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after the draw is before the draw

First things first: The draw for 3x a full bottle from my range of scents is closed and I will contact the three winners (one lucky winner was from the comments on Brian Pera’s blog on Evelyn Avenue) by email today. I was amazed and so happy to read your thoughtful, detailed, elaborate comments. Wow. […]



So there we are again: Getting ready for the factory where I will work on bottles and handle boxes and more. Today, my bike ride towards the factory will be through winterland. We got about 15 cm snow on Sunday and it got quite cold for the season. The snow came early this year and […]

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Draw reminder and last chance

This is the last and ultimate reminder that the draw is still open. Click here, enjoy the perfume spots, leave your comments (following the instructions, thanks!) and make sure to catch your chance to win one out of three perfumes, full bottle, from my entire range! Hurry up. The draw is about to end soon, […]

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back from LA

I guess I have used today’s blog title a couple of times the last few years. I am back from LA, since yesterday morning. Yeah. It sure was a great week, and I come back fully (re) energized and a hundred ideas that I collected while hiking up and down the hills in Joshua Tree […]

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Loretta: Thoughts on the First Year and a Draw

October 29 2012. This draw is closed. Winners will be informed October 30 2012. A warm thank you to all of you who commented and shared! ====== As there were some technical issues on Evelyn Avenue’s blog page related to the draw there: We continue this draw with an extended deadline here while the problem […]

Give aways and goodies

perfume spots and a draw

Fragrant greetings from 29 Palms! This post brings you a draw and three short perfume spots, created by Brian Pera, highly talented indie film maker from Memphis, father of Tableau de Parfums and a really smart writer. The draw happens on Evelyn Avenue’s blog, and by clicking here you get there. There, three winners will […]

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on and off

Tomorrow, I will hopp into my plane, flying west again. I did so many the last 12 months miles that I got into some sort of “you fly so often, you can get in the plane first” programme which is nice. So I will get into the plane fast, but the flight won’t be faster, […]

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flowers under the moon

It is quite busy here. I need to get a lot of stuff done before I can leave over the weekend for LA. So, I will keep this post short and tidy. One of the few things that I did that are truly interesting for me, as it is like driving a nail into something […]

making ofscents

like photoshop layers

So you see: another Fall related picture today. Colorful October leaves. Right now, it would be difficult to come up with the same picture, as it pours. It does so since hours, and although I am blessed with GoreTex layered trousers and shoes and jackets and more: It does not feel like the right weather […]

creating scents

mushrooms and zen

uiuiui… a few days only until I get out of town in order to travel to the US. There seems to be a mountain of things to get done before that. Today, I will pour some air du désert marocain into bottles. Actually, I am not really pouring it, but more pushing it out  of […]