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Merry holidays!

Today’s picture shows you yesterday’s sky over Zurich: An explosion of colors under a sky turning dark, with a bright sun sinking into the horizon. A promise of a bright and colorful tomorrow. It is the last day of my advent calendar and I wish you and your beloved ones merry holidays and a peaceful […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 22 of the advent calendar

Today’s picture shows you a cozy moment yesterday night: Sitting with friends at their fire place, and talking into the longest night of this year, burning 10 years old beech wood from a tree that was getting too big and too close to their house. A dry and silent fire, without the fizzling and buzzing […]

Give aways and goodies

Lights and day 21 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 21 of my advent calendar. It is nice to see you here and read all your comments.  Thank you! It’s about the lights, I thought, when hitting downtown Zurich yesterday. Snow was falling in thick, wet flocks that were melting into black roads and there were lights everywhere. Lovely. Also lovely was […]

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Day 20 of the advent calender

This is a super short post on day 20 of the advent calender. The reason: we move from panic mode into full gears action mode. This means: Andy rides downtown in order to look for the gifts that I have in mind. At least I have the gifts in mind. And as its mostly gifts […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 19 of the advent calendar

uiuiui…. we are approaching fast towards the end of this advent calendar. 4 more days after this post. A number that you can count down with one hand. No need for excel. Thus, I feel it is time for panic mode now, as I still did not find the time to head downtown for some […]

Give aways and goodies

On holiday cards and day 18 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 18 of my advent calendar. It is wonderful to see you all here! Today, I share a picture of my holiday cards: a gardenia, painted on the ipad a while ago. For the X-mas cards, I printed it on 220 gr/m2 artist’s paper ( medium surface cartridge pad by Winsor&Newton) and folded […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 16 of the advent calendar

A couple of years ago, in another life, when I was more or less working 8 to 5, and had a pretty much 90% work free weekend and a 100% free time during the days between X-mas and New Year’s eve, well, then I used to play. Computer games, mostly Civ, starting from 1 and […]

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Doors and day 14 of the advent calendar

There we are again: Day 14 of the advent calendar with a picture of doors leading to a bright unknown. Today, you can win a fragrant soap, called MANDARINES AMBRÉES, made for the season and not available as something you can buy. It is probably the most popular soap that I have created so far. […]

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Stretch it or: Day 12 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 12 of my advent calendar. And today, today it is a serious post about the holidays logistics at tauerville. Tauerville=the two rooms where I put all together: Juice into bottles, bottle into box, box into large box and if things go to Italy: Put the box in a box onto palettes. I […]

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a first little Xmas panic blast and day 11 of the advent calendar

Welcome to the 11th day of my advent calendar! We are approaching half term soon (tomorrow) and wow! this basically tells me that there is not more than two weeks left for a trip downtown to go and get some gifts. And I haven’t done my Xmas cards yet. Shame on me. As every year, […]