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looking into yet another formula

When I write a post here, on my blog, I usually do it in the morning and publish it immediately, and usually, when sitting at the computer, I know what to write. In my next life however, I might  rather write a book, though.  Adventures in space. Or something like that. One fine day, I […]

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6% Vanilla CO2 and you would not believe the mails I get

Today’s picture highlights the yellow label of Noontide Petals; the scent that I will fill into 200 bottles today. And put into boxes, at least some of them. Right now it is filtering which is a treat in comparison to the scent yesterday: Rose vermeille. Filtering Rose vermeille is a nightmare. Sort of. There, in […]

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a lot of steps until a scent is on the shelf

Today’s picture:  A wrapped, sealed, boxed fragrance, freshly poured and polished and labelled, ready to go into shipment boxes or onto shelves. Yesterday was like super busy. Today, it will be the same and then we hope for a gradual slowing down towards the end of the week. It takes quite a few steps until […]

marketing and brandingwhat's up?

at tauerville, clattering into autumn

Here, right now at tauerville’s office works space, printers run and clatter and pop out labels for Une Rose Chyprée. I love this fragrance, with its 50-ies touch, dark and resinous, and in my opinion very wearable for men. Anyhow. I mentioned it a couple of times, that I do the cards for the new […]

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packs of 24 and 6 plus 1 and

Today’s post is again kind of production related. It shows you a box being packed for later transport. Actually, this particular box is inside a larger box and will be picked up in a few hours by our friendly fedex man. If possible, I pack the wrapped and sealed perfume in boxes holding 24 pieces […]

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on dogs and bitrex

Today’s picture comes with quite some “jöhh!”-factor. A dog seen in France, at an auberge where I stayed for two nights. The dog belongs to the “Auberge Ferme” where I sketched the front place, published on Evelyn Avenue the other day. It is just a nice photo of a hungry dog watching for what happens […]

making ofTableau de Parfumswhat's up?

an illustration on Evelyn Avenue, and a word on labels

yesterday, I was sort of proud, as I sort of managed to get all all done and more. The one larger pack with scents for the US is ready. I boxed all scents and packed them ready for shipment.  Thus, I can get the “shipper’s declaration” for dangerous goods (looks like this, pdf) done by […]

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Welcome back to another week in the factory. This week will see me bottling, packing and working on labels. I should have done the label work over the weekend, actually. But it was just too nice up there in the Alps and I felt like I needed a treat, so I went for a hike. […]

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transformations of flowers into compost

The best thing I heard yesterday was like “I have skin that transforms the most beautiful flowers into compost within 5 seconds”. So there we go: Hurray, I am not the only one! As perfumer, I have the privilege to transform the most splendid flowers into a whimsy pile of rotten petals, inside a trial […]

creating scents

on things that work and others that don't

Creating scents, fragrances, is sometimes not easy. Especially if you do not want to follow the highway route to success: Bases, combined with “standard” molecules that you find in every scent these days, like cashmeran. Nothing against cashmeran. It is a fine molecule. It is just a bit “overused”. But maybe this is slippery territory. […]