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columbines in bloom and launches

Here in Zurich, we are enjoying summer temperatures and winds from the south that rush over the mountains to speed up spring in the plane. Thus, the columbines that I have in my “garden” and came without me doing anything are in full bloom. So are the tulips and the lilac and the air is […]


after the packaging show

Fragrant greetings from Zurich! This was a busy week so far and has seen me here and there. Here = computer and factory. There= packaging fair and exhibition. Now, that was sort of cool. You would not believe how many packaging machines there are and how cool they are. If we ever reach a sales […]

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back from Joshua Tree National Park

I am back from my trip to the Joshua Tree National Park.  I am pretty busy catching up, but I want to share a few impressions with you. Joshua Tree is wonderful and the light of the desert, the shapes and forms of the plants and stones is so inspiring. I ended up doing a […]

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I am off for a few days, in close proximity to this stone. I wish you a nice and fragrant week.

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bear's garlic

On Friday, I diluted the next batch of the fragrance ZETA – a linden blossom theme-, and put a few drops onto my skin, after pouring the 20 liters into 2 aluminum cans. Just to test the scent and because I have not worn ZETA for a quite a while, almost forgot about  it. I […]

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Here is another picture of an orchid that blooms in the house of tauer right now. The size of the flower is only around 1 cm and it is a bit of a weirdo orchid. It looks funny and the color is mostly brownish-green. I got it years ago in an exhibition as baby and […]

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another picture, and another mentioning of the aldehydic rose

Before I start today’s post: Today is your last chance to enter the draw. If you have not commented on the draw post: Do it following this link (not on this post here, and not in facebook) now.In a few hours the draw will be closed. Here’s another orchid picture for you. No tulips today […]

Give aways and goodies

Happy rabbit post Easter give away

This draw is closed. Congratulations to the winners. The winners will get an e-mail in the coming hours. Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time! ——— OK. There we go again. The Easter bunny is a  free rabbit again and happy because the Easter job is done. It […]

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factory air

Fragrant greetings from the factory, where we pack air du désert and fill Pentachord AUBURN bottles. Today’s picture shows you a how the packing table looks from the top, and the helping hands of the W.-factor. And there is another reason why I am in the factory: I need to clean up a bit and […]

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retour de Paris

So I am back from Paris, and can look back to an evening with Maccarons, champagne, wonderful people and a secret star: Miriam, the fragrance. In a sense it was the European launch of Tableau de Parfums. Miriam has arrived in Paris, now. I took a picture inside the shop, looking outside, and I find […]