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traps and facebook $$

You know….when running a business, trying to cook, or being creative: There are traps, pitfalls, deceptions, and usually it is us deceiving us. When painting, there is this trap that a new color/paper/a new motif or new technique will change the name of the game. But the truth usually is: Just because you got this […]

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risk and post heroic societies

Today, there was an article about risks et al in the newspaper, in the context of avalanches and protective gear and more. This is one of the topics I enjoy reading about, for a couple of reasons. One of them is my impression that we, here in Switzerland and in some other spots, try to move […]

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Today, a quick picture from yesterday: putting labels on flacons of Noontide Petals, and polishing the flacons before doing so. I do not like every color equally. The yellow of Noontide Petals, however, is one of my favorites, together with the orange labels of Orange Star (orange being complementary to blue). The labels stick pretty […]

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a glimpse of the creative space

Good morning from Zurich, where I just realized that the first month of 2015 is almost over. Wow. Time is running so fast. After a couple of intense, out of the ordinary days, we are back to our good old routine this week, with a lot of packaging tasks and paper work that needs to […]

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dream stuff

I am off until Sunday, for a “training and learning” session. I am looking forward to talking to you’ll next week again. In the mean time: Here’s a picture of the dream stuff that reached me yesterday. Happy dreaming!

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cheating and roses

Today’s picture shows you what we did the other day in my painting class, we were all invited to cheat: The goal was to learn seeing behind the complexity of things. BY…. 1. tracing the motive of a picture with a pencil through transparent paper. The original was a postcard size complex motif, like the […]

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typical day in the factory

Today’s picture shows you a typical day in my two room factory: Labelling air du désert marocain, happening in the front, with my omnipresent ipad, an old version 2 one, with a newer keyboard from Logitec, allowing me to listen to music and checking my email from time to time. I am trying to answer […]

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exchange rates

Today’s picture shows you the fever chart of the Swiss Franc versus the Euro, yesterday. After a long period of artificially maintained stable exchange rates, the Swiss Federal Bank decided to let the Franc float again, sort of freely, against the other currencies.  The result: Being in the Euro zone, you pay now 20% more for […]

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leaving things out

Today’s picture: an “idealized” landscape, for once not in watercolor, but in oil. I painted it over the weekend on a medium sized canvas, from memory, following a watercolor sketch. Here’s the watercolor sketch: This one is even smaller, a sketch, about A5, allowing to see what the original picture was all about. The original was a horrible […]

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writing down ideas

It is about time for a new post here, after the most relaxing weekend imaginable and a ping-pong weekend jumping into spring mood on Saturday and winter’s icy grip on Sunday. Imagine: I was having a coffee on Saturday, sitting outside in the sun, wearing not much more than a light hoodie. And Sunday saw […]