see you soon again

and off we go for our little biking trip. I hope that my labtop will find a WLAN from time to time, allowing me to post a bit.  See you soon again!

what's up?

hopping off

before hopping onto the bike and biking down from lake Geneva to the Mediterranean: a few things need to get organized. Actually, it is a lot of last minute items that need to be fixed. I remember  discussing lately how overrated holidays actually are. You spend a lot of time and stress out to get […]

Linden blossom


Caramel alarm! Yesterday, before spaghetti dinner and after boxing some air,  I wanted to get a  first trial on Linden blossom done, with the goal: create an homage, a fragrance that does justice to Linden blossom. You know: before I go for my biking trip. I sure need to repeat this experiment, as I fell […]

making of

combat zone

I could not resist: a flacon picture again. I took it yesterday, while pouring Eau d’épices into 214 flacons in my studio. Outside it was all rainy and grey, but the grey daylight was transformed into a golden beam, shining onto the flacons in quite a spectacular way. The only arrangement I had to do: […]

making ofwhat's up?

Oriental carpet

After yesterday’s comments on folks biting nails and sweating in anticipation of scent No12-EAU D’ÉPICES (which will, by the way, hit the shelves in 50 ml flacons, as part of the CLASSICS line, after September), I feel sort of motivated to pour and crimp No. 12.  Yesterday, the spicy water got a filtration finish. Not […]

reviewswhat's up?

double whopper of draws

I am off for the last business meeting this week. We sit together with the IT gurus in order to discuss a few fixes and enhancements. And to be honest: I did a lot of IT projects with external partners, back then in my old job as IT manager, and I assure you: This project […]

making of

ugly nacked neck

Yesterday, I did another mix for 25 liters, pouring and weighing all ingredients together, warming some of  them in water bath first (like oak moss that is really sticky and hardly flows at room temperature). Over the next few lots and for some perfumes: part of this mixing will be outsourced, already is. The actual […]


in need of a silicone enhancement

I am in love, unconditional, with my new flacon. We get along very well, and even after days with dozens and dozens of bottles going through my hands while filling and crimping (=sticking the pump onto the flacon) and labeling, we still look at each other in the evening with a smile. Compared to this […]

marketing and branding

Launch or perish

in an hour or so I will meet with the guys from Designers Club (to get an idea of them: there you go…->Designers Club Website, all new!). We will need to discuss profane stuff, such as an inlay for the box that I want to replace the paper: For a variety of reasons the paper […]

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book keeping and book writing magic

a week in reflectionToday is Sunday. Time to have a look into the Sunday newspaper (5 min) and shake your head. We have undoubtedly entered the slack season and the holidays here in Europe started with the traffic jam on the Gotthard road south, like every year with the Gotthard tunnel being the rate limiting […]