon as I got these, I will start offering the sample set with Noontide  petals. And as soon as I got two more paper things that I need for the packaging of full bottles, I will start bottling Noontide petals. Noontide is still very much on top of what I think about these days. But everyday a bit less. There is one piece of printed cardboard that might get in a bit late, and after having published this post, I will need to talk to the company providing it. Some of my suppliers need reminders from time to time. I am asking myself what some companies will do when the economic slump is over: Some of them have streamlined their processes and cut labor force to a level that makes you wonder how swiftly they can adjust to a growing economy. even in a lame economy they are fighting to keep up with orders.

Anyhow: Noontide petals… we are getting there, and in case you middes it: Here are your chances to grab free goodies this week.

I case you have not left a comment but if you are interested in winning one of five sample of the upcoming Noontide petals: My draw in the previous post is still open (until late Sunday). Just follow this link and leave a comment there.

And while we are talking about draws: Here are two more… You can win a sample of Noontide petals on Persolaise’s blog, and there is the chance for my German speaking readers to win one of three bottles of the Cologne du Maghreb on Beauty-Mekka. Viel Glück! Und auch wenn Ihr kein Glück in der Verlosung habt: Der Text von Evelyn ist wunderschön und zaubert den Frühling den wir ja alle so vermissen herbei.

And finally, going together with today’s picture: There’s a new video on our roses by Freddie on Smellythoughts youtube’s channel. 7 minutes on incense rosé, une rose chyprée and on une rose vermeille. Enjoy!


funky and more

October 31st, 2011

There we go: finally I could leave tauerville for a few hours, leave the boxes and bottles, and have time on the computer to write invoices and mails. But before I do so:  Here’s  a treat for you that I share with greatest pleasure. A great article in funky layout with serious text on a project that is dear to my heart: Persolaise discusses Woman’s Picture , Tableau de Parfums and what Brian Pera, the Memphis based movie maker, and me are doing there and why. Persolaise does so in the UK Esprit Magazine.

And I sure love the layout. Thus, if you want have a closer look: I uploaded a copy and leave it on the server for a day or two. Here’s the link to the 1 MB jpg.(loads slow, sorry for that….)




bye and some links

September 7th, 2011

This is a byebye for a day or two. Tomorrow, we will be driving and then I will be standing at the exhibition stand at Pitti Fragranze.

And today, it is last minute preparations day.

Thus, I leave you to reading other blogs and news and there we go with the recommended posts of today:
Elene publishes the second chapter of the Miriam Novelette, and an interview with me on some of the core factors when building Miriam  that you will for sure find interesting. You find here post here.

And Persolaise published the first film interview as part of the blogging round. And you can win a sample on his blog. Please see the interview here on his blog.

I wish you fun reading and watching and send you fragrant greetings.

Today’ s picture taken from the terrace of our hotel room, booked early and amazingly affordable, shows you the sun over the Arno, taken last year from our hotel in Florence, and guess in which hotel we are staying this time. Yes!