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Current conditions, drowning in peach ocean

Today’s picture shows you a pretty much unmodified take of a bathroom interior, seen in Paris the other day, but it could be anywhere these days. All of us who have read the book “Le miasme et la Jonquille” by Alain Gorbet (The foul and the fragrant: Odor and the French Social Imagination, 1988) know what […]

making of

at tauerville wrapping joy

Today’s picture shows you the result of a few hours wrapping trials and training myself on the new manual wrapping tool: The box at the bottom part is not wrapped, but put into a little polypropylene bag. This bag comes with each box and so far we used these bags to ship our perfumes. They […]

making ofwhat's up?

waking up in Paris

One of the best ways discovering and learning more about cities, in my opinion, is jogging, in the morning, when the city awakes, its streets and corners still presenting the dust of the night, the trash still sitting in the shortening shadows of the sun rising, the homeless still sleeping, and the drunks of the […]

what's up?

under a blue sky, Tuberose uncertainties

Today’s picture shows you the sky over Zurich, at 5.30 am, in a twisted way thanks to yesterday’s serious evaluation of the latest tuberose centered scent that I am working on since felt eternities. In reality, I started about a year ago. And am still not there where I need to be. I tested the […]

what's up?

Here, heavy load of pollen and work

Another what’s up post after a busy weekend. The weather is great, and so is the pollen load that usually does not bother me too much. Except, when it is really heavy. Best is to stay inside and work. That’s what I will do in an instance, packing perfume, and answer mails in the factory. […]

marketing and brandingwhat's up?

an interview today

Today’s picture: labels for the new boxes. Right now, I am finishing an interview about “niche” for Harper’s. A few questions, a few answers and a lot of question marks from my side. Question marks that go like “hmmm… actually … hmmm: good question”, or “well, somebody should say this, but do you really want […]

designmarketing and branding

Not loving is not enough

today, just a quick post. Although it is still pretty early: I need to head to the factory and fill air in to bottles. And then put air into boxes. For this, I am printing cards right now, on my laser printer, that miraculously accepts the thick paper, which is right beyond its specs… although, […]

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on Afghan roses

Right now, I am smelling rose oil, from a paper strip, organic quality, from Afghanistan. It is produced in quantities that are much lower than the demand as its quality is amazing. I was told that we have to wait for the next harvest to get more. I got 50 grams. I mentioned it before: […]

creating scentsmaking of

scanning against nothingness

today’s picture shows you my working bench, with the keyboard that sits in front of the cintiq. There, on the cintiq, I will in a second work on a peony flower picture that I scanned yesterday. I hung the flower on a frame and let it sit right on the surface of the scanner without […]

making ofmarketing and branding

Silver, hot and stamped

One of the things that I have learned these last few years: Things take longer than you think. This is true for all aspects of “things”. Like coming up with a changed packaging. Things take longer than you would think, and this is the case for the initial plan, coming up with the details and […]