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hopping from here to there

uiuiui… we have been busy the last few days. My helping hands in the factory help me not only packing perfumes, but the two extra hands help me focus and be effective. No procrastination in the factory these days. Which is good, and at the same time different to what I usually do: Hopping like […]

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the luxury of enough

I mentioned it a while ago: This and the next week sees me working in the factory with two additional helping hands. This is wonderful, as it allows me to stock up and try to get ready for autumn. On the other hand, it sort of forces me to work in a tighter schedule than […]

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a cliché post

Today’s picture: A quick selfie, from yesterday, taken during my Sunday hike, somewhere in the middle of the ascension (total 1000 meters up and down again), sort of agitated, or better: second excited state (for details about what an excited state in physics actually means: click here for an informative wiki article), not knowing yet […]

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Yesterday's salad

Today’s picture: Yesterday’s salad. With a promise: I won’t convert this perfumery blog into a foodie blog. But still: It was a great salad, and as we eat salad on a daily basis, and tons of it, I have to come up with innovative dressings from time to time. Yes: no dressing from the supermarket […]


COLOGNE du Maghreb

Today, after me packing more Colognes in tauerville yesterday, a word on the Cologne du Maghreb, and an illustration of the cologne flacon, as seen in the factory yesterday, digital. Sooooo…. the cologne: First a couple of links pointing to reviews. Have fun reading about summer bottled! Gaia Fishler at The Non-Blonde Jodi Battershell of […]


stampometric look at the world

Today’s picture: A detail photo of the very bottom of a commercial invoice made by Tauer, signature to the left, below the “preferential origin” statement, and the company stamp to the right. I also introduced a new tag with this post, “general craziness”.  And stampometer. I am convinced that looking at the world through a […]

creating scents

one stroke, all gone

Today’s picture shows you a failure, actually. A quick sketch, that I destroyed with a few brush marks. Having done a quick experimental sketch of a cowboy head, I added the background, too early, as the cowboy color was not dry, yet, and with the wrong color and everything fell apart. A couple of things […]

creating scents

maturing as creator-it means a lot of things

Today’s picture:  a detail from a quick self portrait that I did yesterday night, using my newly acquired water colors, on a postcard sized 100% cotton paper, 300 g/m2. The full picture is a bit less pleasing, but I am learning. One reason: The left eye is a touch too large, and the right eye […]

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developing a sensibility for French historical perfumes

hello, hello, hello! I am sorry, but my plan to post here on my blog got a bit twisted due to little changes and me not really considering a couple of things: You know… a plan is always a plan and therefore prone not to work anyhow. Hence, after a great get away in Paris, […]

what's up?

a smile when boxes are out of my way

You might have guessed: Super busy here! The weekend is a holiday weekend with Monday being an extra day off. As I will be out of time with friends, and somewhat out of the job next Tuesday, I really needed to make sure that I get all orders out before the weekend. That was stressful. […]