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back in normal waters

September 24th, 2010

Sodeli…(Swiss German for well, well…)

we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on their journey over the oceans or mountains. Thus, we are finishing up the orders from my stockists of last week and then, then…

I guess then I need a pause and then I will have a look at the latest babe in town. I got a gorgeous thyme CO2 extract to play with, some neroli, more rosmary, Lavender CO2 (out of this world) and litsea cubea and more…thus, happy playing ahead.

But first: getting ready to finally say bye bye to some big boxes next week. And please:  Enjoy your weekend!

Today’s picture: a rose, scanned.

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13 Responses to “back in normal waters”

  1. sae says:

    oh been in limbo? glad you almost back to normal..
    want to sniff this rose close n peel the petals . gorgeous dress ! have a great weekend~

  2. Andy says:

    Dear SAE
    this rose is full of joy. It was a gift from a neighbor and I cherish it a lot. It smelled a bit, very delicate, but now it has expired its perfume and soon it will fade.

  3. Vladimir says:

    Dear Andy, and we adore to tell to your boxes hello-hello:-) to receive your box is an inconceivable pleasure for us! I admire both ORANGE STAR and UNE ROSE CHYPRÉE and EAU D’ÉPICES, and UNE ROSE VERMEILLE, but CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, for me it is simple has no words for delight expression. Also that is interesting, I cannot catch in CARILLON POUR UN ANGE your characteristic handwriting. You received my letter about design bottles and boxes?
    Good weekend for you and for all readers blog

  4. Persolaise says:

    What a stunning photo!

    Hope your Friday afternoon ‘creativity session’ goes well… and you have a great weekend too.

  5. Calliope says:

    Dear Andy
    I got the samples last week and am so perplexed and taken by all of them. I am stuck in Rose vermeille, and try to perceive what this perfume is…. I sprayed it on paper, on my wrist on another friend. It ‘s an enigma. It evolves on the skin, as if it becomes alive! A kind of sleeping beauty. A spirit coming out of the little spray tube. Very unique! and very powerfull.
    Have a nice weekend, I am thrilled of all your playing around with thyme…. In Amorgos a greek island I visit every summer, there is lots of wild thyme, and sage….

  6. Julie says:

    So glad you have new scents to play with and work your magic with, Andy! I just received my new samples, and I love the new packaging.

    Today I’m trying Orange Star for the first time – so far, it’s like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, followed by a luxurious clean shower – delicious!

    Can’t wait to try them all…

  7. hotlanta linda says:

    Hope your creative powers bloom as profusely as the rose beauty in the photo!! Maybe a bloom book will be bound in time to be stocking stuffers w/ URV homages?? 🙂

  8. Marianne says:

    Andy, the colours of the rose are just phenomenal.

    Have a happy weekend,


  9. jen says:

    Andy, that is one gorgeous rose! I’ve never seen a rose with what looks like red petals at the bottom and slowly making its way to orange, peach and yellow! And regarding your packages journeying over mountains, seas and jungles–I’ve been anxiously waiting for the postman all week! 🙂 Have a great week-end.

  10. ANDY says:

    good morning, Vladimir
    I thank you for your comment. So far, I have not received a letter , yet. When have you sent it? Post from there to here sometimes takes a bit longer than you would think….

    Good morning Calliope
    thank you for your lovely lines. Feels sure good to know that the rose is becoming alive on you and for you! Thank you.

    Good morning , Julie
    Glad you like the sample packaging. I like it a lot, too 😉

    Good morning Jen
    Here is the song for you: Carpenter’s ” Mr. postman Song”
    And yes (greetings to you, Marianne): The colors are splendid. Now the roses come to their end, but they were fabulous.

  11. julie ellen says:

    Hello Andy — I have been away on vacation (a wonderful cruise with stops in Canada!) and am now catching up on all of your doings. Love the rose, it reminds me a the “Peace Rose” that grew in my mother’s garden. It had a sweet, orange-y smell that I loved. Since I am a big fan of Reverie au Jardin, I am hoping that your experiments with thyme will lead to another herb like scent. Have a great weekend. JE

  12. Mari says:

    I sprayed it on paper, on my wrist on another friend. It ‘s an enigma. It evolves on the skin, as if it becomes alive! A kind of sleeping beauty

  13. Andy says:

    Greetings Julie Ellen and welcome back! For me, playing with thyme brings back the summer holidays in France.

    Good morning, Mari
    Thank you!

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