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alles neu macht der Mai

… that’s a German proverb, meaning “everything begins anew in spring”. And indeed, this is pretty much true: There is new energy, new hope, new vigor and vibrancy in the air, everywhere almost. And indeed, we will soon be entering May, spring’s highlight, in my opinion. I will start my May in London, meeting potential business partners, […]

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visiting a new supplier

Today, I am visiting a new supplier in Zurich, called Silac, and I should be witnessing sort of the birth of a new piece going onto my flacon. Exciting! The zero series parts will -once tested – be approved by me in the coming days and then hopp! we will start producing new cover tops […]

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back from LA

I feel I have used today’s post title a couple of time in the past: “back from LA”! But I cannot remember coming back right into such a spring explosion like this year. Tulips, hyacinths, green grass, mint leaves pushing through, and inside the house a gardenia bringing up new sprouts and creamy flowers. Just […]

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on my way

Friday evening, when I left Jovoy, THE window for niche in Paris, I passed over the main street along Jardin des je-ne-sais-plus quoi, watched the sky and saw the most admirable rainbow. Being totally down to earth, usually, I do not really care about signs and symbols, but I nevertheless said to myself:  well, I […]

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the video of the Noontide Petals sketch used for cards

Fragrant greetings to you all! This week will be super busy and I need to keep my blog posts (and replies) a bit short. I will be trying to pack and send some orders to retailers, and I will need to continue stocking up a bit. One of these stocking up items: Noontide Petals, in […]

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Noontide Petals samples in the shop and the world in blue without blues

If you have not participated in the “Post Easter happy rabbit draw” for sample discovery sets: You might want to do so by visiting this post (click here). Tomorrow Saturday, I will pick the winners there. Good luck and thank you to all who commented already. Today’s picture shows you a part of the “factory” […]

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Happy rabbit post Easter draw: Discovery set, including Noontide Petals samples

Remark, April 6 2013: This draw is closed. The winners got an email and  are : andreasd MariaA Veronika Juergen Timea Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time! Congratulations to the winners! It is this time of the year again: The Easter celebrations are over and the Easter […]