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letting go for a moment

Here, I am almost ready for the summer break. A few last day emergencies need my attention, as always, and then we are ready to hit the road, with the bike, for a round trip bringing us back home in about 2 weeks. That’s the plan. The house is in order, a housekeeper moving in, […]

what's up?

liquid poesy and pinterest

Today’s picture shows you what I did in the factory, yesterday: Samples, Orange Star samples in this particular case, filling vials and putting the labels on for the various references by the hundreds. Again, I am building up stock, at least a bit, like a squirrel in autumn collecting nuts and storing them for winter, […]



Welcome back! Here’s to a new week, with fragrant treats! This week will see me getting the house in order, praying that my tomatoes survived the cold wet weather in healthy state and did not get a fungus infection, and getting some other profane things done. And it will see me mixing another rose, because […]



First things first: Today’s water color exercise: a Swiss cow. I so totally understand why cows are holy in India. There is this stoicism that I adore. They sit there, on the grass and watch the world, how it changes in circles that close. When picking today’s picture to the left – a foto of […]

creating scents

hand-eye coordination

Yesterday, in the factory, packing things and waiting for truck drivers, I skipped the lunch break and exchanged it for a quick yoghurt and an hour water color session. Yes, sometimes, I bring paper and color down there to the where I pack perfume. Just in case. You never know. Maybe you’ll find time. I […]

general thoughts

a couple of good news

heading off into a week, we do so with a couple of good news for the coming weeks. Hossa! I registered for an aquarell class, hoping for some technical advice, and cheerful hours, starting end August. I can’t wait. Today’s picture shows you an aquarell that I did yesterday, after the usual Sunday half marathon […]

making of

Adding value

Yesterday, we (me and my two helping hands) started counting the inventory. This is interesting. Like the census in Judea,…You go out and count what you have (as we are no Roman emperors here: We go … the emperors asks folks to come. Voilà : La différence). What is interesting about it: We filled a […]

what's up?

steaming factory

Here: Still super busy in the factory, filling packing, labelling. You name it! Hence, today’s picture: A quick selfie, taken early in the morning, with a somewhat determined look, like “Yes, I see you pile of work, but trust me: We’ll  get over there”.  A look that actually fits a lot of situations these days. […]

creating scentswhat's up?

just entered a blue phase

We have definitively entered our blue phase here at tauerville. Or better said: I have entered my blue phase. Today’s picture(s)’s proof. I switched the plastic gloves brand that we use in the factory when handling bottles, from latex with powder inside to this blue quality, that is latex and powder free. And blue it […]