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fragrant kingdoms and what perfumery is all about

In St. Petersburg, during the gala diner, I held a speech. The only recommendation given to me was “make it beautiful”. Thus, I was free to speak for 10 min about my passion and what I feel when it comes to creating perfumes. In the following, you find my English text of this evening. I […]

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design aspects

Today’s picture on the left is a shot made with the i-phone somewhere in the vast Moscow Metro ( for a quick overview of its history: click here to visit the Metro Website in English). A lamp that shines its post Soviet light onto stone walls that seem to be built for eternity. The political […]

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a woman in blue

I need to move on with a lot of projects, thus there was not a lot of time to sit and contemplate so far. I need to see that I can find some minutes to review my days in Russia. I might do so while you watch the 90 seconds movie that I did in […]

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a moment of sadness

When the plane brought me up into the air yesterday, there was a moment of sadness. The sadness of leaving after a few days in a special place with good and brave people. Leaving after enjoying the company of people, who are very passionate about what they do and people who follow on the things […]

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reception at 6 pm

I am getting ready for my trip to Russia. And, as it is a first time for many reasons: time to get a little bit nervous. But just a little bit; as I have lots of last minute preparations on the table, there is not enough time to enter deeply into really nervous territory. And […]

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scents of wonder

How about a few instructions for everyday life? Here’s one and more if you continue scrolling on ReadyMade’s Febrary/March edition (click here). In this edition I give a short instruction how to make a fragrant glycerine soap. Or you can learn how to make a simple solid perfume in Mandy Aftel’s contribution, or Yosh Han […]

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the final chapter of the inlay story

It felt like an endless story and it was a bumpy road where the story took developed and turned up and down in strange twists. But now we come to the end of the poetic search for the perfect inlay. Yesterday, I placed the final order for the inlay, at a German company. The folded […]

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open camera

OK, folks: the last few days were very busy and the next few days will also see me running around a bit faster than average. Hence,  I did not post yesterday. In fact, yesterday I had a photo camera falling into coma and I tried what every guy interested in high tech does: I tried […]

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black and white

Today, I share another picture of last week’s tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing […]

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happy weekend

full of positive energy, and happily returned from Milano, in full anticipation of a weekend with some time for fragrant games with scented matière première I send you my greetings for your weekend. I hope it will be colorful. Enjoy!