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More on samples

yesterday, I finished filling and preparing the pentachords flacon stock for White, Verdant and Auburn.  Next: Incense rosé. And I finished the ordering and design forth and back of the sample packaging for Tableau de Parfums. I will produce dab vial samples, offer them in a cardboard envelop, and we think we will include a […]

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building fragrant empires

These days, I am sort of stuck inside, stocking up for autumn. Today’s picture shows you some pentachords flacons,  on their way to getting the finishing touch: The white wooden pentachords top cover. Thus, I have a lot of time, playing in my mind, coming up with great ideas that will change the world. Unfortunately, […]

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on the perfume MIRIAM for Tableau de Parfums

looking back is not always easy. Proportions fall apart and perspectives change. Looking back is like walking through a dark tunnel and the longer the tunnel is the smaller everything looks on the other side. The perfume MIRIAM that I created a while ago for Tableau de Parfums is a perfume where we look back […]

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On Tableau de Parfums and concepts for a purse spray

if there is one thing that I learned in the last 7 years that I am building my brand then it is this: The fragrant inside may be a matter of some importance. But the outside matters more. It may sound sad, but this is reality. Reality is what happens in the shops, online and […]

Tableau de Parfums


yesterday, we got another larger delivery. Pentagonal tin boxes. A huge pile in boxes of 24 each on 7 palettes. Today’s picture shows you these. It was yesterday that I was even more happy about the new warehouse than before.  Finally room for the 5000 boxes. And almost no carrying around: Just put the stuff […]

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a simple word on marketing

Today’s picture shows you the male branch of the di Liello family, the gentlemen behind Campo Marzio, who make it all possible.: From left to right this is Fabricio, me, Valentino and Gianni. They are the owner of Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria and the inventor of the store concept which is actually less or […]


Pentachords launch and video

first things first: It was a great Pentachords launch event and party in Rome last Friday. My thanks go to Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria for their support and for their organization. I enjoyed it so much so to get together with perfume lovers and see their reactions, smelling the pentachords line. As the fragrances […]

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lot labels

Today, I put the last of my first ordered lot labels into the lot label printer. I have a hard time believing, but it seems to be true. We run through 50’000 lot labels since last year, March. For those in you interested in technical details: The printer is a Intermec PF 8t and runs […]

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after moving

after moving tauer perfumes into the new warehouse, we are all sort of exhausted here. It took us a full day of loading, and unloading and carrying the bottles, and labels and tops and boxes and more labels and more from here to there. Us = me and the W.-factor. The picture below shows you […]

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new perspectives

Yesterday’s interview session with was great. The video will show on the Extrait platform on June 17th, after my official launch of the pentachords in Campo Marzio. But right now, I look forward to moving. This is the moving weekend for my warehouse. This morning, I have the last workman do some fixes on […]