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on my way to Milan

Fragrant greetings, today from the train to Milan (again), where I will stay for a day, sleeping in an affordable hotel, and trying not to get homesick. It has been a while since I slept for a couple of days in a row at home. But I do not want to complain. In the end, […]

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the last reminder of the kickstarter campaign

This is the last reminder of our kickstarter campaign. There are 50 hours left to reserve your purse spray of Dark Passage, the dark rich and evocative scent that I created specifically for this campaign. Or get some fragrant soaps that are also quite unique, or get a sneak pre-release size of  Loretta, the next […]

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almond blooming

Before I talk on what I do today and tomorrow: THANK YOU! For your great support of the Kickstarter campaign for our film project ONLY CHILD. Now are the last days if you want to make sure to get your hands on my fragrance DARK PASSAGE  that is only available through this campaign, and only […]

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visiting Paris

It is spring and the world looks different. More colorful, and warm and sunny. Wonderful. Soon, the world around me will also look different because I am on my way to Paris, where I will attend the big, BIG, official shop opening of Jovoy, THE niche store in Paris these days. I hope that I […]

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back and getting ready

I think it is fair to say that Jovoy has become the first stop for selective niche in Paris. Finally.  And I am going there. The next city on my radar is Paris, where I will attend the official shop opening of Jovoy. My bottles already are, although you do not see them on their […]

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on the tuberose in the fragrance Loretta

Today, I want to talk about the Tuberose note in Loretta: How I created the tuberose accord. For those not familiar with Loretta: This is the next, upcoming fragrance from Tableau de Parfums. It will launch in autumn 2012, but you can get a purse spray size (7 ml) of it for a limited time […]

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your support makes the difference and tuberose

Today, I am asking you for your contribution to help us finance the production of Brian Peras’s film project ONLY CHILD, featuring Grace Zabrinski, through the kickstarter campaign. But I do not ask you to just give money. No, I came up with a lot of specials and fragrant goods for you, to reward you […]

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there we go…I successfully completed the PCI Data Security Standard Compliance Assessment Task.  And I am compliant. Uff. Basically this means that my online shop is safe and that I do not store any credit card data. Well, I cannot store them, to be precise, as all credit cards data on my online shop are […]

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somewhere in the past

Today’ s picture shows you a little cut out of a larger picture. The larger picture was taken a few years ago (think 20 years) when traveling in Umbria, Italy. Back then I used to take a lot of black and white pictures with my SLR (single lense reflex) camera. Part of the larger picture […]


Dark Passage and kickstarter

Today’s picture shows you the Tableau de Parfums purse spray that I will soon fill with DARK PASSAGE, the super limited edition that is only available in March through the Kickstarter campaign for ONLY CHILD. Afterwards , when the financing and support campaign for Brian Pera’s latest film project comes to an end, then the […]