pink hyacinth

it is in full bloom, the pink hyacinth, down in the 2 meter square garden, and when getting closer to this delicate lady for a picture, the fragrance is close to overwhelming. Thinking about it: This IS a perfect name for a fragrance… PINK HYACINTH. Actually, its natural scent is overwhelming. And one fine day […]

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first tulip of the year and a new circle beginning.

I continue showing you spring teaser flowers: The first tulip that showed its shy red head a few days ago. Today, it is proudly showing it all… The last few days have been amazing: An explosion is taking place right in front of our eyes and noses.  And fitting with nature starting another circle we […]

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it gets green around us

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where we are all in happy busy production mode. Next Friday, I will travel to Milan, to visit Esxence on Saturday. Thus, I want to get a lot of things done and fixed before this weekend. Contrary to last year, I will not have a stand together with my Italian importer; […]

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viola odorata

My best wishes for your weekend! I am back from my hike, sniffed a few violet on my way there, and will now happily start pouring the ZETA flacons over the weekend. Yes, we got the last missing piece for the production of the ZETA flacons. Today’s picture shows you a little, fragrant violet, seen […]

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Believe it or not: I am taking one day off tomorrow. It is just too nice, with the sun shining bright and from a cloudless sky, and temperatures during the day getting really lovely. And as I am sort of tired of answering mails and want to think a few bottle questions through, I figure […]

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this is a promotional post

I learned to my surprise and all happily that my fragrance ORANGE STAR made it as finalist into the category niche for the 2010’s FIFI award. This award is voted for by UK basenotes members (only the UK members votes count) and if you are interested in voting or learning more: Here’s the link (click […]

marketing and branding


So I was in Bologna and have seen the station, the way to the COSMOPROF exhibition area by taxi and the face of the guy in front of me, from a 5 cm distance, on the way back to the station, using public transport. Thus, I cannot really tell you how Bologna is, but I […]

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every day a bit closer

Tomorrow, I take the train at 7 am to go to Bologna, to back the same day after 11 hours in the train. Time, to think about a speech I will give on Tuesday evening on “scents of your dreams”, and time to think about a few projects that I have running. And about how […]


room to dance a Tango

yes! The real estate rent agency and me agreed on the price and conditions and now I just wait for the contract papers and by May 1 I will be a proud renter of two rooms, 15 min biking distance. The rooms will need some painting and I can’t wait to show you pictures and […]

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on the move-we hope

Yesterday, as announced earlier, we could finally pick up all the papers and labels from the printer shop for the COLLECTIBLES and the PENTACHORDS®. The Pentachords trademark, by the way, got approved the other day in the US by USPTO  for publication. Welcome to the neurotic world of brand protection. A game that is more […]