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Sometimes I read the blogs, and I am always far, far behind. The other day I was on NowSmellThis, trying to figure out how others deal with the flood of new releases. An interesting post, because I cannot handle the new releases anymore: Like many others commenting on NST, I have my list of brands […]

making ofTableau de Parfums

spray sample pump

I am talking “samples” again. Continuing sort of there, where I stopped yesterday. Today I show you one of the most reliable items I have in my growing collection of materials that I use to present my fragrances to the ethereal world. The picture on the left shows you the spray pump of my samples […]

marketing and brandingTableau de Parfums

gladioli and illustrator

It was time to scan a flower again:  Thus, I share a total scentless Gladiolus with you. One of a bunch of flowers that bloom in pink and magenta and violet colors. Today, if I can get my brain in painting mode, will see me on Illustrator. For Tableau de Parfums and Evelyn Avenue and […]

creating scents

one word on Marjoram

Today’s picture shows you a bundle of fresh Marjoram, given to me by a dear perfumer friend over the weekend, together with a sample of Marjoram CO2 extract. In one word: Wow! This is an extract that is as close to the scent of crushed marjoram leaves as you can possibly get. A top note, […]


a spot in N+1 -dimensional space

a perfume is a spot in a N+1 dimensional space. With N=the number of different ingredients you choose. Where exactly in this N+1 -dimensional universe you find the perfume spot depends on the ratios along the axes. If sprayed and released from the flacon, this perfume spot  will travel over time along the axis in […]


this stuff brings back memories

There is not much you can do: Perfume is subjective. What is gloriously shining on your skin is bääh! for somebody else. No way to convince that bääh! is not bääh! But there is hope that (at least!) a bääh! perfume is recognized as a creative master piece. It will remain bääh! , but in […]

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soaps to win in a woman's picture draw

If you have not done so, now is the time to catch the chance to win a Tauer scented soap:  “LIKE” woman’s picture on facebook. Brian Pera hosts a give away with 30 scented soaps that I have sent him, called “MANDARINES AMBRÉE”, made for the occasion. You cannot get them anywhere. The only thing […]

creating scents


Over the weekend I did a lot of things, most of them not perfume related, such as making some pesto, with basil grown on our balcony, stored in the freezer now, to enjoy the summer sun later this year.  Today’s picture shows you some leaves before they were scrunched together with olive oil, some Parmesan […]

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play time

Tolu balm will be part of my play time in a second. It is Friday afternoon and after a busy week I figured I must become a bit more playful and fragrantly start an excel and calculation dominated weekend. Calculations are for Tableau de Parfums and whether I like it or not: I have to […]

Give aways and goodies

and the winners are

This is the day after the blog birthday and the lucky winners of a fragrance of their choice form my range are: elizabeth, J Champion, Asali, Alexandra, Tara, Borko Boris The random number was, by the way, 933. The happy winners will get an e-mail from me and the others get a thank you for […]