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October. almost

I wish you a lovely weekend! It is almost October, Q4 almost started and I am simply baffled by the fact that I should seriously start preparing for the perfume highlight of the year: x-mas. Let’s try to shake this thought off for a second, it will come anyhow, right? Although, I have to admit, […]


an inconvenient formula

There we go again: Welcome to another gardenia related post. Today, the accompanying picture is a simplified sketch and I wish simplification would be equally easy for perfumes. This is a quick post as I have a lot to do in the factory. One reason why I am still not there, in the factory, to […]

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money and something it can buy

Today’s picture shows you a look into a metal box (the bottom part of a pentagonal tauer perfume packing box), sitting on my desk, where I put my change that I collect in the back of my jeans. Sometimes I take some out to buy stuff at a vending machine, or in order to have […]

creating scents


Another post on gardenia, accompanied by a sketch of the flower, as seen this morning in the house of tauer, on the little bush, still blooming from time to time in the living room. Actually, it is a sketch done again on the wacom tablet, using an H2 pen emulation. Quite funny, how accurate the […]

creating scents

on never ending trials

today’s picture shows you a sketch, 300×400 pixels, of a gardenia, an ideal illustration, created from an archetypical memory of what a gardenia might look like. Next to the screen on which I painted it sits a formula, version 8.1, printed on paper from excel that waits to get mixed today. Hopefully, I will find […]

what's up?

Perfumes are romantic escapes

Today’s blog post title comes from Ursula, who left it in her comment on my latest post on packaging. Perfumes are romantic escapes. I like that. A lot. Maybe, from a creator’s point of view, perfumes are a bit less romantic, but for sure the perfect escape. Like last Thursday, when instead of working seriously […]

marketing and branding

another post about Pitti

Here’s another picture from the Pitti for you: This time the sun set over the river Arno, almost black and white, with hints of blue and yellowish orange. After yesterday’s post where I wanted to briefly give you a little piece of food for thought on communication, and where I was sort of reflecting what […]

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Back from Pitti

So I am back from Pitti since yesterday evening and managed to send most e-mails, and ship orders and open the snail mail without major bills induced depression. It is always amazing how many bills fly in when you are gone for a couple of days, isn’t it? I took the train back, allowing me […]


On our way to Pitti 2012 in Firenze

Today’s sketch shows you: Florence, we are coming. Or at least: Soon! Tomorrow, we will take the early train to Florence, to help build the stand and get ready for the biggest thing in artistic and artisanal and niche and indie and luxury perfumery:  Pitti. I cannot wait to finally get there,  and show Loretta, […]

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on petals and names

Rose essential oil and the rose absolute from Bulgary, Jasmine absolute from Egypt, Comoran Ylang essential oil, Tuberose absolute from India: These are the natural flowers extracts in the scent that had the running title “aldehydic rose” in the excel file where I store all formulas. Some of them are higher concentrated than others. Tuberose […]