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Friday pribble-prabble. authentic luxury.

On Monday this week, when in Rome, I was chatting to the most sympathetic journalist imaginable and we soon ended talking about many things in detail that were beyond me creating and producing fragrances. What made the difference: She was actually very, very prepared and already knew a lot about how I do things here, […]


Why I am optimistic for brick and mortar

Today, here in Switzerland, is a holiday, and all the shops are closed, and we got time to read. For instance: This interesting review of my Cologne du Maghreb, by Lucas, running the chemist in the bottle blog. And, if heading over to the chemist in the bottle: Make sure not to miss my interview […]

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after the Smell Festival

Good morning from Zurich, back from Bologna and Roma! Rome saw me talking to and sniffing with perfume lovers, celebrating the moment and a birthday of CHERRY (here’s their facebook page, with nice pictures of me and Marina) , super lovely, super niche, and super located perfumery in Rome. Marina, the shop owner is just […]

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bright light of summer and another rose

Before leaving for Italy: A long post! Good morning from Zurich, where the roses are blooming, and where we still enjoy the bright light of late spring, like beatles coming out of the ground, spreading the wings and taking off into the sun. Today’s picture shows you the sun breaking through trees, taken at 10 […]

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the first rose

Today’s picture: The first rose blooming here, in Zurich, on a sunny spot next to the house, including (hard to see as it is small, though) a plant louse. Mother nature is generous, also for plant louses, I am not. Every morning, when watering my plants outside, I do a snail check, and a louse […]

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Heading towards summer for the moment

I picked today’s picture, taken yesterday, while on the way up to another part of the town, because it means: heading forwards towards summer. Quite funny: We seem to go from “feels like winter” to “almost summer” within a day or two or three. That’s the way it can go in the middle of Europe; […]

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Here we are preparing for a workshop

Good morning from rose centric Zurich these days. After sunny and finally! warm weekend I am looking forward into a busy week. Towards the end of the week, I will head to Bologna, for the Smell Festival, where I got the privilege of an invitation to give a workshop. This year’s theme is “dreams” and […]

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gardenia day

Today, today is gardenia day in the house of tauer. Sotto la luna: Gardenia, the first scent in this series of flowers under the moon, will go into bottles, if all goes well that is. In four months from now, it will go onto the shelves in shops world wide, if all goes well. And […]

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When working with scents and perfumes, when reading the regulations and legislation, you sometimes feel like you need extra protecting clothes at your workspace. There is only one way in which things go in Europe (EU) there: towards tighter and denser regulation. Thus, one fine day, we might indeed wear protective garment like in the […]

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right now

“En effet, le “test de consommateurs” est parfait pour déterminer la couleur ou la structure idéales d’un produit à usage cosmétique ou d’un détergent. Mais pourquoi demander à un groupe de femmes familiarisées avec des produits lancés il y a dix ans d’aider au choix du “parfum de demain” ? ” Guy Robert, in Les […]