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uff. That was quite an exercise and a good example for how simple things turn out more complicated than initially thought. At least thought by Andy Tauer. My IT supporting partner was more careful and advised me to expect some troubles and hidden fallouts and -downs. Anyhow. We managed to finally switch to a SSL […]

Tableau de Parfumswhat's up?

Loretta launch event in Los Angeles

I figured, it is time to make an announcement for the Loretta launch event in Los Angeles at the Scentbar of Luckyscent. Mark your calender and please come by and stop for a drink and a whiff of the newest release from Tableau de Parfums. I hope you will be equally excited as we are. […]

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air du

I am back after a couple of intense days, on the bike, in thunderstorms overnight in a tent that proved to be water tight and resistant to a storm with gusty winds, after a long! wedding and some work on Sunday. I thank all readers who commented on the last post, on the topic “sotto […]


sotto la luna

“Gardenia sotto la luna” is the running title of the excel sheet where I write down my trials of the gardenia scent, and the bases that I use. Before writing this blog post, I was sketching real quick a gardenia sotto la luna (see pciture going with today’s post) that sort of sums it all […]

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skin and about counseling

Today’s post is sort of easy as the picture already sort of says it all, and I can use the picture to tell you what happens around here. It is hot. I think Sunday was the hottest day of the year. We are all sweating like horses and try to get out of the house […]

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split rocker

Enlightening means also demystification, destruction of the great secret. That`s about what I said, among other things, in the split rocker magazine on whether a scent smells better, if you know more about it. But first things first: The split rocker is a great, gigantic statue, created by Jeff Koons that is coverd from head […]

Tableau de Parfums


This is what I will do today: Packing Loretta from Tableau de Parfums. 50 ml flacons into boxes, with all the labels and ribbons and complimentary goodies like the Loretta DVD. I am preparing and getting ready for autumn’s launch, at Pitti Fragranze in Florence, September 14, and at Luckyscent, in Los Angeles, Friday the […]

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Nordic summer

Back from Helsinki with a lovely gift for a birchtar lover like me: Nordic Summer! “Nordic Summer (see today’s picture) is an insect repellent, a creamy paste, like a solid fragrance actually, that smells deliciously and rough and rich from: BIRCH TAR! Yes. And yes: I haven’t used birch tar in any of my compositions […]


another word on gardenia

After yesterday’s post on logistics and some differences in shipment, that are not really bothering as there is always a way around and out: Today a short post on raw materials again. And gardenia. And bases built to reproduce a good part of the head space of gardenia. And on how to build a scent […]

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another picture and my logistics based country rating

Here is another picture taken during my holiday, with my i-phone, as I did not want to carry my Nikon with me all the time and as I did not want to transport the camera on my bike. I took it in the one and only church that we visited and had a look at […]