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more snow and silver wrapping paper

Jogging in winter land yesterday was wonderful. The snow stayed on every fine twig and there was something magical in the forest where I usually run. Less magical was downtown on Saturday: Crowds shopping. Lots of them. Too many. I was downtown with the W.-factor (do not ask me why I felt to do so […]

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the first snow of the season

Tonight we got the first snow in Zurich, and the first jasmine flower  on my little jasmine bush in the basement opened up and sends its perfume out. Quite intoxicating. This morning, we got the shipment back from Madrid, another circle closing, and the box survived, sort of. Thus, I know again why we pack […]

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shake it, baby

Yesterday evening we (Designers Club and me) tested about 10 different papers for the inlays; different in terms of strength and quality. We got about 10 of each paper, all embossed and perforated following a 100% clever and ingenious design. We put them into the tin box, with a Rose vermeille, and then we simulated […]

designLinden blossommaking of

flacons for the line and inlays

After yesterday’s post that basically aimed at: – showing you the Cologne du Maghreb, that I made specially for the advent calendar draws, taking place December 1-24 (yes, you cannot get it anywhere else) – with some irony reflecting on pictures used to present perfumes we are back. But today I am a bit more […]

marketing and branding

pictures and perfume

I do not remember where it was, but the last few days I came several times upon ads for perfume, smaller and larger brands, with old things arranged in a rather sanitary way. Strange. Have you ever wondered why so often, perfumes are presented in a pile of antiques? Nicely arranged, the flacon sits amidst […]

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the medium is the message

Today, I could write 3 posts. hmm… let’s do the Monday jogging pondering again. Yesterday, I did my jogging the other way round, starting there where I usually end, and jogged sort of uphill. Mostly I was thinking about my answer to Mandy’s lovely letter. It was a strenuous but great jog that brightened my […]

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The fluffy inner most of clementines

I got my new scanner. WOW. This thing scans so fine that I soon need a few new hard disks. But before I show you the pictures: Here a few its and bits that I forgot yesterday  -I forgot indeed to tell you why I get the scented cards done-. Thus let me answer the […]

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carillon inside

Today’s picture is another scan: Chrysanthemum, scanned the other day. And it is a  heavy duty production day today: More eau d’épices needs to go into flacons and (later) boxes. The last few weeks were a bit crazy when it comes to the spicy water. And referring to an earlier post: I started working on […]

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natural and more natural

After yesterday’s post on developments that reach out all the way into autumn 2011: Back down to earth and December 2010. Yesterday, I mixed another lot of le Maroc pour elle, and I am still in some sort of rose and jasmine paralysis. Le Maroc means: Pouring the rose absolute in amounts that make my […]

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on pentachords

Finally, it went through. Sometimes it is amazing how long things can take, because you are not certain, fiddle with things, weigh ideas and pros and cons and pros again, and discuss and then when you move on and start getting serious, then things get on so slowly. When I got the envelope from the […]