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rose today and mirror watching

Today, I am continuing with the Loretta Tuberos soaps (50 more to go) and start pouring and packing Rose scented soaps. Tomorrow sees me pouring the last Mandarines ambrées soaps and then the soapy business will be done for a while and I will start pouring those purse spray DARK PASSAGE fragrances. Hmm. I can’t […]

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Working on kickstarter goodies

This week will see me working on the goodies that I promised to produce for the kickstarter campaign of Only Child. If this campaign and the exciting  film project of Brian Pera is new to you: Here is the link to the kickstarter campaign page. Thus, I will start pouring those Loretta Tuberose soaps today, […]

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the most fascinating Iris

Today’s picture is a sketch of an iris that I did in Portland, the helping drawing lines removed. I started with a triangle and built the flower sort of inside it and around it. This is a technique I use sometimes: Try to find a simple geometrical form and build the illustration within. The reason […]

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Another gardenia picture today: With almost zero color, a bit on the underexposed side, thus highlighting structures. It is a little bit like squinting one’s eyes, which is a trick when painting and looking for the right hues and shapes. Squint your eyes and you see underlying structures that help understand and illustrate, for instance […]

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weekend greetings

I wish you a lovely weekend. Here, we are under grey skies, with heavy rain outside, admiring Ms gardenia inside, all aspects actually, its shape, its scent and its colors. Enjoy!  

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gardenia again

So the gardenia sits in the living room, close to the window, facing south-southwest. Funny enough, it smelled like a vanilla pudding with pepper yesterday. As you can see in today’s picture, the flower is at the end of its blooming period and by tomorrow or Sunday we will see fresh flowers opening. Today, another […]

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lilac after the rain

Today’s picture shows you a lilac, dark violet variety, after the rain, seen yesterday in the Zurich Nord area, while doing a sequence of flower sniffing video shoots. This was part of an extended afternoon video interview session that will ultimately, hopefully, end up on, the Swiss information web portal. The video interview was […]

creating scents


This morning is sort of grey, but I hope for sun later in the afternoon, especially as we need some sun when doing the video interview this afternoon. It is a more general interview on perfumery, inspiration, memories, by a  Swiss channel and I am really looking forward to look it. I was asked to […]

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the essential culture

As promised yesterday, I follow up on yesterday’s post with a few comments on art. These are comments and reflections I made at Campomarzio at via Vittoria on Thursday night, and all this under Campomarzio ‘s claim “the essential culture” which I like a lot. Thus, I mused on how we see the world, during […]

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moon and other impressive sights

The moon yesterday was really impressive. And so was Rome last week. A couple of millenniums at your fingertip, sort of, and a city that is like a living palimpsest. All the churches, former temples, Roman bricks, and Renaissance houses remind in the vanity of beauty and power. All the cardinals and popes and worldly […]