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reception at 6 pm

February 14th, 2011

I am getting ready for my trip to Russia.

And, as it is a first time for many reasons: time to get a little bit nervous. But just a little bit; as I have lots of last minute preparations on the table, there is not enough time to enter deeply into really nervous territory. And as far as my program is concerned in Moscow at Le Form and in St. Petersburg at Salon Parfumer: no worries there except for the gala diner with the reception starting at 6 pm, as this sounds like wow. double wow. a model and moderation and speeches and dresses and music and videos wow….

They have built a program for this evening that is mind blowing and I will need a vodka or two to bravely go where Andy did not go so far.

Anyhow, I figured, as I do not expect to post a lot on my blog during this coming week, I think it is time for another little draw.  The winner wins a flacon of one of my fragrances, and the winner can choose which one. The draw is open for participation from the whole wide word and I mention it here if it is closed.


A thanks to all of you who participated!


When back from Russia  I will pick a winner from the comments section, using random.org. Thus, just leave a little comment with a valid e-mail address to contact you if you won. As always: I will not make any use from your private data except for contacting the winner. More details on your privacy: See me privacy statement (click here).

See you soon again. Until then: Fragrant greetings.

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78 Responses to “reception at 6 pm”

  1. Paul-Laurentiu says:

    Have a great trip Andy!
    We expect your impressions when you come back

  2. niina says:

    There is nothing wrong with a vodka or two. You will be great!

  3. AlexP says:

    Bon voyage Andy! Please share with us your Russisn experience. I can imagine ,beside vodka, a loooot of caviar 🙂

  4. Stephen Hough says:

    I’m turning into a cowboy – a week of wearing only LM.

  5. Stephan says:

    How exciting that your fragrant endeavors bring you to never seen territories. Enjoy your journey to the East.

  6. deaconescu ovidiu says:

    I think a trip in to the MOther Russia it can be prodigious and wonderful too, when u come back i hope u share with us some cool experience. Farewell 😉

  7. Corbu Alexandru says:

    have a nice trip and be careful with russian girls they know some great movements and they are verry good.i am waitting for your response when you come back.good luck

  8. Vlsdimir says:

    Dear Andy, welcome to Russia, I hope that at us it will be pleasant to you 🙂

  9. hotlanta linda says:

    HAPPY VALENTINE`S DAY!!!! 🙂 As far as the galas go, “Puttin` on the Ritz“and give them all you`ve got – maybe remind the audience that is is Valentine`s week, and that your rose scents are soooooo appropriate!! Stevie Wonders` “Ribbon in the Sky“and Sir Paul McCartney`s “Silly Love Songs“for your ears and heartstrings today :-0 Do you have favourite recipes you prepare w/ Valentines in mind???? Or just have plenty of your fave chocolate in house??? 🙂

  10. Monica says:

    Valentine’s Day in Russia? burrr =P

  11. Aster says:

    Hello Andy,

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. Magnus says:

    Hi Andy,

    Bon voyage!

  13. Irina says:

    good luck, Andy with this new market
    happy Valentine’s day
    just take care and come back soon

  14. Eric says:

    My China roses are blooming again after a short break, so I send you “Roses from the South” for your trip north…

  15. Geordan says:

    Hi Andy,

    New travels are always so exciting! Be careful and have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!



  16. Tarleisio says:

    That does sound very exciting! I’m wishing you an incredible trip, all success with your business and yes, a Happy Valentine’s Day, too!

    Sable-covered thoughts! Stay warm, safe and let us know all about your adventures, too!

  17. Anna in Edinburgh says:

    That all sounds amazing – what an experience.


  18. Tyler says:

    Have a safe and successful trip Andy. Happy Valentines day also 🙂

  19. Fernando says:

    Have a great trip, Andy, and a happy St. Valentine’s day. Is it celebrated in Switzerland as it is in the US? I grew up in Brazil, and there the “sweethearts day” in is June.

  20. Lura says:

    Andy, You are an Inspiration!

  21. rosiegreen62 says:

    Happy Valentines Day. Good luck with your trip and
    thanks for the draw.

  22. Natalie says:

    Have a wonderful trip, and I look forward to sniffing L’Air du Steppes soon!

  23. Katriina says:

    Have fun in Russia! And dress warmly. It’s freezing in Finland so it’s probably pretty cold in Russia too.

  24. Stju says:

    Good luck, Andy, and have a nice trip to Russia!

  25. fleur de lis says:

    Lots of fun in Russia, Andy.

  26. rosyi says:

    Have a nice Trip there. and include me in the draw

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Andy, Have a wonderful time in Russia and remember they invited you so you have nothing to be nervous about…(I love how you described being really nervous as entering a territory. It makes it seem like something you can enter and leave at will. Perhaps it is!?)

  28. Marianne says:

    Just go with the flow and ENJOY it Andy !



  29. Gisela says:

    Have a great time in Russia, good luck and come back safely!

  30. *jen says:

    Oooh. 🙂

    Enjoy your trip.

  31. audrey says:

    bon voyage and enjoy the smells of Russia!

  32. Michele M says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Andy
    Enjoy Russia. Have a few vodkas for me and stay safe!!

  33. zeram1 says:

    Have a successful and safe trip to Russia Andy!

  34. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on taking your line to Russia. Wish I was there! And you continue to be the most generous man in Perfumedom!

    Hugs to you!

  35. jen says:

    Hi Andy, as they say in Russian: счастливого пути or Bon Voyage. Have a great time; I actually think going to Russia in the winer is a terrific idea–the snow is magical. Also enjoy the vodka and when they want you to drink your vodka до дна (to the bottom -of the glass), be careful! 🙂

  36. Devon H says:

    Congrats and good luck on your trip to Russia! I’m sure you will do swimmingly, but a little “Dutch courage” never hurts. 😉 Don’t forget to have fun! I’ll go the healthy route and instead of having a vodka for me, drink some kvass for me (I love it!). Have a safe trip! Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day <3

  37. Iryna says:

    Have a good trip to Russia!!!!

  38. Jaki Knowles says:

    Wow, I would love to go to Russia,especially the Hermitage . Have a great trip and I look forward to reading your impressions of the country.

  39. Lindaloo says:

    I think it is not so much that your problem will be needing “a vodka or two to bravely go where Andy did not go so far”, but needing to avoid the way more than two vodkas your generous Russian hosts are likely to press on you.
    I look forward to reading your impressions here of the scents, sights and people of Moscow and St. Petersburg when you return from your trip.
    Wishing you every success.

  40. Camilla says:

    I imagined the famous swiss perfumer Andy Tauer, landing in Moskow: the enterprise suspended above, teleporters ready!
    You and Mr. Spock, ahem, the W factor?, greeting the local populatrion!
    Go bravely, Mr. Tauer!

  41. Yulia says:

    Look forward to you! Take more warm clothes because here is very cold!))

  42. julie ellen says:

    Bon Voyage Andy — have a safe journey. Take a deep breath and smile, it will calm you just as much as the vodka!! Happy St. Valentine’s Day–a fragrant hug for you from me. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip and to see some of your wonderful photos. xoxo

  43. Kathryn says:

    I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day, Andy. I wonder what you will find to smell in Russia? They have a wonderful perfume heritage. Safe journey!

  44. Natalia says:

    Hello Andy! Have some great time in Russia, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂

  45. Alice C says:

    Have a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to read all about it upon your return. 🙂 Thanks for the draw!!! Count me in.

  46. jirish says:

    Have fun on your trip! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. I spent mine wearing your Incense Rose, so I smelled great.

  47. Bon voyage and good luck!

  48. taffynfontana says:

    Have a great trip. I hope it gives you plenty of fragrant inspiration so you can share it with all of us.

  49. Roberto says:

    ciao Andy,
    pay attention to vodka shots!!!;-)

    ciao tovarishch

  50. Simone B says:

    I’d love to make a trip to Moscow and St. petersbourg myself!
    Enjoy yourself, and your vodka. We will wait for you to tell us your adventures!

  51. elena says:

    I love you.

  52. Marina says:

    Looking forward to our tomorrow meeting in St-Petersburg: I am preparing questions for the interview, hoping they won`t be boring for you))

  53. Natalya says:

    Hi, Andy!!! I wish I could test your fragrances, but there is no sign of them in my town… Good luck! 😉

  54. Shoko says:

    Andy! Wish you luck and successes in the field of creation new wonderful, exited & seductive aromas!!!

  55. Fen'ka says:

    yeah… that would be really interesting to know how could you describe the essence of Russia in fragrance… So, enjoy your trip as much as you can.
    p.s. Vetiver dance… certainly I want to try this smell if I win.

  56. Nan says:

    Have a great trip! It sounds very exciting. Please enter me in your draw. Thanks much.

  57. nat_march says:

    🙂 I just hope that it is much warmer in Russia now than it is here in Ukraine:))) we had -17 two days ago and a terrible cold wind. brrrrrrrrrrr 🙂 so I hope you took some warm clothes with you:) Anyway I am sure the trip is interesting, the people are warm-hearted and you are satisfied:))) Looking forward your impressions and PHOTOs! 🙂

  58. bevfred says:

    I’m so happy for you Andy. I think you’re a brilliant perfumer and that you should be known and loved world-wide.

  59. pauel says:

    Well, Russia is the new huge area to spread ideas of what perfume should be.

  60. Zazie says:

    Russia! I envy you!
    I am sure you will draw form that beautiful country a lot of inspiration – and maybe a couple of shots of vodaka too much! 😉

  61. Todd T says:

    Russia so cold! Hope you atleast get to enjoy some vodka!

  62. Chris says:

    Hope your rock star gala was a blast! Dancing keeps the chill away. Happy travels!

  63. jan v says:

    Exciting and exhausting-enjoy it all!

  64. Sue says:

    Hi Andy! I look forward to stories about your trip to Russia!

  65. Elisabetta says:

    Hi Andy! I can’t wait to read about your trip! I hope a new fragrance will born after this trip to Russia! Enjoy!

  66. meg jamieson says:

    Enjoy Russia! Is it an amazing place. Travel well!


  67. Francis says:

    I wish you a wonderful trip… and to read about it here!
    Russia must be beautiful!

  68. MZ Johansen says:

    Just found your site- thanks for all of the great articles.

  69. AromaX says:

    Andy! Hope you have a very nice time in Moscow now! A little draw is alsways nice!

  70. Mary says:

    Hi Andy,
    have a real nice time in Moscow! By the way: I was fortunate to get samples from Dany Diop in Amsterdam. He is going to send me some. ( at least rose chypree) I will let you know about the results!!!!

  71. Barbara says:

    Please try some Borsch. ( beetrootsoup), it is so good!

  72. imam says:

    actually, how long are you staying in russia?

  73. Mauro says:

    Hello Andy,
    I’m your big fan and non-professional “nose”, I really love your INCENSE EXTREME, and this is what I wrote in my blog:
    Delight … to my nose … and my memories ..
    Andy Tauer Incense Extreme …
    … Something different, not surprisingly conventional dream, the best dress that incense may have to avoid falling in the obvious incense burning in the censer of ecclesiastical functions.
    Andy Tauer has created a fragrance to enhance the incense and evoke the landscape where Bosvellia Serrata born and lives, the tree whose resinous exudations of the trunk give rise to incense.
    It create in me childhood memories … I find myself to be screened in the upholsterer laboratory of my maternal grandfather, a place full of strong odors, resins, rubbers, solvents, that my grandfather used, heated and mixed together to obtain adhesives and coatings for wood or glue for fabrics and trimmings that adorn antiques.
    I still remember a special glue that prepared with water, flour, garlic and sugar together with a color of amber resin flakes and balsamic smell, the whole warmed over a gas flame, stirring continuously and once served ready to paste heavy trim trimmings for chairs or sofas important.
    At first glance this is what I feel, are the first notes that arrive at the nose, hints of lavender and petit grain together to incense materialize this memory, but little by little the laboratory of my grandfather disappears to make room to incense made less “balsamic” by the rhizome of the iris softens a bit, it is more creamy, less acrid, remains always the only etoile beginning to end, one end on a bed of cedar wood and amber that much which is enough to lay it on the skin like silk sheets.
    It ‘s a universal fragrance, as I have repeatedly stated, a perfume has its own life and his own mode of expression, depends on us doing our own, love him or hate him.
    This remains a splendid performance, worthy of note ….. and testing.

    I’m sure that your trip in Moskow will be an inspiration for a new fragrance that I hope to feel in my favourite parfume shop “Mariangela” in Spoleto.
    Ciao… and sorry for my ba english 🙂

  74. Chilly says:

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself!
    But we miss you here on the blog!

  75. Maureen says:

    I hope you get time for some sightseeing, in 1980 I had the great thrill a trip to Russia and being alone with the Matisse dancers in the Hermitage in what was Leningrad, another world. Looking forward to your inspirations.

  76. NaturalSelektion says:

    Hey Andy

    Have fun in Russia…and what better place to drink vodka when a little bit of nerves hit you…

  77. Erich says:

    Have a good trip!

  78. dave says:

    What a pleasure to find these perfumes. Went to Scent Bar in LA today and was blown away.

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