paper work

Next week, hard to believe right now, I will be in LA and on October 7 we will all get together to officially launch Miriam at Luckyscent’s scentbar, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series. Thus, it is urgent time to get things organized that need to be done beforehand. One of these: […]

general thoughts

not really sure

Yesterday’s post brought up another question: are the criteria for what is a “grand parfum” changing over time? And if so: What would the changes be? I answered to Marianne’s comment but am not entirely sure about my answer. I feel, that the criteria may stay, but the weight we give each criteria might change. […]

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qualités fondamentales du grand parfum

Did you know that ivy actually blooms for a few days in the year and has a wonderful thick, green, honey like, sweet, dark perfume? It is an amazingly intense fragrance, in light of the little yellow flower and it attract bees in mass. Now, the ivy around the house lost its flowers and the […]


answering interview questions

Today is going to be a very busy day and in between boxing and packing I need to answer interview questions for one of the top magazines here in Switzerland. “What was your first scent experience?” is one of them. Hmmm… my memories there are limited. I think of the dog “LEO” in the village, […]

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difficult waters

I took a day off, or better: I switched Sunday for Friday and went for a two day hike. The first day was a bit strenuous, though. We did a calculation error of the kind: 6+3= 7.  This calculation error resulted in a 9 hours hike to the hotel on the Chasseron. We got there, […]


words on perfumes

I find it utterly difficult to describe perfumes and admire every blogger who can and does. Thus, before digging deeper: Please visit Perfume Smelling Things today and see what Tom made of Miriam and make sure you take your chance to win samples. Click here for his post. Love it! Here, in Tauerville (if you […]

general thoughts

unveiling things

Today’s picture shows you a look into the Pitti Fragranze hall from behing the decorative fabric that hung from the ceiling to cover the walls of what used to be a train coach maintenance hall of a train station. I find it always very interesting to look behind things, or from behind. Looking back to […]


I am back from Munich

Fragrant greetings to you. Yes you! I am back from Munich, a bit tired because of  my not being used to being exposed to journalists. Usually, I am exposed to perfume lovers or bloggers and this different. The get together with Patrica de Nicolai and Sebastian Fischenich from Humiecki and Graef was wonderful, and I […]

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Meeting the press in Munich and what samples to choose

Sometimes I get mails like “to the attention of communications” and alike. And sometimes I wish I would have a communications department. Just sometimes. Like today, early in the morning. Today’s picture shows you my desk, 6 am, making CD’s for the press that I will meet tomorrow in Munich. I was cordially invited and […]

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post Pitti Fragranze report 2011

We are all back, safe and healthy, from Pitti Fragranze 2011. And we are happy. Happy because nothing bad happened to anybody in the car accident on the highway yesterday that involved us, in the middle and made us worry whether and how we might get back to the land of tunnels and cheese. Well, […]