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after before and in the middle

August 3rd, 2011

after the crisis is before the crisis and in a sense we are all in the middle of the crisis. Many among us are unemployed, a lot are worried, and states are naked without money and currencies are tumbling or roaring in irrational exuberance. Believe it or not: The Swiss Franc is approaching parity to the EURO, and it needs less than 80 Swiss cents for 1 $ US, both is rather irrational, as it does not reflect the real buying power. I guess it is fear that is driving the rates these days. Money is a matter of believe. A lot of people out there do not really believe anymore. Oups.

I do not want to send you into economy boredome stasis with currency exchange rates and their basis especially as it is hard to understand anyhow.  But with these rates, I am forced to act. In a sense it is unfortunate as most of my costs are in Swiss Francs, and I pay my rent in Swiss Francs, too.  But there is no way around:  All of it means that I need to make my products a bit more economical. Or to offer more economical shipment rates for my perfume loving friends in the US, Canada and Europe. This is exactly what I did. Lowering the shipment rates there for a fragrance by 10 $ US or 7 Euro, I charge now shipment rates that are not covering my costs.

What’s next? Mentally, we are trying to get along with the idea of a Dollar for 50 Swiss cents and a Euro for 1 Franc.

I have to work hard to get used to it.

Today’s picture brings a happy note into my post: A pair of yellow mountain beauties. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “after before and in the middle”

  1. Stephan says:

    Your serene, pittoresque alpine impressions could almost fool you into believing that Switzerland is above the ocean of financial turmoil. But we better keep our feet on firm ground, to get ready for a hard landing.

  2. And says:

    Dear Stephan
    very well said, indeed. I 100% agree!

  3. hotlanta linda says:

    Hopefully Pitti will equal LOTS of mula for you!! Billy Ocean`s “When the Going Gets Tough…“ 🙂 May I ask what percentage rate is used in deciding VAT???

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    Australia is seeing the worst retail (bricks & mortar) downturn in 50 years, but meanwhile huge amounts if money are being made out of the mining industry. The Australian dollar is very high against the US (just over parity) but that means Australia’s tourism and export industries are suffering. The result is the ‘two speed economy’. Very bewildering and weird.

    Still, in Somalia right now parents are forced to leave dying children on the side of the road as they try to carry the stronger ones to refugee camps. If anyone has any spare money, Africa would be a good place to put it.

    Thanks you for the flowers. You live in a beautiful place.

  5. Andy says:

    Fragrant greetings Anne-Marie
    We live eight now in a sort of two speed economies, too. Strange.
    Soon we will witness the return of the thirties, if we do not watch out, very troubling indeed.
    But more troubling is indeed the misery in Africa, the TV version of the drama that happens and the non-tv version of every day.
    It feels like living in a multiverse on planet earth. Bewildering.

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