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Those of you in love with the Fifth Element know “Boom. Big bada boom”. Here is a short little video on youtube of this great scene from a great movie. boom. big bada boom on youtube “Today’s picture shows you my way of “preventing boom”. Thus,  a short technical post ahead: Diluting Lonestar Memories! I […]

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By tomorrow, all is going to to be ready:  Shelves filled for my back-up guy to send out orders from the online shop, unanswered e-mails down to zero, or close to, and retailer orders shipped. Before tomorrow, however, there is one last thing that I need to get done: Fill more air du désert marocain […]

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the brave new world that is not so brave

Today, I would like to first send you to a great read, an interesting post, a blog article, by Sheila Eggenberger, on her blog ” The Alembicated Genie” titled the Brave New World. Here is the link, click here…  And now byebye and enjoy your read! It is food for thought and teached me as […]

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the perfect plan

Many of the last few posts were on upcoming, exciting, thrilling fragrant things like Loretta, changed packaging for 2013 and ideas for fragrances that might launch in 2013. Today, I talk about a bright happy short term future for Andy that comes with a price to pay. Vacations! I will leave my perfume business for […]

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another gardenia

today’s picture shows you work in progress, an illustration of a gardenia flower, still missing some details on the flower side, and most of the leaves and background. The scene of the “making of” you find below. Gardenia in pot, Cintiq on the side. The scent, when sitting there, watching close and moving with the […]

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Loretta labels

Today, in a very short post, without much time to go into details or to comment (sorry, sorry: Busy day ahead!), I share a picture of the first Loretta flacons coming out of the factory, fully labeled and ready to go into the cardboard boxes. Four labels go onto these flacons: a lot number at […]

Tableau de Parfums

Loretta in bottles

Today, I was pouring Loretta fragrance into about 180 Loretta flacons, 50 ml, and 200 purse spray vials of 7 ml. Tomorrow, as much as possible, I will add stickers and labels to some of the flacons. The picture of today, taken with the phone, shows you the first flacons, all naked, without any labels: […]

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compensation Sunday

Today, although it is a Sunday, I’ll work a bit in the factory. I am sort of compensating for part of last Friday where I left Zurich early for a trip to the mountains, where I combined business and leisure. Friday saw me biking a little bit. Saturday saw me biking rough and sometimes dirty, […]

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not today list of things

These days, when tired of doing what I should do, I have the gardenia base to distract myself and do what I should not do but like a lot. Thinking about how to integrate the gardenia base that I came up with a while ago, how to integrate in a scent in a way that […]

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a lot of things

These days are filled with a lot of things; unfortunately the need to get done things leave little room for playground things. Thus, we fill samples and prepare files and pictures and more for the upcoming Piti Imagine Fragranze exhibition and a few other future happenings. When I make samples, I usually make a bit […]