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hand in hand

Today Nathan published two open letters on his blog, side by side, one by Mandy Aftel and one by myself. We talk to each other, starting an open communication between two perfumers, coming from two angles, sharing the same passion, following the same star. In the future, we will continue to discuss and share how […]

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post dilution and post extraction

We diluted what needed to be diluted and we shipped what needed to be shipped. And today is my first day without two of my wisdom teeth. And it looks like it is going to be a day fully loaded on and with mefenacid. Well, be it. I guess if you can’t change it, accept […]

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After a great weekend with a lot of jogging and an (almost) new record time (107 minutes) for my 2o km: Back to perfumery. Today we finish putting everything into the shipment boxes and pack everything for a the truck shipments to retailers. And we will do some dilutions of perfume: 50 liters of air […]

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back in normal waters

Sodeli…(Swiss German for well, well…) we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on […]

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somewhat troublesome

I was in Hamburg (fish!, steak! and a bit of business on the side)  but felt like coming home one day earlier. Some of you may have realized it: We had the server (not managed by us, but by a big one…)  go down, under some sort of a malicious attack, and we lost the […]

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after the newsletter

Yesterday we sent the newsletter off and now we enter the road that will bring us right into the weekend. With the newsletter we aim at addressing interested perfume lovers who do not want to follow the brand on the blog or facebook or twitter but who wish to get a summary from time to […]

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Olivier Durbano

OK. Back again. The new kids in town, ROSE VERMEILLE AND EAU D’ÉPICES, are online and as always, I tend to forget the implications like an e-mail box filling ah! and oh!’s and ???. I guess I am a lucky guy these days. Furthermore, we had to do an open heart surgery kind of thing […]

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back from Pitti wonderland

We are back from Pitti wonderland. What a great place Florence is. I wished I had seen a bit more than the Pitti halls and the hotel room. But then: We come back 2011…. NOW: back in Tauer land we have a few boxes and flacons and a more issues waiting. Actually, on of the […]



And off we go for a few days.  Pitti and Florence: We are almost there! In the mean time, enjoy Persolaise’s review of UNE ROSE VERMEILLE by clicking here to get to I feel like this review is important. And I feel like I need to talk a bit on the Rose vermeille in […]

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in last minute preparation mode

We are entering in full last minute preparation mode these minutes: Pitti Fragranze is ante portas, and on Thursday we hit the train to Florence (hence the picture, although the train in the photo is the Bernina express train, seen 10 days ago).  In order to get into the Italian grove we went to the […]