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serious hiking ahead

Hurray! We shipped what we needed to ship this week and the last boxes are out of the house and out of the way. It felt like a maze the last few days, boxes piled up everywhere and flacons and paper and…cozy factor=zero. I will do some clean up, minimal though, because we (W.-factor and […]

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snuggling coefficient

If you want to snuggle and cuddle and huggle 2 Tera bites bytes, you are either crazy or you got a this freecom harddisk that comes in this protective  black rubber skin, that is so …. hmmm…. soft and feels like the skin I would give an android to make it more human. Snuggling coefficient […]

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GT and the final part of artisan series

YEEHA! We got another coverage. In Gay Times, GT, an online and print magazine, that “supplies every gay man with the information he needs” (copy from the GT website ; click her to visit and consider registering for their twitter feed.) Unfortunately, you will not find me online there, but  I allowed myself to put […]

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palette day

It is strange. You think about it, prepare for it, see it coming with eyes wide open . Yet, once it is here, you are amazed. Today, we continue making more samples for the Italian perfume exhibition Pitti Fragranze, and assembling everything for the two palettes that the truck is going to pick up tomorrow.  […]

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on axes and web corners

Before we dig into the body and some notes of the EAU D’ÉPICES (with an educative goal: give you an idea on style): Here are the winners of the draw of last week (tataaaaa!): The consolation prize goes to Elena (cm….@yahoo.com): A discovery set is yours. And you pick the samples of your choice. Full […]

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bridges to the heart

Before we take the retrospective scalpel again and do some EAU D’ÉPICES heart inspection: here is a note on an upcoming draw in our upcoming newsletter. Yesterday, after having boxed some 100 flacons of Orange Star, I managed to finish a draft version 1 of the newsletter 1 that I schedule for publication September 15, […]

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spicy post

Before we address some of the TECHNICAL DETAILS and the WHY: Here’s the factual list of spices in EAU D’ÉPICES: Cardamom, coriander, clove  and cinnamon bark essential oil. Lemongrass, which is also on the ingredient’s list, is not what I would consider a spice. And it fulfills a different role, too. As I am using […]


turning on mating instincts

From Ape to Gentleman has a nice clipping and reviews on Tauer. Thus, I am doing it for the second time this week: Enjoy Chris’ writing on Tauer… by clicking here you get to the “Ape to Gentleman” page. A great name for a website: Ape to Gentleman… Now, a few lines on the EAU […]


Jo says

Jo says: “…. the world is divided into those who love smoky scents, and those who really seriously don’t…..” I guess I go for the smoky stuff. Can’t get enough actually. Read Jo Fairley’s review of a smoky scent (No 3 Lonestar Memories) here and follow her thoughts on how to divide the universe of […]

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don't blame IFRA

I answered a couple of questions for a newspaper article the other day,  in detail and with having some thinking done, on IFRA, and how IFRA affects perfumers and perfumery. I remembered this article in press (not published yet, I think), when I read the comments yesterday. And I thought a lot about it while […]