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under the moon end July

Today’s picture shows you the moon over Zurich, rising yesterday behind the trees. Sotto la luna: Me, with my Nikon, trying to keep it steady, and trying to find an optimum between underexposure and sharpness. I don’t own a tripod, and after what felt like 200 mails keeping the hand steady was quite a challenge. […]

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At Evelyn Avenue, a picturesque insight

Over there on Evelyn Avenue, Brian Pera published an illustration of mine and my description of where and why I did it. Here is the link directly to the blog post: “Andy Tauer’s sketchbook. The Gelati cart”. I hope you find the time reading it. This is the first column of a monthly series on […]

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Combava ess bio nop

a while ago I was in Paris, for the sole purpose to smell and discover and rediscover and say hello to raw material providing business partners during the XI salon de Matièers Premières.. And, ah well, yes: To enjoy a great city, staying there for a day or two, with the perfect excuse. The fair, […]


in pipeline, fougères dribbling in

Lavender is difficult, and everybody seems to be scared of lavender these days. Perfumers and perfume lovers alike. This and that you hear quite often when you talk with perfume friends, mostly followed by a “what a pity, as lavender is such a nice material to work with”. Combine this with my love for fougères, […]

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for external use only

Today is an excel day, balancing allergens, ingredients, lists, and more lists, and soon I will make a list for my lists in order to find the lists again in the ever growing list space on my computer. I’d prefer to work on scents, to be honest. But there is no way how it cannot […]

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looking at things, photoshopped

It is time for another post, after quite a break from the normal publishing routine. I had to go to Rome for two days at the end of last week. The day before leaving I was really busy, trying to get clarity on a few registration and technical details for the Saudi market, for the […]


rose again

So there we go again: rose. Today’s picture shows you a quick shot, taken with my phone’s camera, in the morning. Dew on rosa xxx. I want to give you a quick update on my works with the rose oil from Kandahar. Well, well. As always: Not easy. It is a tricky balance between keeping […]

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völlig losgelöst

Today’s picture shows you the complete lavender twig that I scanned the other day, and did a cut out for my post on Friday. And today’s title is German and hard to translate. It means something like “completely detached”, far off. I picked it as it fits perfectly to a couple of observations made the […]

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more detail

today’s picture shows you a scan that I did yesterday. Or better: It is a little detail, highlighted from a 1.5 GB scan of a lavender twig, cut in the garden yesterday, polished by lots of rain this week. Today’s going to be a super busy day, already started a while ago. It will see […]

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after a break, brochure labor restarted

Ah… I forgot to mention: I just added Paypal as payment method. This, after yesterday’s comment by Muggele. I was not aware that there might be a real need for Paypal. Let’s see whether perfume loving clients are going to use this option. The layout in the selection menue is not perfect, but for a […]