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4 coming in, 1 leaving for the moment

Today’s picture is a scaled down version of a 10 MB rose that is super dramatic. It blooms these days here in Zurich, together with a bunch of others, and the light shining into it and reflecting from the petals was spectacular. Actually, I took the picture yesterday, but today’s sky continues to pour light […]


hightlights upcoming

Today’s picture is one of this weekend’s highlights. Very little blue bell like flowers sitting on a stem, a litte spring greeting. In real life, their size is about 3 cm and I do not know their name. They sit in a pot, in the warm house and bloom while it is grey outside and uncomfortable. […]

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raised eyebrows

sometimes, down time, waiting time, being-in-the-loop time is great: I try to fill it with stuff that I want to do but do not find the time to do it because I think I have more important things to do. So I fill with with activities like sketching, or playing with software, or following the […]

making of

soon, more explorer set variations

Yesterday, in my two room factory, I filled ZETA- a linden blossom theme, one of my underperforming fragrances, into 15 ml flacons of the explorer set. Underperforming is a bit misleading, though. The scent performs wonderfully on skin, and it blooms and is gentle at the same time. I personally love it very much. In […]

general thoughts

Pareto principle

“Quite often, I d0n’t ask myself whether I do things well, but whether I do things sufficiently well.” That sentence came to my mind yesterday afternoon, and I took a note, writing it down on the pad, for today. Paret0’s principle, 80/20 rule: There we go! Doing things sufficiently well can actually mean doing less […]

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like a squirrel finding stuff, or not

Here’s another gardenia picture for you: it is a scanned flower (500 MB, 10500×8000 pixel, 48 bit), optimized by photoshop in lower scale, removing dust particles etc. and once again scaled down to fit in the  featured image section of this blog. Today’s topic: Gardenia, the upcoming first scent in the Tauer line “Sotto la […]

marketing and branding

on fragrance being too subjective and other epic fails

Today’ s picture shows you an illustration that I did with photoshop, emulating pencil and watercolor, having a closer look at my left hand, painting with the right hand,  while waiting until the time was right to make a phone call to the US, about trade mark protection. That actually fits with a link further […]

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No poodle notes in Le Maroc

today’s cover picture shows you an older sketch, done (I think) about 18 months ago, procrastinating, and maybe I have even shown the sketch here on the blog: I do not remember. I have sent the sketch to go with a long interview in German (sorry to my English native speakers) here, where I am […]

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another gardenia flower

Here in the house of tauer, we face a bit of a white flower overkill. The jasmine in the basement is exploding in flowers and scent. And in the living room, the gardenia makes a new flower almost daily. Not that I would “need” the gardenia reference right now. Sotto la luna is on its […]

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go, fetch it!

Go, fetch it! That’s sort of what a little piece of software inside the online shop of mine tells to a routine. The routine goes online, fetching a file provided by the European central bank with currency exchange rates. It brings the rates back and the software piece uses this information to present price estimates […]