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suggestive to something in the past

I got a sneak preview sent to me by Aron who takes pictures of the Tableau de Parfums flacon, of Miriam to be precise, and we discussed how to proceed. Love what he did so far. I will get three pictures done: Front, back and side. The goal: Bring in light inside the flacon, let […]

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tell them what handmade really means

Today’s picture shows you where I will be in 20 minutes: the room where I pour and label and pack all that goes of to world from tauerville. Towards the window, you see a row of 200 air du désert marocain, filled, waiting to be polished and labeled. Towards the camera is the dispenser that […]

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back from Milano

I write these lines while riding back from Milano, after a few hours discussing the future of Tableau de Parfums in Italy. I think the future is bright there, we hope so at least. The rest of the week sees some retail order packing hectic in the factory. Sitting for 8 hours in trains allows […]

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On Miriam on my way to Milano

It is 7am and I am on my to Milano. There, I will meet my Italian partner and finalize the plans for 2012: I look forward to presenting Tableau de Parfums in Italy, maybe in spring. Thus, I sit here, groggy as I have not slept enough, and after a few strenuous days I am […]

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weekend thrills

Here’s the plan: Tauer goes jogging on Saturday, which is a revolution in light of years doing this on Sundays. And while doing so the tauer creative director thinks “soaps”, Pachouli, et al.. Back home the tauer  financial director will provide the funds for tauer sourcing to head downtown for some shopping and when back […]

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it is the season

Yesterday, the travel agency Tauer booked the upcoming travels for November, December. Some of them at least, bringing me in December to London, and end November to the Duftcontor in Oldenburg, and a few other places. I still haven’t decided on Paris, although I should but I do not really feel like going there in […]


time frozen

In Joshua tree, Border avenue, to the right, I think it was close to Canterbury, I came across the most interesting art installation imaginable in the semi desert. Piled left overs of civilization, desert art, neatly arranged, in a way it makes sense. Today’s picture shows you one detail of one object that is part […]

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the why behind the cologne mix

OK, there we go: I mixed enough stock of my all natural, all botanical “COLOGNE DU MAGHREB” on Sunday for about 200 flacons. A few of these will go to friends and family and fans on facebook or with the blog. But most of them will actually, provided there is an interest, retail in the […]

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All botanical citrus rush while mixing cologne

So I am back in Switzerland since last Friday, trying to convince my day-night brain cycle that I am here and not there in LA anymore. Quite a useless venture it seems. Thus, I have an e-mail inbox that is all empty with almost all mails answered because I am there 24 hours. Thus, I […]

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back and shifted

I got back from LA yesterday, early in the morning, shifted in time and space and was sort of lost yesterday. It took a while and a good night’s sleep until  fully realized where I am. Intercontinental travel is not that easy. Now, I am back, but not fully back to normal. I am still […]