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capturing the moment and flying out

Good morning from Zurich. Today’s picture: The sun going down in Zurich, as seen from the balcony, unfortunately missing one element: The reasons why I took this picture. I got out onto the balcony and saw the sun going down behind the tree, and in the middle of the tree: A wonderful great and big […]


a mystery story around rose the Kandahar

a mystery story around rose the Kandahar or “Mr Andy, had the scent is what features?” Today’s picture: a quick photo of a dried rose that I keep in my room where I compose and draw,  taken from beneath, with flash on, a quick phone photo. The rose has still kept is color, even the […]

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A facebook post

Good morning from Zurich! Today’s picture: I chose to show you a detail from an illustration that I did for the Cologne du Maghreb, last Friday. This cologne is all natural, all botanical fragrance, a traditional cologne, light and not made to last, and what is inside… well, it is more expensive to produce per […]

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cellophane and vanilla

Today’s picture shows you what I did yesterday: Packing Lonestar Memories. I am getting better at cellophane wrapping, adjusted the settings and especially my technique in order to get a tighter, less fussy seal of the packaging. You see a packed and sealed box to the left. The ones in the back miss the cellophane, […]

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a newspaper for perfumes

Every Monday, we get a few pages from the New York Times, some highlights of last week’s NY Times features, printed and added to one of our two daily newspapers. I am always looking forward to receiving it, as – quite often- there are little sparklers in there, worth reading. Unfortunately, reading and learning about […]

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clouds and orange amberland

Today’s picture: A quick peek at some Orange Star flacons, in the “factory”, after they got their labels on, and before they get the top cover, and end up in boxes on the shelf. I took it the day before yesterday, when filling another 200 bottles of this sappy citrus zest orange blossom amber gris […]

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Unidentified Fragrant Objects

Good morning to you all! The other day, I did what I rarely do: I was reading a perfume lover’s description/rating of one of my scents on one of my retailers website. Actually, I was looking for a particular information there. And then, you know how it happens, you end up reading this and that, […]

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Musk, conditioning, code and collecting words

Yesterday, well, yesterday, the blog was down for quite a while. A technical glitch, nothing serious, but my IT guru told me to wait writing and doing anything on the blog before all is set to normal again. So there we went: No post yesterday. Another glitch: I got a lot of birthday wishes for […]

marketing and branding

ads on facebook, sponsored refreshment, and a word on animal testing

Good morning to you all and a lovely Friday! Here it is 7.30 am and I am done with my morning ritual of drinking coffee and bending over facebook’s messages for me. Good news today: No direct message where someone asks me for help on how to create perfume, find bottles, boxes or alike.  Phew! […]

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Today’s painting (digital, done with ps) shows you what we call “Taucherli”. Swiss German often uses diminutives for a lot from dog (= Hund, Swiss German Hündli) to house (Haus, Huus=>Huesli) and well, “Taucherli” from the verb tauchen= dive. Little black water birds that dive for food. They crossed my way, sort of, when I […]