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NZZ and see you soon

Fragrant greetings and thank you for visiting! I think this is the last post for about two weeks: I will be travelling for two weeks and it might well be that I don’t post on my blog. As always, before leaving, there is a plenitude of things to get done. This time, it was really, really a […]

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on notes and other tasks

Today’s picture is a quick illustration that I used the other day on Facebook: I did it on Saturday, towards the end of my bottle filling (air du désert marocain) and putting labels on. I did not even put off my latex gloves that I wear when handling bottles and was so happy to get […]

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me in blue

in blue. Today’s picture shows you a self made picture of me, through the phone’s backside camera, inside overhanging ice of the Morteratsch glacier. It is all very blue due to the frozen water, breaking the light and bringing about a surreal effect, with the encapsulated air bubbles inside the ice  looking like extraterrestrial. I was […]

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completely packed

There we go: Another packing day in the factory. Although: Factory in my case= two rooms, one without view as it is holding stocks of everything all the way up to the ceiling; and one with a view, where I have more shelves to store semi packed stuff, two large tables, chairs, a water cooker […]

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completely unscented

Today I share a picture of an orchid in bloom, seen over the weekend in my house. The orchid itself is only about 10 high, the flowers are on a string of about 15 cm. I got it as baby plant years ago and sometimes it blooms, always in January. It is completely scentless. But […]

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Tauer is now also an LLC

Tauer Perfumes is now also an US based LLC. From a legal point of view, I am allowed to do business now and I already got an federal tax identification number (EIN) assigned to the LLC by the IRS. What the heck, you might say. Right so! When I announced that I cannot ship internationally […]

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photo session at tauerville

I could not resist: While I was posing for a photographer yesterday, I took some pictures of her, too. You see the result in today’s picture. But contrary to her (the photographer’s) super trooper camera, I was operating my Nokia’s camera. And contrary to her being a professional photographer, with an eye for all possible […]

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perfume, in a soap

Today’s picture shows you a quick, slightly out of angle shot of the tauerville balance, one of the tools that you end up needing when mixing and creating scents. “volumes are not additive”, that’s what we were told in our chemistry class, years ago, and it is still true. Basically, it means that mixing 100 […]

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Welcome to 2013 and a word on new and old

Welcome to a brand new, excitingly fragrant and colorful 2013! Here’s what is happening in the perfume house of tauer these days: I got, no wrong: Tauer Perfumes got a new balance for weighing perfume formulas and I did a couple of final, last, ultimate control mixes. Among them: NOONTIDE petals dilution mixes. Oh my. […]