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past and present in an interview

Today, I love to share with you an interview on Les Topettes, a shop in Barcelona that has new also Tauer flacons. It brought me back to my days in a little medieval village where I was born and raised, and a couple of years ago, when I started my venture. Here is the interview. […]

"Elle Croatia December 2013. / Photo: Mladen Šarić; Styling: Mladen Šarić, Saša Joka & Ivo Parać; Text: Ivo Parać"
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Elle, and being belle

It is like super proud and happy that I share today’s picture with you: Elle Croatia did a wonderful feature on the 100 5* fragrances from Tania Sanchez’s and Luca Turin’s book “Perfume: The guide.” The photos are really amazing and here’s the photo credit: “Elle Croatia December 2013. / Photo: Mladen Šarić; Styling: Mladen […]

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it's the holidays

So yes: The holidays are approaching. Living in a thanksgiving free context here in continental Europe, I just realized that Thanksgiving, and the interlinked activities of everybody visiting everybody and eating turkey or other delights will delay the delivery of PHI into the shipwire warehouse by a day or two, or three. It will get […]

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terroir perfumes, foulards and cookies over the weekend

Like Ronny said on her blog: A lot is going on these days. I guess this is true for most of us. It’s the holidays… Here, we are a bit behind schedule, with a few minor things, like soaps (Mandarines ambrées), scents (Le Maroc pour elle) and concepts (Sotto la luna). Besides the holidays approaching, […]

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Richard Lüscher Britos Store Build UPRight now I am testing two different rose oils from Iran, methyl eugenol reduced, just from an olfactory point of view. Methyl Eugenol (here is what IFRA has to say about it, pdf) is a potential carcinogenic, present naturally in a couple of essential oils, like rose, clove or basil […]

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Canyon Dr.

Back from Los Angeles. Wow. It is always amazing like you are  catapulted  from one reality into another, from bright lala land into grey z-land, z like Zurich. This time, the catapulting process took a bit longer than expected as the flight to Zurich was cancelled and I was sort of rerouted. But that was […]

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soon on my way

I am leaving shortly for LA, and during these last hours in Switzerland I prepare what needs to be prepared. Among other things: washing clothes. Yep, rather profane. So there we go: Let’s talk about washing my 501. When hanging my 501 up yesterday night, I suddenly realized that I have seen thousands and thousands […]

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endlessly inspiring

Today I invite you to take your chance at Fragrantica, to win one of 100 samples of PHI-une rose de Kandahar. Thanks to Jeffrey Dame and Hypoluxe, and to Fragrantica, I got this great chance to share this latest fragrance of my Collectibles line with perfume lovers who share their passion there. And I got […]

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another word on PHI

Today, I have another shipper coming by and picking goods up, there where I pack them- in the two room factory; some when during the day a truck driver will knock on the door and pick goods up. The problem: You do not know when they are going to make an appearance. Technically, it could […]

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beauty is fleeting, by nature

“Beauty is fleeting” … I heard this on the TV, while working in the kitchen and liked it a lot. I figured that one could add “by nature”. So there we go. All beauty is fleeting, by nature; and so is luckily also the contrary. This weekend saw me working mostly, getting the shipwire shipment […]