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Diamond gloss

Why I bought diamond gloss. I am pretty much convinced that the quality of your raw materials can make a difference when creating a perfume. On two levels.  I feel that this is true for naturals. But also for synthetics. For instance, I discussed a couple of years ago with one of my suppliers how […]


lounge radio

The picture today shows you a snapshot from the Tauer “factory”. Labelling Lonestar Memories flacons with the ipad on the side, tuned into lounge-radio.com , putting labels on the flacons, one after the other.  A couple of “why” here: Why Lonestar: Because we run out of bottles sitting on the shelves. Having focused a bit too much […]

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picture in a picture

something I learned in my first aquarelle class lesson: get to know your motive, and  do so by going small (picture size) and large (brush). Postcard size is about right. You work fast, and start by painting a frame. Then you search the lines, and shapes, and colors. And ideally, you identify what works and […]

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new passport

Tomorrow, I can fetch my new passport. I applied for it 10 days ago and wow! this was quite an experience. You start applying online, organize a date and time, pick your 15 minutes slot, go there, get a picture done -I am not sure whether they do an iris picture ,too – fingerprints and […]

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pipette guiding the way, and more gardenia…

So I told you: It is a gardenia week. Yesterday, after my aquarell class that is unacademic but highly educative, no school environment, but inspiring  in a way that I am in heaven there, after this class I got home and my mail box blinked with happy news. So there we go: The first reviews […]

making of

more gardenia

So there we go: I have been working for a while on a gardenia scent soap, for my “perfume in a soap” series of fragrant soaps that I do not sell normally, but offer as treat for friends and fans. Like … in draws. The picture shows you the result sitting in the factory on […]

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today’s picture is in real life a few cm wide, meaning it is small. The pen on the side was used to scribble it. I did so the other day when sitting together with my insurance guy, with the talking going from what can happen in life to all of us and what and how […]

marketing and branding

more on poetry. To give notes or not to give.

Today’s picture shows you a  boxed gardenia fragrance sitting on a quick watercolor sketch that I did yesterday. It did not work out (the watercolor). But I did two rose illustrations that both worked well and that made me happy. So, yes, there was time yesterday to do a lot, to jog, to paint, to […]

making of

Liquid poetry. Gardenia from Sotto la luna.

My Gardenia is finally online. Samples ship today, full bottles are available with shipment early September. Hurray! And I love it. Enjoy and have a great Friday! I sure do. — “Sotto la luna” means under the moon. I see the solitude of flowers, blooming under a bright moon, secluded from the busy day world […]

marketing and branding

room for new stuff

Today’s picture shows you an ad in front of the local apothecary, that sells perfumes and other stuff, saying “We need room for new stuff: Scents 50% off!”. Quite honest and typical for the situation these days. The (niche) perfume market is marked these days by an abundance of products and a consumer in retreat. […]