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wolle seide bast

I am still thinking about the brochure. Wool silk bast. Often used together in German with “Fraktion” (EN fraction): and often slightly deprecatingly, referring to folks doing things differently (to put it nicely), caring for a simpler life, using natural sustainable stuff , quite often put in a corner of naive world optimizers, idealists,… I […]

making ofmarketing and branding


Today, I followed the advice coming from my design guru and started working with Indesign, made by Adobe. A company that produces great products, in my humble opinion, for …well…tough prices. But great products they have. So, I did my first steps in this universe that doesn’t seem too unfamiliar, as I work with photoshop […]

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on the outside

welcome back again after the weekend that hopefully was glorious for you! Mine was sort of busy and filled up to the rim with fun work on the computer. I continued with the brochure, collecting ideas, putting them into a context with picture, and trying to come up with pictures that are “ok”. It is […]

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Tauer does not mind dirty hands

“I do not mind getting dirty hands. I think as creators we need to engage with the materials that we choose to express ourselves. When I mix fragrances and pour my creations into flacons, I build an intimate relation to my produce and connect to the perfume lovers who will ultimately cherish them.” Today, I […]

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about values

So here comes lesson two, figured out while watching home order tv,  announced yesterday: Core values. Super important. Especially for super small fishes like me, swimming in a pretty large pool with lots of perfumes and people dealing with perfumes.  Trust me on this: We live right now in a phase where a lot is […]

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Yesterday was a super grey day here in Zurich. Rain pouring, cold temperatures, bad news:You name it! I was sitting in the factory most of the time during the day, filling bottles, answering mails on the side, and enjoying the whiffs of Orange Star emanating from the manual dispenser that I use for bottle filling: […]

making ofmarketing and branding


“gschpaessig” is Swiss German, for “strange, odd, bizarre, beyond what you would expect” with a negative connotation. Gschpaessig can be many things, like facebook posts. Actually, the longer the more, gschpaessig fits well on many, many facebook posts. Gschpaessig is also adequate for the world of fragrances, the industry behind it, and the tectonic shifts that […]

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about bottling, before and after

So , yes: Technically I should be in the factory since about an hour. I should be down there (10 minutes with the bike, downhill) and fill bottles, continuing there where I stopped yesterday: air du désert marocain. Air du desert followed Incense rosé, that I filled the other day, lots of bottles. Today’s picture […]

Give aways and goodies

Today at Andy's: a draw linked to facebook and restricted to the US

Today, we got a DRAW, but it is restricted to winners with an US delivery address, and to perfume loving fans with a facebook account. Sorry about that. Let’s consider it a test… And I have a very special, limited OFFER for my perfume loving friends with an US shipment address: OFFER: FREE Tuberose soap […]

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today at tauerville: another logistics highlight

Today we get another shipment out, from my super mini factory consisting of two rooms, downhill of where I write these lines. It is kind of an average medium sized shipment, 8 boxes, with some 24 perfumes each, but as we have enough palettes narrowing the room for storage, I put it all together on […]