light's the enemy

Yesterday, when labelling more Rose chyprée in the factory, the sun broke through the clouds and brought the flacons to life. Today’s picture shows you this moment. This is a rare sight, as the flacons are stored all in boxes, hidden on the shelves, and do not see the light really. Neither do I see […]

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success in perfumery

In one of my comments on yesterday’s blog post, I wrote what some of my perfumer friends and me often say: “success in perfumery is twofold: a) get the creation right. b) get it sold.” Here are a couple of consequences, or better: conclusions, that you might draw if you take the above seriously. There […]

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Pretty much everything was troublesome when trying to get PHI-une rose de Kandahar back, in somewhat larger quantities in order to give some to the stores, and some to distributors that serve markets that I can’t serve directly. Troublesome, from A to Z. In the end, as mentioned here many times before, the rose oil […]

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Today’s picture shows you a little ( more or less post card sized) illustration that is one of the results of yesterday’s watercolor class. Yes. It is very cliché. I painted it following a picture, and have no idea what mountains these peaks actually are. Maybe they are somewhere in the US?  No clue here: […]

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Land Your Inventory Early, and a rose de Kandahar crime story

The guy poking his tongue out at nobody (!) in particular, this might be the devil of logistics. The rest of what you find in today’s quick sketch: No idea, really. It was a procrastination exercise a couple of days ago. Well, maybe it is comparable to Odin’s ravens: Bringing the news of the world. […]

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me, before the presentation

…in glamorous environment. I took the mirror picture in the rooms where members of the circolo dei lettori in Turin can come, sit, read, be. Basically a public reading room, open for members. Stunningly decorated rooms, full of history, uncounted read books lingering in the air. I took the picture before my presentation. After the […]

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the Italian way

I am back home from my trip to Turin, where I was given the opportunity to give a talk about incense, in my perfumes and also a bit in general that is. The presentation was in the framework of the “circolo dei lettori“. For those of you who speak Italian (I don’t, unfortunately): Here ‘s […]


before I leave: Now Smell This read for you

Before I will leave for Turin, leaving stormy Zurich, for hopefully sunny Turin, I have a read for you. Not too long, but interesting and nice, at it puts things into the right context: Please visit Robin’s Now Smell This blog (click here) and follow her thoughts on Gardenia sotto la luna. And feel free […]

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hurray, hurray: An office day

Today’s blog post title actually rhymes. Cool. I should do more like these. It is an office day, from A to Z, after three days in the factory. Today’s picture shows you what I did there yesterday: Orange Star. The picture shows the last step before the flacons go into boxes: Putting the tops on. […]


belling deer and a rose flash update

Today, en miniature, an aquarelle that is not finished, yet. It needs some fine grasses in the front. In about every 10th mid European hotel there is at least one picture of a belling deer in late autumn, or winter. A clichée. But I could not help drawing it. So there you go: Andy’s deer […]